N.J. Teachers' Union Contests Pension-Fund Change
Full Brunt of Impact-Aid Changes To Be Felt in '97
Learning the Hard Way
Conference Gets Off to a Rousing Start
Federal File: Numbers game
States Mull Impact of Reforms on Board Politics
People News Briefs
Education Pit Stops Along the Campaign Trail
Intervention Found To Raise I.Q. of Low-Birthweight Babies
Chicago Youths Put Their Imprint On Meeting for Nonprofit Leaders
Ban on Guns Near Schools To Be Argued
Crime, Tax-Cut Proposals Loom Large in Gubernatorial Races
Growing Pains
Lessons From the Past The following i
Highlights of 1994 Ballot Proposals
Athletics Panel Reactivates To Push Eligibility Standards
Two Months and Counting: Naming Of Standards Panel Behind Schedule
N.Y.C. Bilingual-Ed. Report Spurs Questions and Complaints
Focus on Education in Ill. Governor's Race Becomes Blurred
Flexible Student-Loan Payment Options Unveiled
Capitol Digest
Educators Buck Giving the Public Its Say on Taxes
Come Together
District News Briefs
Update News Briefs
Clinton Gives Symbolic Lift to Gun-Free Provision
Letters to the Editor It Is No Time To Reinst
Teachers' Unions Fighting Some Losing Battles in State Races
Letters to the Editor It Is No Time To Reinst
Panel Unveils Standards for U.S. History
National News Briefs
Nevada Judge Upholds Basic-Skills Test, Gives Teachers Course-Credit Alterna
State Journal: First in line; Turnover
Clinton on California's Prop 187 and The Bell Curve
Publishing Column
Summary of Gubernatorial Candidate's Positions
Take Note: Orange crush; Flying colors
Many Factors Make Up Effective Math Teaching, Report Concludes
Learning Their Lessons
Deceptions and Fallacies Of the Religious Right
Hundreds of Grade Changes at Calif. School Spark Questions
Constitutionality of Mich. Charter Law Weighed
Teenage Birthrates Decline For the 1st Time Since '86, New Federal Study
States News Briefs
Federal File: Cultural revolution?; Another 'no'
New & Noteworthy
States News Briefs
Take Note: Food for thought; Checks in the mail
The New Politics of Education: School Districts For Sale
N.M. Border Town Proposes Binational School
Regional Desegregation Plans Submitted in Conn.
Involving Older Adults in Schools
Mich. Judge Strikes Down Charter Law
Using Challenge Grants Has Fans And Detractors
Adventures in Learning
High Court To Rule on Funding for Religious Student Magazine
Summary of the Improving America's Schools Act
N.J. Bill Requires Criminal Checks for Employees
$200 Million Settlement Reached in Asbestos Case
Airwave Auction Should Fund School Wiring, F.C.C. Head Says
Mass. To Require Immunization for Hepatitis B in 1996
Teacher Education Tiff Playing Out in Print
Legislative Update
C.D.C. Funds Project Evaluations
Officials Moving Swiftly on E.S.E.A. Rules
Schools Embrace Violence-Prevention Curricula
Update News Briefs
Letters To The Editor
Teaching Board Approves Assessments for 1st Two Certificates
Appellate Court Declares Black Scholarships Illegal
Teachers Column
O.C.R. May Review Boy-on-Boy Sexual-Harassment Case
13 E.D. Programs Axed on Budget Chopping Block
O.C.R. Stepping Up Civil-Rights Enforcement
D.C. School Bilingual Plan Pits Black, Hispanic Parents
Impact of College-Admissions Criteria on Schools Explored
Keeping Faith
State Journal: Errata; A smoking controversy
People Column
Districts News Briefs
Boston Picks 6 Schools To Operate Largely Free of Regulations
Public Libraries Latest Battleground Over Access to Books
Testing Column
News in Brief
Fighting Back
State News Briefs
Policy Details Who Paddles Students and With What
Innocents at Home
Books: New in Print
Technical Assistance Found To Have Little Effect on Title I
Educators Predicted To Feel 'Staggering' Legislative Shifts
High School Students Are Exercising Less, Federal Study Finds
Minn. Choice Programs Are Found To Have Small But Beneficial Effect
Congress Likely To Ponder Federal Role in Education
The Alphabet Zoo
$1 Billion School-Building Program Cannot Keep Up With Dade Students
People News Briefs
1994 Gubernatorial Election Results
Baltimore Chief in Contempt Over Spec.-Ed. Reports
Court Weighs Federal Role in Setting Gun-Free Zones
Caught in the Middle
Educators Help Defeat Tax-Limitation Measures
G.O.P. Gains Control of Texas School Board for the First Time Ever
Letters to the Editor
Take Note: Topical ballad; Safekeeping
Federal File: Asking O.C.R.; Moving along
N.Y.C. Panel Chides School Officials For Handling of Child Sexual Abuse
State Journal: Pint-sized polls
Districts News Briefs
Progress, Problems Outlined in State-Run N.J. District
Update News Briefs
Whittle Falls on Hard Times, but Edison Model Gives Wichita Hope
Detroit Voters Back Unprecedented $1.5 Billion Bond Issue
Republicans Victorious in 6 of 8 Races for State School Chief
Approval of Prop 187 Spurs Suits, Protests
2 New Volumes of Standards for History Unveiled
Faces Will Not Change Much on Education Panels
Whittle's Woes Cast Further Pall Over Edison Project
Bringing Up Baby
Education, School Finance Among Losers in Governors' Races
Chicago Plans Boarding School as Safe Alternative
If You Build It, They Will Come--Eventually--District in Calif. Finds
Pilot Program Charts Steps to Success From Birth to Age 3
Education Advocates Brace To Battle Budget Cuts
Veteran Invokes Pa. Preference Law in Suit Over Teaching Job
Hornbeck Setting Sights on a New Course for Phila.
Federal File: Moving on Early; Submissions
At Your Service
Books: New In Print
The Young-Girl Network
States, Businesses Urged To Recommit to School Reform
Turnover Rate Among State Chiefs on the Upswing
Milestones News Briefs
Take Note: Sharing the wealth; Sparing the salary
7 Research Centers To Focus on Services for Disadvantaged Families
Clinton Says He Might Back School-Prayer Bill
Advice From Bennett and Alexander: Consolidate
News In Brief
Spotlight On Success
News in Brief
New Committee Chairman Outlines Agenda, Basks in the Spotlight
State News Briefs
National News Briefs
G.O.P. Gains Predicted To Spur More Church-State Battles
2 Foundations Create National Panel on Teaching
Vote in Calif. Stirs Up Wake Of Uncertainty
Civics Standards
A.D.A., Sports Clash on School Playing Fields
Districts News Briefs
Bishops Urge Policies on Handling Sex-Abuse Charges
Honors & Awards
State Journal: An arresting candidacy; Repealing segregation
Religious Groups, Educators Seek Common Ground
Update News Briefs
Panel Unveils Standards for Civics Classes
People Column
Needed: School-Set Standards
The Need for 'Gatekeeper' Courses in English
Two Virginia Localities Buck the Tide, Vote To Keep Appointed School Boards
Goals 2000: Opportunities and Caveats
Child Poverty Hurts Economy, C.D.F. Report Concludes
Letters To the Editor
Judge Gives Ark. Lawmakers 2 Years To Fix Formula
Districts Adopt Policies To Comply With Federal Smoking Ban
New Private School in Atlanta SuburbPlans To Tie Tuition to Homeownership
State Journal: In trust; License link
Lawmakers Ponder Earthquake-Safety Plan in Utah
Many New Teachers in Louisiana Are Throwing In the Towel
Charter Ruling Sends Schools In Michigan Reeling
Prop 187 Sparks Similar Drives in Other States
Designing Lessons
NASDC To Roll Out Next Phase of Replication Plan
Early Years Column
Administration's Anti-Smoking Strategy: Target the Attention on Adolescent
Military Recruiting Nears Record High for Quality
Disciplining Special-Education Students: A Conundrum
NASDC Sets Criteria for Winning Proposals
People News Briefs
Federal File Column
Update News Briefs
NCATE Project Seeks To Tie Teacher, Student Standards
E.S.E.A. Gives Schools New Disciplinary Tool
State News Briefs
Learning the Language of Profit
Private Schools Column
Clinton Clarifies Remarks on Prayer in Schools
Ideas & Findings
Bridging the Divide: What the Public Is Telling Educators Could Help Resus
A Man With a 'Systemic' Science-Reform Plan
Administration's Anti-Smoking Strategy: Target the Attention on Adolescent
Small Town Wary of Islamic School's Big Plans
Letters To the Editor
State Funding For Preschool Rises Steadily
Publishing Column
E.C.S. Puts Final Touches on Report To Set New Course for Calif. Schools
Get Smart
Money Woes Delay NAEP Art Exam, Cut Math Data
District News Briefs
Confronting Dewey
New Magnet-School Law Emphasizes Desegregation
Social-Studies Teachers Get 1st Look At National Standards for Students
News In Brief
Take Note
News In Brief
Special Education Column
National News Briefs