House Passes Democratic Alternative to America 2000
TV Ushers in School Year With New Series and Documentaries
$2 Billion Cut, Steady Aid Guaranteed In Calif. Budget
Special Educators Fear Impact of Rules on Early Intervention
Congress Amends and Expands Job-Training Program
S.A.T. Verbal Scores Rise for First Time Since 1985
Health Educators Seek Help in Handling Controversy
Goodlad Gets $500,000 Grant for Fellowship Program
'Uneven Progress' in Improving Middle Schools Found
Hurricane Deals Harsh Blow to Fla., La. Schools
Teachers in Detroit Strike Over Proposal For Flexible Schools
E.C.S. To Focus on Increasing Public Support for Reform
Alexander Seeks Political Boost By Rewarding Inventive Schools
Oregon Officials Seek To Salvage Plan To 'Ration' Medicaid
Study Shows Steep Rise In Juvenile Violent Crime
Following Own Advice, A.F.T. Votes To Decentralize
Education Issues Get Scant Attention From Republicans
M.I.T. Handed Guilty Ruling in Aid-Fixing Case
Bill Calls for Review of Special-Education Definition
Researcher Assesses 'Discourse' in Helping Girls Learn Math
Navistar Broadens School-Bus Recall to 185,000
Computers in Schools
September--the Cruelest Month
Florida Court Strikes Cap on Local School Levies
New Money in Mass. Sparks Heated Local Bickering
Districts News Roundup
New Mexico A.F.T., N.E.A. Affiliates Declare Truce
State Journal
Bush Stand on School Choice Is Seen Bolder
Few Trust Politicians To Improve Schools, Gallup Poll Shows
$500 Million in New Budget Cuts Threatened in Md.
People Are Education's Biggest Bargain
3 Ballot Initiatives To Decide Future of Education in Colo.
Portfolios a 'Worthwhile Burden', Vt. Educators Say in Study
Platform Calls for Strengthening Families, School Choice
Chapter 1 Funding Formula Flawed, G.A.O. Report Finds
Capital Digest
At Lincoln Center, Teachers Learn To 'Experience' Art
States News Roundup
Ballot Box
Court Says Ga. Obligated To Share Desegregation Costs
Income Gap in College Participation Persists
National News Roundup
Federal File
E.D. Proposes New Rules for Magnet-Schools Program
W.Va. Board Assumes Control of District for 1st Time
Parents May Seek I.Q. Tests of Black Students in California
New York Embraces Old Idea From Britain To Evaluate Schools
Romer Targets Federal Deficit as Governors' '#1 Priority'
Fed Up With Tinkering, Reformers Touting Systemic Approach
Budget Pact Paves Way for Opening of Chicago Schools
Capital Update
Decree To Reallocate Resources in L.A. Schools Approved
Senate Passes Bill Requiring Unpaid Family Leave
News Update
People News
Column One
Education Secretaries Are Likely '96 Presidential Hopefuls
Missouri Board Moves To Close Bankrupt District
Shanker Bashes Bush, Spearheads AFT Endorsement of Clinton
Baseball Team's Move to Fla. May Strand S.F. School Sports
Pornography Charges Against Teacher Rock Exeter
Letters to the Editor
Louisville's Ingwerson To Join E.D. as Urban Advise
Final Regs on Voc.-Ed. Law Narrow Scope of Local Evaluations
C.D.F. Shows Child Poverty Rose Steadily in '80's
Needed: A High School Course in Education
House Plan Would Force NAEP To Scrap Tests, Officials Say
Asian Nations Pledge To Share Education Ideas
Labor Awards Contract for Test of Student Work Skills
Lawmakers Back Bill To Restructure Richmond's Debt
$1 Billion in Bush Job-Training Program Targeted at Youths
Report Lays Out Priorities for Migrant-Ed. Funding
Academic Deficiences Force Takeover of Calif. District
Nearly 3 Weeks After Hurricane, Dade Schools Set To Open
News Update
Stolen Learning
D.C. Health, Superintendent At Odds Over Condom Distribution
Lawmakers, Worried About Ky. Computer Plan, May Repeal Cap
Ballot Box
N.Y.C. To Open 3 High Schools for Disruptive Students
Capital Digest
Hundreds Leave Public Schools With Privately Funded Vouchers
District News Roundup
Where School's Spirit Is a 'Sense of Community'
Boston, Balto. Weigh Idea of Merging City, School Libraries
Capital Update
Districts in Particle-Smasher's Tex. Home Warily Eye Debate
Anton, Union Official Go to War Over L.A. Budget
Once Critical, Researcher Says Spending, Performance Not Tied
Spending Measure Clears Senate Panel With Hike for E.D.
Houston Board Backs Budget That Includes 32% Tax Hike
Q & A: Psychologist Discusses Infants' Ability To Perform Math
Employees Protest Firm's Tactics at Baltimore Schools
Calif. Judge Declines To Ban Channel One From San Jose
Media Column
National News Roundup
Health-Insurance Gaps
Changing the System, Root and Branch
States Offer Alternative Paths to Teacher Licensing
News In Brief
Calif. Lawmakers Reapprove $500 Million for Schools
State News Roundup
Family-Leave Bill Clears Congress, Presidential Veto Expected
Pilot Test Offers a Glimpse of Board's Teacher Assessment
Boyer, Koop Announce 'Ready To Learn' Council
'First in the World by 2000': What Does It Mean?
Alexander Seeks To Involve Libraries in America 2000
Much of Populace Found Deficient in Knowledge of Economics
Court Upholds Anti-Nepotism Law For School Bd. Members in Ky.
Technology-Project Grant Targets Minority Teachers
B.U. Reports Little Improvement in Chelsea's Schools
Tracking Found To Hurt Prospects of Low Achievers
One Spooky School
Legislative Update
E. St. Louis Teachers Walk Out; Philadelphia Strike Averted
State Journal
Column One
Students Ill Prepared for College Math, Test Reveals
Do Reformers Survive?
A Dissenting Voice: Are Charter Schools Such a Boon?
At a Kansas University, Teachers Get Their Own Hall of Fame
Report on Teenagers' Jobs Outlines Adverse Effects
N.Y.C. Choice Plan Will Open Boundaries of 800 Schools
E.D. Study: Dropout Rates for 5 States Over National Averages
Committee Says Colleges Are Gouging Consumers
Desire for Better Picture of Schools Ups N.C.E.S.'s Standing
Review Threatens Teacher-Training Institute in Chicago
Energy Dept. Lab's Education Report Still On Hold
Down But Not Out, Patched Dade Schools Open
Cost Controls, Pay Cuts, More Funds Prescribed for L.A.
Private Schools in Fla., La. Recovering From Storm
House, Senate Begin Talks on Bill To Assist School Reform
Early-Childhood Education Column
Capital Update
Legislative Update
News Update
Ballot Box
Schools on Kauai Set To Reopen After Battering by Hurricane
NASA Head Hints at a Decision on Teacher-in-Space Program
Pa. Board Delays Vote on 'Learning Outcomes' Plan
Agency Seeks To Identify Its Best Education Projects
Assessment and the 'Educational Impact Statement'
Gallup Poll Finds Wide Support for Tuition Vouchers
Special Education Column
Scuttled Program's Work, Skill Themes Enjoying Resurgence
Teacher Survey Cites Students' Lack of Readiness
The Class You've Known for All These Years
State Journal
People News Roundup
Ky. Family-Support Centers a Success, Study Finds
Federal Approval Clears Way for Elected Va. Boards
N.H. Districts Still Pursue Finance Suit After Court Setback
District News Roundup
Column One
National News Roundup
Survey Charts Rise in Health Problems Among Pupils
Q & A: Teachers' 'Declaration' for Future
Senate Rejects Shift of Funds From Defense Budget
Ky. Reformers Await Reaction to Results Of Tough New Tests
'Full Inclusion' of Disabled in Regular Classes Favored
Field of Screams
Minn. Board Considers Relaxing Policy on Racial Balance
News Updates
Capital Digest
House Passes Compromise O.E.R.I. Reauthorization
Vt. Panel Mulls Income-Tax Surcharge To Pay for Schools
Tax Credits No Boost to Good Day Care, Study Finds
Books: Readings
On Familiar Political Turf, Alexander Hits The Campaign Trail
Capital Update
Media Column
State News Roundup
Lawmakers in N.J. Seek Relief in New Finance Plan
Indians Work To Save a Language--and Their Heritage
Mixed Picture Emerges in Report on Urban Schools
Conferees Near Agreement on Education Spending for 1993
Lawmakers, Administration Negotiate on Reform Bill
With Mysterious 'Star,' PBS Series Promotes Literacy
U.S. Ranks High In International Study of Reading
'Emotional Foundation' for Children Urged
Colleges Column
Migrant-Ed. Study Garners Generally Positive Reaction
Detroit Teachers Defy Court's Back-to-Work Order
Senate Overrides Bush Veto of Family-Leave Bill
Suit Seeks To Ban Calif. Test for Prospective Teachers
N.Y. Unveils Checklist To Gauge Progress on Goals
Apathy Spurs Efforts Seeking To Engage Future Voters in the Electoral Process
State Journal: Found money; Recharging required
People News
School-Work Nexus: If Any Road Can Take You There, You Don't Know Where You're
News In Brief
Report Details Education and Income of Asian-Americans
Winning Credibility Proves Toughest Pitch For Entrants Into Scholarship-Sales Business
Child-Centered School Reform
Column One: Students
Books: New in Print
U.S. Not Biggest Spender on Education, Study Finds
Health Column
Classroom Resources On Voting, the Elections
Ballot Box: On the record; On children's issues
District News Roundup
Buddhism and Life on the Mississippi
Calif. Is Second State To Allow Charter Schools
Q&A: Institute Director Discusses Teaching Peace, World Affairs
After 40 Years in L.A., Anton Resigns as Superintendent
Budget Woes Forcing Educators To Learn To Live on Less in Calif.
$695 Million Seattle Bond Measure Narrowly Loses