District News Roundup
News in Brief
With Students' Aid, Clinton Signs Goals 2000
Ill. Bill Seeks To Hold Line on Budget Raids From Year to Year
Court Weighs School District for Hasidic Sect
News in Brief
High Lead Levels Continue To Be Found in Schools
Two Districts To Allow Teachers To Defer Pay To Finance Leaves
A.F.T. Blasts E.A.I. Effort In Baltimore
Federal File: Fightin' words; Author, author; Aid chief
Bilingual Certification Under Inquiry in Houston
Policy on School Access to Data Networks Urged
The Threat to Freedom in Goals 2000
State Journal: Up a tree; Number crunching
Letters to the Editor
Alliance for Learning: 'There Is Only Education for All Citizens'
Headaches Seen in Insuring Smoke-Free Schools
National News Roundup
Alliance for Learning: 'Our K-12 System Is Falling Apart'
Seattle Seeks To Make Central Office More 'Service Oriented'
NASA Head Says 'Teacher in Space' Program a Low Priority
Alliance for Learning: 'Partnerships Never So Crucial for Reform'
High Court Declines To Hear Property-Tax Appeals
Black Colleges Seek Relief From Loan-Default Regulations
Alliance for Learning: 'Higher Education's Help Badly Needed'
No Mystery to Appeal of Some Science-Conference Sessions
When 'Cultures' Clash
Alliance for Learning: 'We Have to Get Off Our High Horses'
Books: Essay
Books: New In Print
Reinstatement of Alabama Principal in Prom Flap Ignites Boycott
Alliance for Learning: For More Information
Talk-Radio Hosts Turn Up Volume on School Politics
Letters to the Editor
Asbestos Levels Spur R.I. District To Close Schools
Alliance For Learning: California's Higher-Education Legacy
Publishing Column
Legislative Update
Blackmun To Retire From High Court at End of Term
Gore Outlines 'Community Investment' Strategy
Alliance for Learning: A Special Commentary Report
State Journal: Late returns; Loose lips; School finance
N.S.T.A. Handbook Examines Effective Science Instruction
Facing Challenges, Phila. Board Assumes Higher Profile
Alliance for Learning: El Paso: Crossing the Border
Idaho Lawmakers Back Restructured Finance System
Capital Update
Schools May Win Share of N.Y. Budget Windfall
Alliance for Learning: Higher Education Must Do Its Part
Houston Cleared of Wrongdoing In Hiring Schools Chief From Board
News In Brief
N.S.F. Stops Funding for R.I. Initiative
Alliance for Learning: Introduction
N.C.E.A. Unveils New Theme For Its Marketing Campaign
N.S.B.A. Endorses Alternatives to Traditional School Governance
News Updates
Alliance for Learning: Good-Neighbor Policies
Court Blocks Accrediting Agency's Reprimand of Gary District
Success With Coalition Reforms Seen Limited in Some Schools
Nobel Laureate Seeks To Turn Science Curriculum on Its Head
Testing Column
Alliance for Learning: In Pursuit of 'All One System'
Federal File: Clinton backs prayer; New slot for Alexander
Carnegie Corp. Presses Early-Years Policies
Magnet Schools Seem To Have Little Impact On Student Achievement
State News Roundup
Alliance for Learning: 'We Strive for Seamless Learning'
News In Brief
On Serving The Wrong Masters
Catholic Schools Increase Enrollment for 2nd Straight Year
Alliance for Learning: 'Today's Teenagers Are Tomorrow's College Students'
Sports Column
District News Roundup
New Rules in Play for College-Sports Eligibility
Private Versus Public, Research Versus Rhetoric
Congress Is Pressed To Employ Chapter 1 To 'Equalize' Schools
Harvard Program for Urban Superintendents Offers Tough Training for Tough Job
National Commitment to Parent Role in Schools Sought
Charlotte, N.C., Board Backs Plan To End Busing
Legislative Update
U.S. Education Dept. Releases Honig Audit
National News Roundup
19% of High-School Students Have Had At Least 4 Sex Partners
Federal File: Points of light; Secretarial advice; Freshman
A.S.C.D. Fails To Back Choice, Assessment Proposals
Richards Announces Finance Plan; Special Session Looms
State Journal: Bus belts backed; To the streets; Thankful?
One for the Record Books
N.E.A. and Learning Channel To Debut Show for Teachers
District News Roundup
Christian 'Movement' Seen Trying To Influence Schools
Educators Rank Importance of Writing Elements
Column One: Administrators
Significant Number of Teenagers Unsure Of Sexual Orientation, New Study Finds
Teachers Are 'Public Officials,' Conn. Court Rules
Private-School Groups Postpone Quest for Vouchers
Q&A: L.A. Principal Describes Unusual Participatory Hiring Process
News Updates
Cable-Television Network Offers Its 1st Education-Degree Program
Carnegie Report Warns of Risks To Adolescents
Study Predicting Shortage of Engineers Called Flawed
E.D. To Base Most Grant Awards for 1992-93 On 1980 Census Data
State News Roundup
Andrus Allows Idaho Finance Package To Become Law
Ballot Box: Shanker for Clinton; Nothing formal; Remap blues
Shifting Priorities Seen Wreaking Havoc With College Budgets
Debate Over School Finances Deteriorates in Kansas
Can Performance Assessment Survive Success?
Plan Seeks To Increase Minorities in Math, Science
Fate of Teachers in D.O.D. Schools Uncertain After Europe Drawdown
Panel Blueprint Seeks To Relate School to Work
Bush Grants Waiver For Wis. Welfare Plan
Committee Report Scores Federal AIDS-Prevention Efforts
Goals 2000 Seen Spurring 'Inclusion' Movement
State Lawmakers Seek Place at Goals 2000 Meeting
People News
Capital Digest
News In Brief
L.E.P. Students' Access to Services a Policy Priority at O.C.R.
Early Years Column
Borrowing From The Basics
The A.E.R.A. Agenda: From the Grateful Dead to School Finance
District News Roundup
The Assessment Center Activities
NBPTS Assessments: The Portfolio Activities
Technically Speaking
Shuttle's Earth-Science Mission Makes Strong School Connection
Conferees Hammer Out Agreement on School-to-Work Bill
Energy-Saving Contracting for Schools Argued
Teachers Column
Plan Seeks To Boost Number of Black Ph.D.'s
Colleges Column
'Fade-Out' in Head Start Gains Linked to Later Schooling
Many 'Family Child Care' Settings Inadequate, Study Finds
Fla. Suit Blames School Officials in Pupil's Suicide
State Journal: California conflict
Finding a Silver Lining
College Admissions and The High School Psyche
Report on 'Quiet Crisis' for Young Children Stirs Loud Response
Federal File: Implication; Resignation
U.S. Rejects Developer's 'Multimedia' Patent Claim
Capital Update
Cortines Resigns--Only To Be Talked Back--in 'Close Call'
'Drink Boxes' Again Find Place at Lunchroom Table in Maine
Science Education Moves Up Academy Agenda
2 N.J. Panels Diverge on Funding-Equity Solution
National News Roundup
Riley Advocates Multi-Prong Attack on Problem of School Violence
Pioneers in Professionalism
News Update
NAEP Gains Reported in 8th Graders' Writing Skills
Counselors' Handbook Offers Guidance on Suicide Prevention
Common Interests Cement E.D.-H.H.S. Ties
State News Roundup
Center Presses 'Certificate of Initial Mastery'
'Inclusion' Should Not Include Deaf Students
R.I. Senate To Appeal Ruling Rejecting Funding Formula
Legislative Update
It's a Matter of Opinion At Special Educators' Meeting
Mich. Bill Penalizes Teachers for Job Actions
House Passes Crime-Prevention Programs for Youths
My Ordinary Career
Missing Graduation as a Matter of Principle
Calif. Project To Refurbish 1 Million Computers for Schools
Head Start Measure Appears To Be on Congressional Fast Track
Legislative Update
South Africa's 'Fast Forward'
2 Firms Join Forces To Develop Multimedia Products
State Journal: Abstaining; Noticing
Capital Update
A Throne of Contention
Honors & Awards
In the Press
N.E.A. To Publish Curriculum on Student Harassment
People News
Impact of Higher-Ed. Report Called Limited So Far
Federal File: News briefs; Diversity; On the bench
Newark Suit Seeks To Block Threatened Takeover
News Updates
District News Roundup
National News Roundup
Making the Connection
Educated Consumers
F.B.I. Agent Fills New Chicago Post To Probe Waste, Fraud
State News Roundup
Improving Nutritional Content of School Meals Seen Priority
News in Brief
Standards for Professional Development Released
Report: 'Distressed' Communities Jeopardize Children's Well-Being
Reforms, Not Courts, Seen Key in Equity Fight
High Court To Weigh Law Outlawing Guns Near Schools
Making Head Start Work
Does Ms. Kleinhopper Really Run the School?
Big-City Blacks Join in Push for Prayer in School
G.O.P. Takes Public's Pulse on Health of Schools
O.E.R.I. Meetings Seek To Gauge Demand for R&D
News in Brief:
Longitudinal Study Is First To Track Kindergartners
Youth Service Day Brings New Challenges to District Mandates
Effort To Nix Dade's Use of Public Funds in Legal Battle Blocked
Support for Minnesota Standards May Be Wavering
Virginia Supreme Court Upholds School-Funding Formula