Legislative Update
Desegregation Ruling Seen Spurring Calls To Close Black Colleges
Minn. Creates Athletics League for the Disabled
Hillary Clinton To Oversee Drafting of Health-Care Proposal
Investors Urged To Help Spur the Use of Education Technology
National News Roundup
Fernandez Moves To Revise Guide on Homosexual Families
Federal File: Capitalizing on Chelsea; Tokyo bound; Revolving door
Advice to the New Administration: Come Up With a School-Reform Stimulus
Don't Discard the Bush-Alexander Initiative
Court Rejects Higher School Rent to Church Groups
New Curriculum Seeks To Update Principal Training
D.C. Pay Accord Calls for School Closings, Layoffs
Capital Update
Program To Aid Aspiring Teachers Expands in Illinois
Special-Education Column
Gov. Weicker Unveils Measure To Achieve Regional Integration
Advice to the New Administration: We Need Four More National Education Goals
Column One: Students
Benefits of Leave Bill to Children, Families Extolled
News Updates
Merger Creates New International Teachers' Group
District News Roundup
Fate of Teacher-in-Space Program Remains A Question Mark
Behind Closed Doors, Edison Project Tackles Design Task
Critics Poking Holes in Cuomo's School-Finance Balloon
Capital Update
People News
Small Program for School Innovations Faces Scrutiny
Where West Meets East
Q & A: Educator Discusses Impact of Politicians' Children on School
Testing Places Only a 'Modest' Burden On Students, G.A.O. Report Concludes
2nd Class Action Filed Against California Teacher Test
Phila. Hospital, Middle School Team Exposes Students to Health-Care Careers
Accord Reached in Church-State Dispute in Sex Education
Advice to the New Administration: Don't Plan Memoirs--And Try To Have Fun
State Journal: Claiming vindication; Stuck in park
Casey Seeks Legislative Changes in Pa. Learning Goals
District News Roundup
Legislative Update
E.D. Launches Effort To Make Annual Report On Special Education More Useful
Capital Update
Media Column
State News Roundup
Federal Panel Urges Congress To Revamp Financial-Aid System and Allow Service
Clinton Eyes Plan To Purchase Vaccines To Insure All Children Are Immunized
Column One: Administrators
Student Gains, Intensive Restructuring Linked, Study Finds
Governors Seek Controls on Deficit, Health Costs
A Reform Strategy That Is (Quietly) Working
People News
Voters in Mass. Back 2 in Wake of Hazing Flap
Q&A: Principal of the Year Reflects on Job of Heading Up a School
News In Brief
Poll Highlights Positive Response to Chicago Reforms
Lesbian Parents' School Visit Sparks A Clash of Cultures in Boise Suburb
Colleges Column
State Journal: Slipping backward; No chance to work
Educators Lament Verdict Will Remove Influential Leader From National Scene
Congress Approves, Clinton Signs Bill Requiring Firms To Grant Family Leave
Select Panel on Children May Be Facing Extinction
E.T.S. Unveils 3-Stage Assessment Package For Licensing New Teachers
Senate Bill Sets Stage for Showdown Over Mass. Reform Bill
Consortium Drafts Model Standards For New Teachers
Federal File: New faces; Old ideas
Minneapolis Schools Chief Suspended in Flap Over Finances
News Updates
Adolescents Found No Less Likely To Recognize Risks
National News Roundup
N.D. District Suffers Setback in Asbestos-Removal Suit
Pa. Officials Move To Resolve Dispute Over Spec.-Ed. Payments to Districts
A Chess Master's Guide to Reform
Sexual Harassment Of Students Target Of District Policies
Publishing News
Wanted: Executive With Management Skills To Run Complex Enterprise
Political Maneuvering Begins in California After Honig is Convicted
Incident in a Harlem School
State Consortia To Join Forces To Develop Assessments
Debate Over 'Outcomes' System in Kan. To Get Airing
In First Speech, Riley Divulges Few Details About Policies
Mission Impossible?
Obstacle Course
The Future of School
Charting a Course to Reform: The Next 10 Years
School-Finance Laws Are Unconstitutional, N.D. Judge Decrees
District News Roundup
Philanthropy Column
Health Column
Threat To Halt Funds Latest Chapter In Racially Charged Drama in Calif.
Drive To Divide Up L.A. District Sparks Concerns
Putting It To the Test: Calif. Set To Unveil Assessment Redesign
Language Minorities Seek Place in Desegregation Case
Pioneering Site-Based Project in Memphis To Be Dismantled
Options for 'Ready To Learn' TV Programming Detailed
Vt. Bill To Create Statewide Bargaining Unit Assailed
Early Star, Paideia Has Had Its Ups and Downs
Fernandez Ousted As Schools Chief In New York City
Q & A: Filmmaker Discusses Documentary on Music Magnet School
State Journal: Waiting for the flood; Is Rome burning?
Hitting a High Note
Supreme Court To Weigh Church-State Issues Anew
'Keep the Faith,' Math Teachers
Clinton Cuts 100,000 Jobs, White House Staff, Perks
L.A. Teachers, Board Members To Meet With Lawmaker in Effort To Avert Strike
News Updates
Pennsylvania House Votes To Nullify State Board's Learner-Outcome Rules
Federal File: Nomenclature; Culture clash; Kids' turn
State Takeover of Jersey City Schools Seen Yielding Significant Improvements
Sobol Overturns Resolution Requiring Abstinence Instruction
Why Schools Should Use the Malcolm X Phenomenon
Letters To the Editor
Coalition Promotes Renewed Commitment to Civics
State News Roundup
Alice in Reformland
Public-Service Drive Seen Drawing Minority Teachers
School-Construction Legislation Expected in N.J.
Capital Digest
Progressive-Era Concept Breaks Mold: NASDC Schools Explore 'Project Learning'
Impact-Aid Office Eyes State Finance-Equity Plans
Court Holds Pa. District Not Liable in Sex-Abuse Case
8 Groups Get Kellogg Grants for Readiness Projects
Legislative Update
News In Brief
Judge Orders Pa. To Help Insure Proper Spec.-Ed. Services
Middle School Reforms Still Elusive Despite Changes, NASSP Survey Finds
Column One: Curriculum
Clinton Outlines Education Goals In Economic Plan
Two Investigations in N.J. Examine Validity of Reading Test
Worth Noting
Little Progress Toward Math, Science Reforms Found
School Choice, Carnegie, and Alum Rock
News Update
Panel Urging Major Changes in Testing in Chapter 1 Program
Technology Column
Legislative Update
A 'Round Robin' of Tests
State News Roundup
E.D. Study Joins A Chorus Urging Chapter 1 Reform
State Journal: In the political realm; Goodbye to Boulder
Gov. Hunt Says Plan Builds on N.C.'s School Reforms
Georgia Partnership To Award Grants to 'Lighthouse' Schools
Colorado School-Finance Landscape Remains Bleak
Q & A: N.Y.C. Civic Activist Promotes Benefits of Smaller Schools
Federal File: School visits; Staffing; New priorities
Early Years Column
Creating the Metacurriculum
Education Week, Teacher Magazine Available On-Line
'Loophole' Seen Spurring Push for Alternatives to Evolution
Advocates of Year-Round Schooling Shift Focus to Educational Benefits
National News Roundup
Clinton Unveils $300 Million Child-Immunization Plan
Milwaukee Voters Reject School-Construction Bond
Asian School-Age Population Expected To Double by 2020
Tex. Voters Next To Decide Finance Amendment's Fate
Growth Spurt in Bilingual-Education, E.S.L. Software Charted
Letters to the Editor
New Curriculum Seeks To Reduce Suicide Risk in American Indian Teenagers
News In Brief
Negotiations Aim To Head Off Los Angeles Teacher Strike
Academy Unveils New Version of Prototype Science Standards
Lawmakers Split Over Tiny Fraction of State's Education Budget in Iowa
Excerpts From President Clinton's Address to Congress
Research Column
District News Roundup
Florida Board Adopts Transition to Accountability System
Capital Digest
People News
Intro: The Balance of Power