State Journal: Charter interest; Bare-knuckle tactics
What If Montessori Education Is Part of the Answer?
D.C. Youths Use Video To Help Stop Violence
Bilingual-Education Column
State News Roundup
Without Congress, E.D. Spent $3.2 Million on America 2000
People News
W.Va. Case Tests State's Power Over Consolidation
College Board Reorganizes To Increase Its Clout in School-Reform Movement
Academy Unveils 'Principles' for Science Standards
Letters to the Editor
Performance-Based Assessment Gains Prominent Place on Research Docket
School Harassment--An Update
Ga. Panel Proposes Broadening Teaching About Sex
Q&A: Ex-Football Star Discusses Challenge to Inner-City Students
In Two Years Since Calif. Adoption, Record Mixed for Firm's History Texts
Students With Retardation Found Segregated in Schools
NASBE Endorses 'Full Inclusion' of Disabled Students
Open-Enrollment Survey Finds Modest Effects in Minn.
Advocates React Angrily to Study Questioning Merits of Choice
News Updates
Ballot Box: Collegiate support; Priorities; Lessons in democracy?; 'Dynamite event; Youth think
Calif. Law Seeks To Plug Home-Schooling Loophole
Memoirs of a Teaching Award Winner
Cincinnati Creates Training Academy for Educators
Sports Programs Emerge as Political Footballs in Funding Battles
Panel Pleased With Progress of Sports Reforms
E.D., Pentagon Set 'Career Academies'
Appellate Court Refuses To Declare Topeka Unitary
Technology Column
'Knowing Someone Is There' Buoys Families in Brattleboro Program
Media Column
Case Managers Coaxing Families Toward Change
Tex. Governor To Summon Lawmakers for Finance Session
Capital Digest
Private-Schools Column
Network of Rural Schools Shares 'Rethinking' Ideas
13 Groups Awarded $4.7 Million for Job-Skills Standards
Revisions in Teacher Training for Middle Grades Urged
Ex-Education Secretaries Lament Issue's Low Priority in Campaign
Foundation Boosts Library Program by $28 Million
Eskimo Pies
Column One: Students
District News Roundup
Telephone Technology Opens Lines to Long-Distance Job Seekers
Capital Update
To 'Reach Kids Where They Are,'Sesame Street Goes to Preschool
Two New School-Reform Measures Are Floated in Mass.
Philadelphia Board To Vote on Easing Promotion Policy
State News Roundup
Changes in Law On Student Aid Spur Confusion
Key Members of Education Panels Retain Their Seats in Congress
Health Column
Educators Cheer Clinton, Seek Strong Signal in Schools' Behalf
A Reluctant 'Point of Light'
Computers Meet Classroom; Classroom Wins
Problems in Tracking Impact Of Extra N.J. Funding Found
People News
New Report Documents Hard Times for State Budgets
Md. Lawmakers Weigh Shifting Retirement Taxes to Districts
Passive to Active: The Use and Misuse of Video
Four State Schools Chiefs Win Re-Election
Democrats Gain as Elections Usher In 8 New Governors
Court Reinstates Students' Speech Suit Over Button Ban
Colo. Defeats Voucher Plan, Backs Limits on Taxes
Increase in College-Graduation Rate Linked to Prop 48
Capital Digest
Prototype Science Standards Due by Month's End
Letters to the Editor
In Texas, a Tryout For the New Face of Teacher Assessment
Federal File: Bowing Out
Through Challenge, Principal, Parents Help Develop New Vision for N.J. School
News Updates
Educators Closely Watch Exercise-of-Religion Case
News in Brief
Voters Oust 3 Reformers From Detroit School Board
Q&A: First Success Discusses Program for Urban Superintendents
State Journal: Kentucky battleground; Tulip tiptoeing
Column One: Administration
Being Overweight in Adolescence Linked To Health Ailments Later in Life
District News Roundup
LEARN Reaches Accord on L.A. Reforms
Failed Referendums Pass Problems Back to Legislators
Ballot Box: Postmortem; Courting the disabled
Clinton's Transition Team Gears Up, But Offers Few Signals on Education
Calls for Restructuring School Board in N.Y.C. Mount
Atlanta Plan Shows Benefits, Drawbacks of Private School Choice
Capital Digest
Dade Looks to Legislature for Help Covering Storm Damage
Va. Hamlet at Forefront of 'Full Inclusion' Movement for Disabled
E.D., Labor Grants Support School-to-Work Transition
State Journal: Anything goes?; Building bailout
Prospects for New School-Finance Plan in Texas Dim
Coalition Sets Advertising Campaign To Stir Up Support for School Reform
L.A. Board Appeals Ruling That Blocked Cut in Teachers' Pay
9 City Districts Join Forces To Lobby for Urban Education
Chicago Abuzz With Talk of Who Should Lead Schools
Vocational Education Column
Letters to the Editor
President-Elect Names Leaders of Transition Team
Christian Activists Score Gains in San Diego County
Group Dissects Education 'Industry' With Eye to Improving Productivity
Detroit Schools Step Up Security After Student Shootings
Q&A: Sociologist Discusses Teachers' Role in Math Achievement
Researcher Links Dyslexia, Timing Failure in Brain
Federal File: Courting Chelsea; School ties
Court AIDS Ruling Seen Not Affecting School Employees
Clinton Turning Attention to Task of Picking Team
The L.A. Riots: Impact and Aftermath
State News Roundup
Report Urges E.D. To Accept Validity Of College Scholarships Based on Race
School Violence Meets Civic Virtue
News Updates
Growth in the Four-Generation Family Documented
Turning Tables, Reformers Advise Researchers on Student Learning
Citing Student Influx, Va. Panel Urges Tighter College-Admissions Standards
Professional Women Found More Likely To Benefit From Employer Child Care
Columnist Launches a Course on Nonviolence
Column One: Curriculum
New Guidelines on Educating the Deaf Issued
Publishing Column
District News Roundup
Statistics: The Treacherous Task-Master
New Arrangements: Reforming Philadelphia's High Schools From Within
Letters to the Editor
Riley To Oversee Personnel Issues; 'Cooperative' Appointments Process Vowed
Judge To Weigh Penn Obligations Under City Law
Preschools in Italian Town Inspiration to U.S. Educators
Deaf Student Allowed To Enter Speech Contest
N.Y. Regents Approve Plan To Simplify Aid Formula
Remapping Geographic Education
Fla. Panel Balances Accountability, Local Flexibility
AIDS Education Found Less Likely For Older Students
State News Roundup
Illinois Lawmakers Debate Casino Bill for Education
Little Change in Teenage Pregnancy Rate During 80's Found
12 Difficulties Encountered When Attempting To Start a Revolution in Education
Role of 2-Year Colleges in Earning 4-Year Degrees Examined
Partnerships Column
National News Roundup
District News Roundup
Private Plans Seen Key to Showing Power of Vouchers
Survey, 'Political Dynamite' Thwart Girls' Schools' Study of Math, Science
Plugging In to Homework
Standards Groups Ponder Value of Setting Ability Levels
State Journal: Far-right challenge; Advice to chiefs
Survey Finds Young People More Likely To Lie, Cheat, Steal
Problems in Programs for Unwed Fathers Chronicled
Media Column
Issue's Salience May Boost Education Panel's Status
Pennsylvania Board Delays Vote on 'Learning Outcomes'
Curriculum Guides Released at N.A.E.Y.C. Conference
Capital Digest
News Updates
Bush Signs Order To Create Teacher-Training Programs
Column One: Research
Request To Defer L.A. Paychecks Is Denied
Chiefs Urge States To Spearhead Collaboration of Services
People News
NAEP Weighing 1st Standards for Reading, Writing
Research Into Causes of Youth Violence Is Urged
Custodians' Abuses In New York Schools Provoke Reform Calls
Coalition Created To Promote Youth Service in Reform Efforts
Federal File: Coming and going
A.F.T. and Chrysler Launch Campaign To Urge Parents To Read With Children
Texas Leaders Work To Salvage Finance Amendment
Our Students Are Better Than Our Schools
Capital Update
Researcher Urges Colleagues To Use 'Storytelling' Techniques
New Arrangements: A Matter Of Choice