Judge Rejects Puerto Rico School-Voucher Plan
Books: New in Print
Calif. Foundation Urges New Approach to Labor Negotiations
E.D. Study Identifies Obstacles to Pursuing Reform Strategies
State Journal: False advertising?; The name game
Judge Faults Board for Suspending Miss. Principal in Prayer Flap
Administration Column
No Clear Trend Seen in Recent Finance Decisions
Nixon Leaves Mixed Legacy on Education, Family Issues
Letters to the Editor
Surviving Parent-Teacher Involvement
Va. Board Allows 2 Districts To Begin Classes Before Labor Day
Critical Friends
News In Brief
Books: Readings
Philanthropy Column
10 Colleges, Hospitals Join Forces To Aid Children in Providence
Hooked on Books
National News Roundup
Federal File: Capitalist concerns; The disability factor
State News Roundup
Legislative Update
District News Roundup
Publishing Column
Many Barriers to Vaccines Preventable, N.A.S. Says
Capital Update
Ala. Governor's Reform Plan Introduced as 43 Bills
E.D. Form for Goals Funding Sent to States
Philanthropy and Systemic Reform
W.Va. Court To Weigh Lottery-Fund Use for Debt
Schools With Ties to Nixon Mark Former President's Death
System of Regional Property Taxes Debated in Vt.
Vote at School in L.A. Stirs Up Debate Over Balance of Power
Curriculum Column
Rights Act Does Not Apply To Cases Before 1991 Enactment
Model Exam in Calif. Is Target Of New Attacks
House Clears Way for Conference on Head Start Bill
E.D. Rights Official Faces Bias Charges, Protests
Court Orders New A.F.T. Elections in D.C.
Use of Arts as Unifying Force To Be Studied
Lockers Are on the Wane as Icon of U.S. Schools
English, Reading Groups Signal Plan To Develop Standards
Legislative Update
Capital Digest
E.D. Softens Some Higher-Education Accountability Rules
Public Opposition Kills Reform Plan in Conn. Legislature
Board Backs Charter for Home-Schooling Academy in Mich.
Partnerships Column
President Signs School-to-Work Transition Law
Longer Year, Day Proposed For Schooling
Americorps Is Coming
Conferees Approve Head Start Reauthorization Bill
Veto of Bill To Double N.H. School Aid Expected
Media Column
State News Roundup
The Michigan Compromise
State Journal: Laying blame; Betting on gambling
Boards May Bar Recruiters, N.Y. Court Rules
Senate on Tight Time Line To Approve E.S.E.A.
Lawmakers Offer Clues About the Health of Youth Issues
Cortines Raises Graduation Requirements in N.Y.C.
Cleveland Voters Resoundingly Defeat Tax Levy for Schools
News In Brief
Ind. Study Ignites Debate Over Counselors' Role
Serve Learning First, Accountability Second
Calif. Urged To Step Up Training of Minority Teachers
Practice What You Teach
Push for Accountability Influencing Need For Evaluating Grants
A Jeffersonian Sense of Proportion
E.D. Ordered To Release Va. Special-Education Funds
New In Print
Dade To Abandon At-Large Election of School Board
Proposed Merger of Software Publishers Canceled
Administration Eyes Renewed Push On Job Placement in Welfare Plan
Study Offers Strategies for Improving Family Day Care
'Anti-Achievement Attitude' Among African-Americans Challenged
National News Roundup
The Science of Teaching Science
Capital Update
Festival Puts Grant-Supported Films in Spotlight
Counsel For The Cause
Federal File: Speech patrol?; Speech sale; New slot
$10 Million for 'Summer Of Safety' Projects Set
Debate Expected Over Crime-Prevention Programs
Education Bulk of Immigration Costs, Fla. Says
People News
'Aching' for Balance
Health Column
N.Y.C. Meeting Is in the Neighborhood for Many
News Update
Schlechty Says Story Wrongly Involved Him
Student Column
Renaming Versus Change
Md. Test Shaping Classroom Practice, Studies Find
Project Seeks To Improve Urban Teacher Workforce
Federal File: The litigation route
State News Roundup
Court Rejects Drug Testing of Athletes
Four Institutions Are First To Clear NCATE's Review Process
Chapter 2 Fate Is the Subject of Hot Debate
Tax-Revenue Curbs Spurring Program Cuts, Wis. Officials Say
Legislative Update
Capital Update
News Update
Algebra Focus of Trend To Raise Academic Stakes
Clinton Expected To Sign Widely Hailed Head Start Bill
Professional Development Advocated as a Linchpin
District News Roundup
9 Cities To Get N.S.F. Funds To Pursue Reforms
National News Roundup
Starting in 1995, Edison Project To Manage Two Wichita Schools
Riley Sees E.D. Role in Pushing Use of Technology
The Plot Thickens
Panel Agrees on Amount To Be Divvied Up in '95 Spending Bill
Goals 2000 And the Bilingual Student
Ala. Reform Plan Comes Up Short in Special Session
Gerstner Signals I.B.M. Plan To Increase Focus on K-12 Giving
News In Brief
Court Bars N.J. Man From Suing District Again
New Board Members in Wausau Ditch Controversial Busing Scheme
Keeping the Net Higher for Some
Bucking Cortines, Mayor Rejects Accord With Custodians
State Journal: Behind closed doors; Reform referendum?
Boards Seen Setting Tone for Standards Efforts
Court Bars N.J. Man From Suing District Again
Review Process For Private School Accrediting Groups Launched
Excerpts From Reinventing Education
Survey Finds Teachers in Big Districts Paid Less Than Colleagues
Putting It All Together
N.E.H. Program Helps Teachers Pursue Their Dreams
Community and Dissent
O.E.C.D. Reviews School Choice in 6 Countries
Vocational Education Column
Fla. Union Vows To Fight District's 'Americanism' Policy
Due-Process Rulings Have Hurt Schools, Justice Says
Learning Your 1-2-3's
Ill. School Barred From Team Science-Fair Prize
District News Roundup
Court Nominee Breyer Called 'Consensus Builder'
Content Groups' Help Sought in Shaping Standards Council
Justice Dept. Seeks To Oust Ala. Principal
Study Ties Mother's Schedule, 'Latchkey' Status
Ky. Board Seeks To Clarify Fuzzy Outcomes
Marking Anniversary Of Brown Ruling, Clinton Assails Separatism
Report Urges St. Paul To Address Increasing Diversity in Schools
The Unexpected Superintendent
A.F.T. Reports Seek To Define 'World-Class Standards'
Philanthropy Column
Audit Spurs Board To Eye Takeover of Ky. District
E.S.E.A. Reauthorization Clears Senate Panel
National News Roundup
Why Textbooks Often Baffle Students
Federal File: Celebration; Teamwork
Letters to the Editor
Conn. Panels Crafting Voluntary Remedies
Can Standards Come From Teaching?
Emphasis on Equal Opportunity Urged
Va. District To Give Bonuses to Top-Rated Teachers
Efforts To Boost Girls' Participation in Sports Urged
From Out of a Swamp: A School's Tale of Faith
State Journal: Nonpublic; Plugging choice
Publishing Column
Test Publishers Question E.D.'s Chapter 1 Proposal
Choice Law Spurs L.A. Schools To Recruit Students
Ideas & Findings
Proposal Urging Schools To Ban Junk Food Stirs Attacks
Bilingual Education Column
Opinion on Goals 2000 Reforms Spans the Spectrum
Can K-12 Education Drive On the Information Superhighway?
Private Enterprise
E.D. Urges More Students Be Included in NAEP
Technology Column
News in Brief
NCATE Revises Teacher Training Standards
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