Racial 'Clustering' Practice Phased Out in Richmond Schools
Elders Explains Views on Preventing Teenage Pregnancy, Disease
Alliance Aims for 'Break the Mold Systems,' Not Just Schools
Illinois Aid Hike Not Seen Easing Chicago Deficit
Malaise and America's Schools
Sample Music Standards for Students in Grades 5-8
More Women Having Babies Without Marrying, Survey Finds
Reform Partnership Makes Bridging Gaps Its Business
18 National Geography Standards
E.C.S. Mulls How To Counter Public Hostility Toward Change
Organizers Discuss Program To Educate Teachers About Africa
Draft Standards for Arts Education Stress Knowledge, Performance
New Arrangements: Consumers of Services Fuel Project in Miami
10% of Youths in Survey Report Firing a Gun or Being Shot at
Study Highlights Unmet Needs of Immigrant Students
Drug Cuts Passed by House 'Shock' Prevention Advocates
'How Is My Child Doing?'
Teaching-Standards Board Tops List of Grant-Winners
District News Roundup
Mich. Law Bans Property Tax Use To Fund Schools
Teachers in U.S. Found To Clock More Class Time
Ability To Share Turf Is Litmus Test for Partnership
Gore Seeks E.D. Employees' Opinions On Increasing Efficiency
Publishing Column
Column One: Curriculum
Lawmakers Back Off Direct Student-Loan Proposal
E.D. and House Democrats Negotiate on 'Goals 2000' Bill
New In Print
Ginsburg Is 'Open to Ideas' on Legal Test in Church-State Cases
E.D. Ordered To Release Papers in Special-Ed. Case
Letters to the Editor
Catholic Gathering Draws Youth to Denver Meeting With Pope
Geography Educators Release First Draft of Curriculum Standards
New Haven Board First To Offer Condoms to Students in 5th Grade
Colleges Column
Legislative Update
People News
Cleveland Board Adopts Plan for Reducing Busing
Half of Schools Found Not Monitoring Voc.-Ed. Students
Chiefs' Project To Assist 'Systemic' Reform in States
Goals Panel Pushes NAEP-Like Test for College Graduates
Change in Course Eyed for Flagship Federal Program
Midwest Districts Assess Flood Damage, Weigh School Openings
St. Louis Summer Law Internship Hailed as National Model
Phila. Embraces Whole-School Approach Wholeheartedly
Renewing Our Delight
Curriculum Seeks To Hook Students Into Aquaculture Careers
Vocational-Education Column
Measure To Break Up L.A. District Dies in Assembly Committee
House Panel Approves Reorganization of O.E.R.I.
Difficulties Seen in Updating Poverty Figures for Districts
Federal File
Cabinet Heads Kick Off Coordinated Effort To Curb Youth Violence
8th-Grade Math Achievement Tied To Focus on Algebra, Geometry
School Nurses Issue Standards for Practice
State News Roundup
Capital Digest
State Journal: Talk-show crusade; Tropical trepidation
News In Brief
Budget Shifts Hurting Public Colleges, Survey Finds
News Updates
House Backs Bill To Create National-Service Program
Study Finds Immigrants' Children Face Some Risks in Assimilating
N.C. Law Revoking Tenure for New Principals Upsets Teachers
Capital Update
E.S.E.A. Plan Would Retool Chapter 1, Eliminate Block Grant
National News Roundup
Highlights of E.S.E.A. Proposal
Hearings Explore Federal Role in Finance Equity