State News Roundup
Mich. Union's Insurance Subsidiary Under Fire
San Diego Board Mulls Big Class-Size Cuts in Grades 1-3
Testing Column
Judge Directs Kan. Lawmakers To Fix Funding Flaw
Whose Story Gets Told?
Books: Excerpts
Procedures for Applying for Service Grants Detailed
Varied Laws Raise a Question: What Is a Charter School?
Getting in Budget Shape: Fiscal Health of States Improves
N.H. Governor Comes Out Against Broad Tax for Schools
Capital Digest
Federal File: Entry denied; Lunch dropouts; Muted impact; Nominee
People News
Venture To Link 25% of Schools To Data Networks
The Necessary Partners
Chicago Model Seeks To Broaden Definition of Family Services
National News Roundup
E.A.I. Reaches Tentative Accord To Run Michigan District
Minn. Union Official Under Fire Over Pension Flap
The Discipline Dilemma
Power Struggle Is Played Out in Arena of Minn. Charter School
Curriculum Column
News Updates
State Journal: Power struggles
Books: Excerpts
Coordination Between Head Start, Schools Urged
Teaching About Abstinence in Two N.J. Schools
41 States, D.C. Have Alternative Teacher Licensing
Standards In Collision
Federal File: Issue reopened
Capital Update
Children and Families Column
Enrollments in Voc. Ed. Down From '82 to '90
New Taxes, Bond Issues Proposed To Help Pay for Ala. Reforms
Several Clinton Proposals Win House Panel Backing
Slick and Fast, Science Shows Emulate MTV
Enrollment in Year-Round Schools Is Up Again
N.C.A.A. To Review Eligibility Standards for Freshmen
Participation Rates in State-Level NAEP Eyed
District News Roundup
Private School Voucher Plan In Puerto Rico Wins Backing
Baltimore, E.A.I. Resolve Enrollment-Count Dispute
5% of Scholarships Found To Be Race-Based Aid
Capital Digest
Vocational Education Column
Colleges Column
People News
Bridging the Gap
State Journal: Covert funding?; Agenda items
State News Roundup
Third Version Reinvigorates Pact in Boston
Ky. Officials Announce 'Corrections' to Reform
News Update
News In Brief
Running on Hope
Chapter 1 Funding Proposal Would Hurt Rural Schools the Most
Bitter Cold, Snow, and Ice Force Thousands of School Closings
New Challenges Seen as Key Tests Of E.C.S.'s Political Muscle
Police To Apprehend Truants in Philadelphia
Federal File: Bean counting
Publishing Column
7,500-Computer Deal Announced for Fla. District
Earthquake Recovery for L.A. Schools May Take Months
Role of the Central Office In Aiding Schools Studied
District News Roundup
$50 Million Shot In the Arm Gives NASDC New Life
Vt. House Clears Plan To Encourage Equity
Remembering Tony
Reading Group Assails Use of Untrained Chapter 1 Aides
Picture Mixed For Education, Clinton Team
The 81 Percent Solution
Students Column
Justices Decline Duty-To-Protect Case In Student Drowning Death
N.J. Governor Seeks Tax Cut, More Use of Magnet, Charter Schools
Officials Begin Setting Standards for Principals
A Textbook Case: U.S. History in the Making
Refocusing the Channel One Debate
People News
Calif. Gov. Among Several Who Vow Focus on Public-Safety Issues
Lawmakers in Mich. Agree To Seek Voter O.K. of Tax Increase
District News Roundup
Experts Offer Tips, Cautions On Teaching Young Children
Inventing the Future
School Violence Up Over Past 5 Years, 82% in Survey Say
Whitman Faces Finance Balancing Act in N.J.
Conflict Charges Leveled Against Chicago Board President
Experts Stress Need for Quality Child Care for Welfare Parents
Capital Digest
Tex. Finance Ruling Angers Both Rich, Poor Districts
Minneapolis Approves Pact With Private Firm
Desegregation Study Spurs Debate Over Equity Remedies
Standards Issue Puts Ex-Education Secretaries at Odds
Union Leaders Urge 'No Raid' Pacts During Merger Talks
News In Brief
State Journal: Bee stings; Night school?; No vouchers
Five on Wausau Board Voted Out Over Busing Stands
Annenberg Gift Prompts Praise And Questions
N.H.'s Obligation To Fund Education Is Affirmed by Court
Technology Column
Taking the E-Mail Train
Gift Grew Out of Philosophy and Personal Chemistry
Letters to the Editor
N.Y.C. Condom Program Violates Parents' Rights, Court Says
Focus on Technology: Human or Machine? You Be The Judge
Fraud Marred N.Y.C. Elections, Report Says
Clinton Likely To Seek Budget Increase for E.D.
Remembering 1993: The Year in Education
Governor Seeks $121 Million More For Youth Crimes Programs
National News Roundup
Annenberg's Giving Spans Range of Projects
From Cradle to Computer
A.F.T. Urges Halt to 'Full Inclusion' Movement
Education-Software Market Awash With Change
Programmed For Failure
Philanthropy Column
Toward a Freer Student Press
Battle Over Franklin Legacy Pits School Against Officials
What About The Others?
2nd N.Y.C. High School Is Targeted for Splintering
Inequities Lead to Dual System in N.Y., Panel Finds
News Updates
Make State-Level NAEP Yearly, Panel Urges
Federal File: Tapping the roots; Comings and goings