Ala. Judge Sets Deadlines for Developing Finance, Reform Plan
Capital Digest
Reporter's Notebook: Study of Funding for Youth Services Set
Message To Reduce TV Violence Becoming Louder, Clearer
State Journal: Protesting mandates; Education platform
Column One: Research
Half of Black, Hispanic Children May Be Poor by 2010
Nursing Program Gets Grant To Set Up School-Based Clinic
News Updates
Federal File: Republicans on board; The ins and outs
Annenberg Mulls Large-Scale Gift To Support School Reform
Measures Tackle School Crime, Gangs, and Handguns
Letters to the Editor
N.R.C. Official Joins Standards Project on Science Assessments
Ga. Panel Tightens Language in Ethics Code for Educators
Ohio Finance Trial Challenges 1979 Court Precedent
Exercises Approved for Test Of Teaching Board's Assessments
Books: New in Print
Program for Teenage Fathers Seeks To Nurture Responsibility
The Parenting Trap: Forgotten Fathers
46 States Mandate P.E., But Only Four Require in All Grades
Rivera Center Proposals To Increase Latino Teachers
Education Philanthropy Has Spiraled Since Risk Report
District News Roundup
Agriculture Dept. Criticizes Content Of School Meals
States News Roundup
Health Bill Includes Funds for Health Education, School Clinics
People News
Brown U. Uses $5 Million Gift for Institute for School Reform
SchoolMatch Helps Parents Choose Where To Live
Boston Teachers Stage One-Day Strike in Contract Dispute
Should Incompetent Teachers Be Protected?
Philanthropy Column
Report Urges Policies To Improve Schooling For Hispanic Students
Census Finds Jump in District Borrowing for School Construction
Chapter 1 Formula Plan Hot Topic in States, Districts
National News Roundup
Chronology of Television Violence
Honors and Awards
Private School Column
Capital Update
On Verge of Takeover, Newark Rebuts Critical State Analysis
Investigators Detail Fraud, Abuse in Pell Grant Program
Teacher Leadership: How To Make It More Than a Catch Phrase
Council Votes Spur New Round of Questions in Chicago
In Switch, Chicago Principals Plan To Fight for Reforms
Books: Readings
Educators Mull Potential NAFTA Impact on Schools
Administration Backs Wis. Plan To Limit Welfare to 2 Years
State News Roundup
Stress Head Start Quality, but Spotlight 0-3, Panel Says
On the Disappearance of Standards
School-to-Work Bill Ready for Consideration in House, Senate
National News Roundup
Capital Digest
Hershey School Plans Agricultural 'Literacy' Center
Overhaul of N.Y.C. School-Maintenance Program Proposed
Column One: Students
Unions Hold 2nd Round of Merger Talks
Federal File: On the bus; Civil-rights squabble
Number of Minorities Taking A.P. Exams Continues To Go Up
Technology Column
State Journal: Writing to confuse?
In Reversal, Me. District Honors 'Do Not Resuscitate' Order
Novel Voucher Plan Suffers Resounding Defeat in California
Domestic-Partners Accord To Cover N.Y.C. Employees
State Governments Learn To Live With Less, Survey Finds
Letters to the Editor
Students Seek To Put in a Good Word In World of Debate
A.F.T. Sets Aside Election Of Local President in D.C.
In Clearing O.E.R.I. Bill, Senate Panel Backs More Funding
Books: Excerpts
Capital Update
News Updates
Md. Panel Proposes Steering More Funds to Poor Districts
District News Roundup
Enthusiasts Use Chess To Bring Academic Growth to Urban Youths
People News
'Quiet Crisis' Seen Hampering Nation's Gifted Students
After New Programs Pass, Mich. Panel Weighs Taxes
Early-Years Column
RAND Urges Overhaul in Vt.'s Pioneering Writing Test
Publishing Column
New G.O.P. Governors in N.J. and Va. Have Backed Vouchers
Edgar Compromise On Hold as Chicago Crisis Lingers
Seeking a Place Where Childhood Is Preserved
For-Profit Firm To Run District In Minneapolis
Atlanta Incumbents Hold On; Mayor's Slate Wins in Cleveland
Cincinnati Agreement Will Rate Teachers on Discipline
Judge Rules Ed. Practices Led To Segregation in Ill. District
Four Youths Acquitted of Hate Crimes in San Jose Beating
Editors' Note
Conn. District Considers Vouchers As Alternative to Classrooms
S.C. Approves First Set of Curriculum Frameworks
Administration Column
Federal File: Rumors denied; E.S.E.A. delayed
In Special-Ed. Case, Justices Back Parents
E.D. Seeks To Improve Student-Aid Oversight
State Journal: Not-so-free speech; Amish exemption
Nearing Strike Deadline, Boston Teachers, Board Approve Pact
News in Brief
Appellate Ruling Puts Chicago Schools on Brink of Closing
Media Column
News Updates
E.D., NAEP Board Spar Over Plan To Limit Tests
Requiem for the Superintendency
N.Y. Wrestles With Social-Studies Framework
Senate Adds Provisions on Juveniles to Crime Bill
Oregon Voters Defeat Tax Hike for Schools
District News Roundup
People News
Facilitated Communication Under New Scrutiny
A Self-Help Reform Model
A Trans-Atlantic Tale of Two Principals
Capital Digest
Court Declines To Hear Hawaii School's Religious-Hiring Case
High School Course-Taking and Educational Reform
New 'Goals 2000' Bill Excises State Standards Requirement
State News Roundup
N.Y. To Reconsider Ban On Charitable Fund-Raising in Schools
Letters to the Editor
Excerpts From Unanimous Ruling in Private-Placement Case
Choice for the Long Haul
Company Seeks To Link Pay to Student Improvement
A Trust Betrayed
National News Roundup
N.Y.C. To Develop Curriculum Standards for All Schools
In Ohio, Bill To Revamp School Funding Unveiled
Educators Want Access to New Digital Communications
Sports Column
Md. Board Backs Takeover of Failing Schools
Lawmakers Back Plan To Balance Chicago Schools' Budget
Vision of Schooling in 'Information Age' Sought
N.J. Withholds $30 Million in U.S. Aid From Newark
Close Your Eyes Or Else
Philanthropy Column
Action on Reform Bill Seen Unlikely by Year End
Science Academy's Initiative Links Teachers, Scientists
State Journal: Sympathy for Michigan; In opposite directions
Capital Update
Goals Panel Ponders Criteria for Student Standards
Eyeing Reform, School-to-Work Bills, States Formulate Plans
News Updates
Training Framework, Welfare Suggestions Adopted
District News Roundup
Rubes at the Carnival
Accounting for Asbestos-Cleanup Costs Demanded
Schooling and Telecommunications
Letters to the editor
Bishops Urge Families To Share Responsibilities
State News Roundup
Salary Issue Stirs Strong Sentiment at Conference
Children & Families Column
Panel Takes N.Y. Regents, Schools Chief to Task
Capital Digest
Drop in Reading Activity Between 9 and 17 Charted
Guard Youth Corps Teaches New Drill To Md. Dropouts
Child Advocates Assail 5-Year Plan To Limit Spending
Spec.-Ed. Advocates Wary of Health Plan's Impact
105 Postsecondary Schools Selected For Direct-Loan Program
Chapter 1 Fails To Spur Gains, Data Indicate
Teacher Education and Standards
National News Roundup
Hard Times
O.C.R. Threatens Oakland With Cutoff in Federal Funding
Federal File: Reinterpretation; Off the calendar
Student Performance in Chicago Up, Study Finds
Child and Maternal Health A Priority in Debate on Health Care
Management Expert Nominated For California Schools Chief