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Federal File: Slow going; The Mitchell fund
The Big Picture for Little People
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Senate Passage of E.S.E.A. Measure Expected This Week
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Senate Panel Clears Spending Bill With $27.4 Billion for E.D.
Minneapolis Management Firm Said on Track
Student Accused of Cheating on S.A.T. Wins Suit
Unwed Fathers Cite Barriers to Parental Involvement
College To Appeal Federal Order To Admit First Female Cadet
Study Compares Religious Education
Hartford Asks E.A.I. To Help Run Its District
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Goals Panel Nominates Candidates for Board
Major Changes in Chapter 1 Testing Are in the Offing
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Suit Spurs Private School To Return Federal Aid
A Community Solution
N.Y.C. Schools Should Manage Themselves, Report Urges
Anecdotes and the Adequacy Issue
More Than Music to Their Ears
Administrators Out of Tune With Parents on School Report Cards
True Reform or Tired Retread?
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S.F. Desegregation Plan Hurts Chinese Students, Suit Says
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Shanker Thanks Delegates for Support Through 'a Very Tough Year'
Aid-Formula Revision Sends Neb. Districts Scrambling
$7.4 Billion in Crime-Bill Accord for Youth Programs
E.D. Report Hails Rural Schools as 'a Model of Strength'
Letters to the Editor
Ala. Judge Asked To Extend Deadline for Finance Reforms
States' 1994 Financial Picture Brightened, N.C.S.L. Study Notes
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School's Plan To Merge With Chicago District Is 'a Done Deal'
Two Firms Join Council To Link Schools To 'Learning Network'
More Students Falsely Charge Teachers With Abuse
Clinton Expected To Name Standards Board This Month
Language Test Samples Displayed Publicly For California Parents
False Accusations Turn Dream Into Nightmare in Chicago
State Journal: Public relations; Agenda setting
A.F.T. Says Poll Shows Many Oppose 'Inclusion'
Report on 10th Graders Torpedoes Perceptions
Teachers Column
Questions About Finances Put Edison Project at Crossroads
The Academy of (Lesser) Science
House Backs Bill To Extend Free Meals to More Children
Governors Launch Campaign To Improve Children's Services
Calif. County Officials To Require TB Tests for All Students
Calif. Lawmakers Find Ways To Beat Equity Mandates
Breyer's Views on Church-State Separation Stir Concern
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N.J. Moves Toward Takeover of Newark Schools
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G.A.O. Report Raises New Questions About Immunization Plans
N.J. Finance System Ruled Unconstitutional for Third Time
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E.A.I. Faulted on Special-Ed. Compliance in Baltimore Schools
Arizona Finance System Is Ruled Unconstitutional
Merrill Pushes Mandatory Kindergarten, State-Aid Formula in N.H.
Significant Problems Remain in Student-Aid Programs, Report Says