National News Roundup
Ex-Governor Forges New Federal-State 'Partnership' in Education
Youth Portions of Clinton's Stimulus Plan May Be Revived
School-to-Work Initiative Goes Beyond Apprenticeships
Network To Develop Ways to Evaluate Impact of Foundation Grants
A Use of Critical-Thinking Skills, or Just a Numbers Game?
Firms Recall 160,000 School Buses Over Possible Handrail Problem
Great Society-Era Jobs Program Gets a Boost in 1993
Pa. Plan To Cut Funding to Special-Needs Schools Stirs Debate
A National Goals Wish List
Efforts To Curb Teenage Drinking Said To Fall Short
Gains Tied to Preschool Program Persist, Study Finds
N.J. Officials Spar Over State Testing Plan
Higher-Education Plan Focuses on Service, Loan Issues
District News Roundup
News Updates
State Journal: And now no pay; Voucher slapping
People News
L.A. Teachers' Contract Expected To Be Adopted
Program Found Curbing Children's Violent Behavior
New Nominee for Chief's Post Expected in California
Legislative Update
Monograph's Author Critiques Carnegie Study on Choice
Neb. Researchers Develop New Methods to Collect Dropout Data
Meeting of Foundations Highlights Urban Concerns
Special-Education Column
'Anywhere, At Any Time': Violence in Schools Spreads Past Cities
Alliance Seeks To Help Schools Implement Curriculum Standards
Houston Eyes For-Profit Company To Run School Programs
Students Lack Guidance To Meet Their 'High Hopes,' Study Shows
Capital Update
Leadership and State Reform: The Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality
Philanthropy Column
Early-Years Column
Consensus Sought on Plans To Revamp Student Loans
Column One: Research
Federal File: Careerism; Spinning
Study Cites Need To Improve E.D. Research Efforts
State News Roundup
Paying More Attention to Yeast
Wash. Lawmakers Debate How To Pay for School-Reform Package
A Little Cash Helps 'Impact II' Teachers Make Reform Reality
Special Educators in Quandary Over Role in Standards-Setting
News In Brief
Kan. Governor Vetoes State System of Basic-Skills Testing
Philadelphia Principals Vote To Kill Extracurricular Programs
Column One: Teachers
Community Colleges Urged To Step Up Minority Aid
Clinton Compromises on Immunization Proposal
New Yorkers Cast Ballots In Divisive Board Election
Canada's Standards, Assessments Offer Lessons, Study Says
Calif. Foundation Creates Center To Help Curb Youth Violence
Ariz. Governor Signs Bill Loosening Home-Schooling Rules
Clinton Plans for National Service; Direct Loans May Hit Bumps
Clinton Eyes 1994 Education Budget in Seeking Reductions
Letters to the Editor
Mont. Adopts Radically Revised School-Finance System
District News Roundup
National Testing Role in Measure Flawed, Falls Short, Critics Say
Professional-Development Schools Flourish Despite Some Doubts
Highlights of Measure's Skills-Standards Provisions
Vocational Education Column
Judge Approves Plan To Revamp Spec.-Ed. Programs in Boston
O.C.R. Urges 'Forceful' Reaction to Harassment of Children
Teacher Professional Development: It's About Time
Clinton's 100 Days in Education
News in Brief
Skepticism, Concern Greet Fast-Track Plan For Skills Standards
Tex. Voters Reject Finance Plan; Consolidation Called Last Resort
National News Roundup
Capital Digest
Whittle Fights To Open Door for Channel One in N.Y.
People News
Q & A: Director Discusses N.E.A. Center on Public Education
Their Own Little World
State Journal: Tie-vote trouble; Foreign competition
Concern Expressed About Impact Of Measure on Standards Projects
Merck Launches $20 Million Science Initiative
Cleveland Student-Assignment Plan Focus on Reform, Race Balance
News Updates
Minn. Bill Seeks To Bolster Move to Outcomes System
Some Educators Cast Wary Eye On Corporate Curriculum Materials
Governor Seeks Scrutiny of Milwaukee Busing Plan
N.E.A. Reopens Debate in Union Over Merger With A.F.T.
Federal File: Nomination blues
G.A.O. Outlines Federal Steps To Promote Reform
'Goals 2000' Clears First Hurdle, But Obstacles Remain
State News Roundup
New York Chancellor Ousts Board Amid Allegations of Corruption
Legislative Update
Agencies Form Panel To Press School Health Issues
78% of Schools in NCATE Review Receive Accreditation
Technology Column
Capital Digest
PBS Launches Service To Boost Math Teaching
Ky. Department's Lax Oversight Of Technology Contract Assailed
Pomp and Circumstance ... and Prayer
Catholic-School Survey Documents Who Oversees Management Tasks
Clinton Direct-Loan Plan Clears Panel
Advocates Seek To Make Small Schools the Rule, Not the Exception
Precollege Teacher Programs Hailed as Route for Minorities
Media Column
State News Roundup
Federal File: Tough neighborhood
Citing Problems, N.J. Chief Moves To Take Over Newark Schools
Tex. Legislators Ponder New Plan For School Funds
Health Column
Does Head Start Fade Out?
Legislative Updates
Poll: Minorities More Sanguine About Prospects for Schools
Coordinated National Strategy for Children Is Urged
Teachers in Poll Seek Greater Federal Push for Parent Involvement
Column One: Students
District News Roundup
Pa. Collective-Bargaining Law 'Erased the Unknown'
News Updates
Negotiations on Skills Board in 'Goals 2000' Bill Continue
Boston High School Reopens Following Racial Disturbance
State Journal: To some a shocking switch
The Weak and Strong Arguments Against National Testing
Letters to the Editor
Principal Discusses School's Partnership With Navy Crew
53% of Churches Support Outside Education Programs
Missouri Lawmakers Race To Pass School-Finance Revision
Panel To Study Technology's Role in National Goals
Head Start Quality Debate May Scale Back Funding for Expansion
Partnerships Column
A Quiet Revolution Is Transforming Teaching of Writing
News in Brief
Youth-Jobs Program Seeks Stronger Education Role in Training
Election of Clinton Is Reshaping Debate Over Family Planning
The Business of Reforming Cincinnati's Schools
Books: New in Print
Rural Students Learn From 'Culturally Relevant' Health Program
Worth Noting
Five States Win Grants in N.S.F. Reform Project
Federal File: In print; In court
Urban-Rural Split in Ore. Roils Move To Ban Guns at School
Senate Panel Approves Clinton's 'Goals 2000' Bill
San Diego Superintendent Brings Local Perspective to E.D. Post
The Dumbing of Special Education
Column One: Administrators
Publishing Column
Legislative Update
New Arrangements: Now Free, S.C. Schools Start To Spread Wings
Mass. Conferees Said Nearing Accord on School Choice, Reform Bill
Projects Developing Standards for Skills, Knowledge of Workers
State News Roundup
News In Brief
Tex. House Acts on Its Own To Adopt Finance Plan
Officials Remove 2 From School Because Father Is Seen as Threat
Despite Riley Warning on Funds, NAEP Board Plans New Schedule
PBS and Affiliates Unveil Cable Channel for Cultural Events
National News Roundup
Both Conservatives and Liberals Claim Victory in N.Y.C.
Project for Gifted Limited-English Students Fights To Survive
News Updates
Colo. Teachers Approve Performance Pay
Honors and Awards
Chapter 1: Why Do Students Have So Much Trouble Learning?
State Journal: Dinner forum; Moving on
Q&A: Principal Relates His Address to College Graduates
Seeking To Identify the Gifted Among L.E.P. Students
Capital Update
Project Links Campus Centers, Nearby Public Housing
Letters to the Editor:
Officials in Chicago Warn of a Shutdown Over Budget Crisis
Broad Coalition in Michigan Backing Tax Reform and Finance Amendment
Some Republicans Say Service Bill Does Not Target Aid to Neediest
Bush Effort To Fund Innovative Schools Wins Clinton Endorsement
District News Roundup
Jury Awards $5.21 Million to N.Y.C. Teacher Disabled in Assault
N.G.A. Hears Range of Views on 'Opportunity' Standards
Capital Digest
Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch