News Updates
Budget Cuts, Teacher Objections Stymie Ore. Reform
Parental-Notification Issue Holds Up Vote in House on Family-Planning Bill
Center Lists Skills Both Disabled, Nondisabled Should Have
Legislative Update
Stimulus Package Put Off Until After Action on Budget
Clinton, Lawmakers Set To Introduce Reform Bills
Honig Fined, Sentenced to 1,000 Hours of Service
Creating Apprenticeship System Will Be Tough, Advocates Admit
Lobbyists See Minuses for Education in Clinton Budget Plan
District News Roundup
Putting People First Means Connecting Education to Other Services
People News Roundup
School Links to Electronic 'Superhighway' Proposed
State News Roundup
Report Says Direct Loans Would Not Save Money
News In Brief
Administration Urges Creation of Skill-Standards Board
Police Harassment and the Dean's Office
2 School Cases Heard By High Court Raise Church-State Issues
Capital Digest
In the Press
Devotees Seek To Enhance Image Of Earth Science in the Curriculum
Publisher Plans Customized Services for Precollegiate Market
Scaled-Back Reform Measure Advances in Washington State
Book Excerpt: Nurturing the 'Hunger for Know-How'
Colleges Column
Teaching Column
Is School Out?
Directory of Chief State School Officers
Court To Decide on Private Placement of Disabled Children
State Journal: Voter choice on school choice
As Military Bases Close, Some Eye Educational Uses
Q & A: Educator Discusses Project That Takes Teachers Far Afield
Federal File: In tandem; A new tax?; Running scared?; Kids' questions
Clinics' Effect on Birthrates Overstated, Study Finds
Counselors To Help L.A. Students Deal With Issues Raised by Trials
Citing Other Obligations, Head of NASDC Resigns
First National Study Of After-School Care Cites Progress, Pitfalls
Providence To Open High School Devoted to Community Service
Strike in L.A. Postponed; Teachers Weigh Pay Plan
Hitting the History Trail
For a Growing Number of Teachers, Children's Literature Is Hot Topic
Time and Space
Mass. Report Calls for Policies To Aid Gay Students
N.J. Test Called Reliable, But Flaws in Administration Cited
Atlanta School Drops Ban on Non-Christian Teachers
Federal File: Repackaging; Warm welcome; Memories
News Updates
F.C.C. Proposes Tighter Rules on Educational TV
Books: New in Print
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
Legislative Update
Clinton Launches Sales Campaign For Service Plan
What Should Urban School Boards Do Now?
Report Calls for Actions To Redress Inequalities Cited by Kerner Commission
Q & A: 'Commissioner' Describes Sports-Like Academic Competition
G.O.P. Lawmaker Named To Finish Honig's Term in Calif.
Symposium Urges Youth Agencies To Be 'Hip' to City Teenagers
Bilingual Education Column
Private Schools Column
Goals Panel Discusses Ways To Involve Public in Its Efforts
School-Finance Alternative Faces Foes' Scrutiny in N.Y.
Christian Activists Seek To Torpedo NASDC Project
A.C.T. Unveils New Assessment, Planning System
Bilingual Educators Express Hope Federal Assistance Will Be Expanded
Simon Bill Would Support Programs Designed To Ease School-to-Work Transition
Capital Digest
Letters to the Editor
Opposition Foils Measure To Shut Down Small Districts in Washington State
Safety Board Urges Crackdown on Teenage Drunken Driving
Pact Averts L.A. Teacher Strike, But Some Issues Unresolved
Column One: Students
State Journal: Ultimate weapon; Prisoner parity
Wide Variation Seen in Special-Education Compliance
News In Brief
Deconstructing Decentralization: 12 Tips
Inner-City Focus Is Seen in Urban Teacher Colleges
Plan To Boost Head Start Will Address Quality as Well as Scope, Shalala Says
Publishing Column
First 'World Games' for Scholar-Athletes Aiming To Nurture Friendships
Beyond Metal Detectors and Disciplinary Transfers
Apple Computer Forms Consortium For Bilingual-Education Technology
Civil-Liberties Group Seeks To Contest Conservative Activists
The Coherent Curriculum
Group Outlines Principles for Equity in New Assessments
Up the Learning Curve at E.D.
Handling Allegations of Sexual Abuse Called 'Most Delicate' Job
Study Urges 'Learning Communities' To Address the Isolation of Teachers
News In Brief
National News Roundup
The Business Of Schooling: Private Companies Offer Instructional Services
State Journal: Not cutting it: Teaching or indoctrination
Standards Seen as Step To Insuring Arts Education
Eligibility, Guidelines for Summer-Service Plan Outlined
There Are Better Ways To Cut Costs
Column One: Administrators
Study Finds Little Consistency in 'Tech Prep' Efforts
Seeking Focus, Dade Schools 'Shop' for Themes
Revenue Projections Mainly on Target, Survey Finds
Advocacy Groups Launch 'Crusade' for Black Children
Legislative Update
Suit Seeks To Halt Border Town's Education of Mexicans
Technology Column
State News Roundup
Q&A: Business Official Extols 'Principal for a Day' Program
Study Details How Districts, Schools Divvy Up Money
People News
Eating Away at the Debt
Letters To the Editor:
Riley Moves on Issue of Race-Based Aid
District News Roundup
State Cannot Bar School Religious Clubs, Court Rules
Support Pilot Distance-Learning Projects, Congress Urged
Kentucky To Link Assessment Results to NAEP's Scores
House, Senate Committees Back Additional Budget Cuts
Ill. Governor's Budget Plan Sparks Legislative 'War'
Marshall Smith of Stanford Is Among Five Named to Top Department Posts
Taking Account: States Move From 'Inputs' to 'Outcomes' in Effort to Regulate Schools
Reich Challenges Business To Match Clinton's Summer Jobs
Gains Seen in Philadelphia Schools With 'Charters'
'People Problem' Plagues Providence District, Report Says
Federal File: Getting around; On the line; Panel advisory
'Attitudinal Barriers' Seen Hurting Youth Services in Calif.
Alliance Created To Link Efforts Seeking To 'Reinvent Government'
Mastery Learning and 'Total Quality'
People News
School-Spending Patterns Can Influence Student Achievement, New Data Suggest
Conservative-Leaning Think Tanks Putting Imprint on Education Policy
Va. District Kills Program Tying Teacher Pay to Merit
Congress May Abolish 'Chastity Act,' Some Predict
Ga. District Backs Separate Classrooms for Black Pupils
News in Brief
Q&A: Researcher Describes Link Between Music Training, Cognition
Amid Uncertainty, Los Angeles Board Approves Reform Plan
N.Y.C. Debate Over 'Rainbow' Curriculum Still Raging in Many Board Races
Philanthropy Column
News Updates
District News Roundup
Flood of Governance Proposals Follows Battles Over Fernandez in New York City
Reaction to Software on Slavery Raises Issues Surrounding New Types of Media
Column One: Curriculum
Competitiveness Strategy Urges Education Role
Mo. Governor Ditches Plan To Offer Education Package
First, Do No Harm
Letters to the Editor
Focus on Quality and Availability of Child Care Urged
20% of Schools Have High Levels of Radon, E.P.A. Finds
Elementary Schools 'Opening the Door' to New Methods
Reform All Categorical Programs
Dialing for Drivers
Pa. District's Service Mandate Found Constitutional
In Face of Fire, Ohio Officials Seek Backing for Bill
Dade Officials Under Fire for Slow Pace Of $980 Million Construction Effort
Special Education Column
Advocates Praise Riley for Supporting Race-Exclusive College Scholarships
Number of Private Students Served By Chapter 1 Increases, G.A.O. Finds
NCATE Analysis of Education Schools To Help Forge Partnerships With States
Oregon Reforms Seen Redefining Roles of Teachers and Children
House Approves Economic-Stimulus, Budget Plan
Books: New in Print
Administration Readies Reform, Assessment Bill
Capital Digest
Houston Mulls Turning School Security Over to Police
Books: Excerpts
New Round of Base Closures Proposed; Districts Brace for Loss of Aid, Students
State News Roundup
Basic Training
State Journal: Children of the state; Out of work
Capital Update
State News Roundup
Column one: Research
Louisiana Court Bars District From Using Sex-Ed Program Teaching Abstinence
Full Appeals Court To Hear Case on Duty To Protect Pupils
People News
News Updates
When a Teacher's Red Pen Can Liberate
School-Funding Cuts Close Off One Path to Citizenship
National Board Revises Prerequisites for Certification of Teachers
Survey Paints 'Picture' of School Sexual Harassment
School-Finance System in Tenn. Is Struck Down
Cuts in Funds to Rural Alaska Districts Called Political
Capital Digest
Events Set To Mark 10th Anniversary Of the Publication of A Nation at Risk
Physical and Health Educators Demand Their Fields Be Included in Goals
Lack of Funds Forces Mich. District To Close Early
By Asking About 'Context', Center Moves to the Cutting Edge of Research
Justice White To Retire At End of Current Term
Musical Comedy?
Head Start Faces A New Round of Political Scrutiny
High Court Upholds I.N.S. Detention Of Suspected Illegal Alien Children
S.F. Weighs Granting Noncitizens Vote in Board Elections
Federal File: Filling slots; A novel brief
Q&A: Scholar Examines Role of Language, Asians' Math Achievement
National News Roundup
Getting More Out of Fewer School Years
Legislative Update
News In Brief
State Chief's Race in Wisconsin Pits Teacher and Bureaucrat in Dogfight
Low Wages, Turnover Still Hurt Child Care, Survey Finds
In Reversal, Idaho Lawmakers Spare Pilot Reform Project
Key Element of Clinton Economic Plan Clears Senate Hurdle
Democrats' Objections Spur E.D. To Delay Reform Bill
Your District Needs a Bus-Safety Plan
District News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Stronger Links Between Schools and Child Care Sought
Texas Report Questions Management Of Funds in Teacher-Retirement System
Dollars and Sense