News Updates
CUNY Admissions Plan Requires Core Coursework
Mental-Health Care of Military Dependents Assailed
People News
Capital Digest
Searching for New American Schools
Study Finds 4% of Philanthropic Dollars Earmarked for Girls', Women's Programs
Mass. College To Award 30 Scholarships To Sophomores Ready for Advanced Study
Business Implored To Ensure Health Care for Children
News in Brief
State Journal: Polly Williams's redistricting tangle
5 Youth Science Centers To Share $1.46-Million Award
National News Roundup
Agency To Stop Providing 'Bonus' Flour to Schools for Free
Philanthropy Column
Wealthy Districts Seek To Replace Lost Local Funds
Communities Come to Aid of Students Aspiring to College
Lesson a la Recession
Special Education Column
Odds Seen Rising Chapter 1 Formula Will Be Altered
Moving Head Start Programs From Chicago Schools Assailed
Legislative Update
Column One: Teachers
Neb. Educators Backing Amendment To Uphold Tax System
District News Roundup
Q & A: Researcher Studies Male Career Changers Who Go Into Teaching
U.S.D.A. Unveils Updated 'Food Pyramid' To Depict a Healthy Diet
Study Finds Most Colleges in South Offer Remediation
Uprising at Polls Prompts N.J. Board To Halt Talks With Management Firm
Proponents Optimistic Calif. Choice Initiative Will Be on Fall Ballot
Teacher 'Never Gives Up' on His Troubled Students
Studies Examine Cost of Inadequate Prenatal Care to Business
Letters to the Editor
Pursuing a Vision of Equality in Conn. Court
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Pacesetter Task Forces
Early Years Column
State News Roundup
Ballot Box: Endorsement; Challenge; Pep talk
Parents of Truants Get Apt Sentence: Hard Time Working in Child's School
Calif. Competitiveness Panel Issues Plan
By All Measures: The True Road to Equity
Capital Digest
N.S.F. Initiative Emerges as 'Topic Number One' on State Agendas
Lottery Ruling Seen Having Little Impact on Wis. Schools
Hawaii Reform Plan Takes Steps Toward Decentralization
Q&A: After King Verdict and Riots, Educator Discusses Race Relations
Howard Is 1st in Degrees To Blacks, Survey Finds
O'Hare Car Disaster Highlights the Risks In School Field Trips
Court Rejects Interpreter for Deaf Church-School Student
What Schools Can Learn From Toyota of America
Miss. Lawmakers Adopt Sales-Tax Hike Over Fordice Veto
State News Roundup
Panel Paves Way To Test Students' Geography Skills
Column One: Students
Federal File: No choice?; Out of town; Lamar and Dolly
Plan for a Smaller School Board Advances in Ohio
Worth Noting
Congress Urged To Include Youths in Health-Insurance Plan
Tracking Teddy's Travels
Hearings Leave Questions Over Skills-Training Issues
Ky. Reforms Stay on Track In Legislative Session
Bush Taps Kearns To Head Task Force Surveying L.A. Damage
Mass. Education Panel Votes To Repeal Choice Law
Gaps Left by Denver Retirees May Be Hard To Fill
'Critical Friends' in Learning Help Colleagues Navigate School Reform
National News Roundup
Panels Clear Plan To Supply and Link All Kentucky Classes With Computers
House Passes First Measure On Family Planning in 8 Years
Classes To Resume at California School Where Gunman Killed 4 and Wounded 9
Disabled Hispanics Found More Segregated Than Blacks
The Eggheads and the Lovers
Host of Motives and Circumstances Spurred Youth Violence, Experts Say
Schools Are Urged To Follow Through On Lessons of King Verdict, L.A. Rioting
L.A. Events Seen Touching Schools 'for Years'
Capital Update
District News Roundup
Spelman College Receives Record Gift of $37 Million
Media Column
Quality, Trust, and Redefining Education
Ballot Box: Perot speaks; Singleton win
N.E.A. Clears Motion To Allow Panel To Keep Exploring Merger With A.F.T.
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Ill. Voters To Decide if State Should Bear School Costs
Conferees Not Expected To Improve Outlook for 1992 Education Budget
People News
Students Learn From National Lab's 'Science Ambassadors'
Letters To the Editor
News In Brief
Appeals Court Overturns Union-Dues Ruling
500 Teachers in 17 States, 6 Districts To Pilot National Exam
Education Ideas Resurface as Part of 'Urban Relief' Plans
Liberal, Conservative Team Up To Revamp Child-Support Collection System
Letters to the Editor
Whittle Restructuring Emphasizes Electronic Media
Colleges Column
E.D. Launches Two Programs for State Reform in Math and Science
Informal Network Brings Help To Officials Coping With School Traumas
NAEP Board Mulls New Standards for Math Performance
Column One: Administrators
National Teacher Certification: A Quality Guarantee?
National News Roundup
E.D. Raises Estimated Pell Grant Shortfall to $1.46 Billion
Once Forgotten, Geography Maps Out Place in Schools
Ban on Funding for 'Offensive' AIDS Materials Overturned
Private School Column
California Districts Granted Immunity From Federal Suits
Children in Boston Survey Exposed Early to Violence
State News Roundup
State Journal: Iowa ethics flap; 'Black day'
Calif. Task Force Urges Elementary-School Reforms
Texas Board Reverses Vote To Weaken High-School Exit Requirement
News In Brief
Cincinnati Cuts More Than Half Of Central Office
Maine's Portfolio-Based Recertification Process Overcomes Initial Skepticism
News Updates
11th-Hour Bill 'Patches Over' Colo. School Fiscal Gap
Mistaking the Periphery for the Center
Vt. Forced To Delay Goal of Expanding Assessment System
District News Roundup
NAEP Board Adopts Plan for First Geography Test
Iowa, NCATE Plan Joint Teacher-Training Reviews
Capital Digest
Texas A&M Teacher Program Wins NCATE Endorsement
Predictions Differ on Education Impact Of Proposed Balanced-Budget Mandate
Public Broadcasters' Commercial Ventures Draw Scrutiny
Federal File: A New Order?
A 'Heavenly' Science Center
DeWitt Wallace Grants Targeted for Catholic Schools
Health Column
Capital Update
Q&A: Outgoing Pittsburgh Chief Reflects on Long Career of Reform
B.I.A.-School Shortfalls Blamed on Low Estimates
School Panelists Found Liable in Chicago Bias Suit
School-Finance Pact in Kansas Puts the Brakes on Lawsuit
Military Retirees Are Joining the Teaching Force
$8 Million Donated To Launch Center on Addiction
N.Y.C. Officials Tussle Over Fate of Agency Surplus
Federal File: Eating crow
School to Work: Helping Students Learn a Living
Officials Question Decision To End 'Bonus' Flour Policy
Lawrenceville Set To Launch Drive For $125 Million
Arizona Education-Reform Package Appears Dead Amid Impasse Over Budget Crisis
State Journal: Not the normal statement
Books: Readings
A Presidential School
A Number of Governors Seeking To Whip Up Grassroots Support for Tax Reform
House Panel Approves Expansion of Juvenile-Justice Act
Conferees Agree on Increases in Education Funding
Technology Column
Fueled by Sense of Crisis, Coalition Forges Plan To Rebuild L.A. Schools
Capital Update
Poor Attendance Identified as Barrier To Bolstering Welfare Recipients' Skills
Plan To Revamp School-Finance System In Louisiana Clears Legislative Hurdle
Clinton, in Attacking Bush's Policies, Pledges 'Real Education Reform' Plan
National News Roundup
Community Fights To Save Denver School That 'Redirects' Dropouts
District News Roundup
In Conn. District, Senior Citizens Study Alongside Students
House Panel Approves Education Research Bill
Study Links Mainstreaming, Disabled Students' Success
Fla. Officials Are Barnstorming State To Whip Up Support for Tax Increase
Q & A: Newsman Reflects on Role of Current Events in Education
Education and Tax Package Dies in Ala. Legislature
G.A.O. Report Chronicles Huge Growth in Government
Administration Views on Spec.-Ed. Placements Sought
Educators, U.S. Officials Hammer Out Arts-Research Agenda
Seattle School Board Adopts Plan To Phase Out Mandatory Busing
L.A. Weighs Longer Day, But Shorter School Year
Bush, Quayle Spark National Debate Over 'Family Values'
State News Roundup
Legislative Update
News In Brief
News Updates
Column One: Curriculum
13 States Join NASBE's Early-Childhood-Education Network
House's Bill Would Authorize Standards, But Not Assessment