Members of 'Core Team' for Edison Project
District News Roundup
Denver Schools, Board in 'Power Struggle' Over Testing Policy
Project 2061 Teams Fine-Tuning Models For Science-Education Reforms
Shortcomings in Schooling for Deaf Students Lamented
People News
Tailor Bilingual Ed. to School Needs, Calif. Study Says
Mass. Governor Seeks To Strip State Board, Chief of Power
Expanding Their Horizons
Public Said To Find Science Requirements Too Lax
News Updates
500 Mental-Health Consultants Volunteer for Head Start Program
Unhappily, Texas Returns To School-Finance Class
Pell Provision Dropped, Senate Passes Student-Aid Bill
Members of History-Standards Panel
Georgia Lawmakers Drop Plan To Use Sales Taxes for School Construction
Students With Disabilities Are Overlooked In Push To Measure Skills
Federal File: Booby prize; Deck shuffling; New recruits
Grant To Help N.Y.C. Teachers Earn Their Master's
Court To Weigh Payment of Legal Fees in Rights Cases
N.J. Legislature Clears Measure To Delay Local School Elections
Q & A: Researcher Examines Young Students' 'Coping' Strategies
News In Brief
Seeking Mark in Standards Process, N.S.T.A. Prepares Curriculum Guide
Murphy Unveils Plan To End Forced Busing in Charlotte
Legislative Roundup
N.Y. College Gives Seniors a Chance To Learn if They Make the Cut in One Day
Study Finds Most TV Fare Promotes Antisocial Behavior and Stereotyping
Diverse Group Begins Process of Developing Standards for History
New Study Links Past Sex Abuse, Teenage Pregnancy
Column One: Students
Students Claiming Sex Harassment Win Right To Sue
State News Roundup
Buoyed by Senate Vote, Ford Backs Off Deal on School Choice
Nabisco Pledges $4,000 in College Aid to Workers' Children
News In Brief
Top Managers in L.A. Disciplined for Budget Errors
'Parent Co-oping' as a Tool for Reform
Florida District Vows To Infuse Quality Principles Into Schools
Education and Life
Capital Digest
National News Roundup
Marketers, Critics Face Off on Children's Advertising
Schools Getting Swept Up in Current of Business's 'Quality' Movement
Board Approves Evaluation Plan for La. Teachers
Please, No More Facts; Just Better Teaching
Rochester To Lay Off 160 To Close Budget Deficit
Indianapolis Board's Choice Plan Assailed as Political Ploy
Crossing the Red Cross
Publishing Column
Federal File: A pervasive theme
Ala. House Backs Major Education-Reform Package
News Updates
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
Chairman of Migrant-Ed. Panel, Lawmakers Square Off
State Journal: Big or little dinosaurs; Hard-bottom degree
Q&A: Superintendent of the Year Reflects on Award and Reforms
Budget Battle May Hold High Stakes for Education
Program Found To Boost Youths' College Attendance
Focus Shifts Away From Cuts, Back to Reform in Ohio
Asians Often Face Bigotry in Schools, Report Says
Vocational-Education Column
Experts Urge Caution in Expanding State-Level NAEP
G.A.O. Examines Drug-Prevention Efforts for Youths
Technology Column
Legislative Update
'Inadequate' State Funding Seen Impeding School Readiness
School-Finance Debate in Kan. Prompts Talk of Taxes
Capital Update
Teacher Educators Told To 'Do More' With Less Help, New Survey Finds
Superintendents' Consortium Dedicates Itself To L.E.P. Students
Pa. Board Weighs Shift To Requiring Learning Outcomes
Shift in Subsidized Day-Care System in Pa. Poses Challenges
Wisconsin Court Upholds State's Test of Vouchers
Column One: Administrators
Tenn. Governor To Sign Long-Awaited School-Reform Bill
Bill To Seek Congressional Backing for EDSAT
Nearly 700 Teams Submit School-Design Overhauls
Court Rejects 24-Hour Ban on Broadcast Indecency
Computer System Gets Partial Credit for Increases in Test Scores
Letters to the Editor
N.Y.C. Tightens School Security in Wake of Shooting
Union Leaders Hail N.M. Collective-Bargaining Bill
Report on Welfare-to-Work Programs Calls for Focus on Children's Services
Iowa's 4 Largest Universities Withdraw From NCATE
Capital Digest
Accord Affirms Independence Of NAEP Governing Board
In N.Y.C. Schools, Budding Philanthropists Aid Their Community for Credit
District News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Measure Would Require Schools To Test for Radon
I.R.S. Apparently Is Scrutinizing Student Compliance With Tax Law
Judge Questions New York Aid to Nonpublic Schools
People News
Budget Cutters, School Reformers Taking Aim at Gifted Education
Calif. Lawmakers Approve $1.9-Billion School-Bond Vote
Senate Panel Clears Bill To Revamp and Expand O.E.R.I.
Federal File: New hire?; Mass appeal; Signing off; Kudos
Foundations Seen Increasing Efforts To Evaluate Impact of Grants
When the Job Candidate Can't Count
For-Profit Firm Hired To Manage Schools in Duluth
Desegregation Costs Put Ga., Ohio Officials at Odds With Districts
Apple Developing Computer That Can Recognize Sounds
Testing Column
Debate Over Renewing Public-TV Aid Raises Fears of Cuts in 'Seed Money'
State Journal: California cabinet clash; Siberia treatment
Capital Update
Study of Jobs Program Finds 'Disappointing' Impact
Do We Need Big-City School Superintendents?
Oklahoma Voters Approve Tax-Limitation Initiative
G.A.O. Assails Standards-Setting Process for NAEP
Alexander Plans 'Partnership' To Strengthen Arts Education
Thinking About Education
Early-Years Column
To Maintain Trends, NAEP Scales Back Math-Test Changes
Disabled Students Found To Achieve 'Mixed Success'
An Ex-Superintendent on Why He Quit
Column One: Curriculum
Private School Column
Group Agrees on Draft Framework for NAEP Test in U.S. History
News In Brief
Coalition Campaigns For Investment in Energy-Efficient Schools
National News Roundup
Quality-Management Movement Spurs Interest in New Awards for Education
Wilder Drops Repeal of Tax on Drugs To Fund Poor Districts
Detroit Board Set To Vote on Plan 'To Empower' Schools
State News Roundup
Legislative Updates
5 Districts, Center To Create New Vision of Schools
Q & A: Researcher Sees Reason for Optimism in Social-Studies Texts
School-Funding Debate Hits Airwaves As Idaho Governor, Lawmakers Clash
House Postpones Vote To Allow Transfers to Domestic Spending
Grant To Aid in Teacher Training for Middle Grades
National News Update
Group Brings Scientists and Educators Together To Plot Reforms
Legislative Update
New Survey Discerns Deep Divisions Among U.S. Youths on Race Relations
Legislation To Create National System Of Standards, Assessments Under Fire
Iowa Lawmakers Take Aim at Performance Pay for Teachers
Calif. High Court Rules Districts May Charge Fees for Bus Service
T.V.A. To Give Schools, Colleges 10 Percent Credit on Power Bills
Chubb, Moe Urge Look at Lessons of British Reforms
Coping in the Middle Of a War Zone At Jefferson High
Ohio's Controversial 4-Tiered Diploma Dies Quietly in Testing-Reform Measure
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Consortium Wrests Reading Center From Illinois
State Journal: Parting shot; Crocodile tears
An Ed School Is No Place for a Teacher
Democrats Drop Plan To Make Pell Grant an Entitlement
In the Press
Educators Tap Into Dropout-Prevention Center
News Updates
Capital Digest
Property-Tax Limit Forces Cuts in Oregon
Carnegie Launches Effort To Target Youth Violence
We Emphasize Limits, Not Possibility
Books: New in Print
Alexander Offers More Details on 'Arts Partnership'
Scientists, Engineers Pledge To Take Leading Role in Reform
Study Challenges Linking Dropouts, Early Problems
5 Denver Schools Prevail In Battle To Waive Tests
Senate Panel's Action Advances J.T.P.A. Overhaul
Groups To Unite To Speak as Alternative to Unions
Bill 'Deregulating' Schools Clears Wash. Legislature
Demand From Newly Eligible Families Adds to Wait for Head Start Programs
People News
Lawmakers Ponder Technology as Way To Bridge Funding Gap Between Schools
Cleveland Seeks New Superintendent, End to Court Case
Federal FIle: Checks and imbalances
Republicans in N.J. Assembly Unveil Funding Plan
Teenagers Tend To Prefer Smoking Advertised Brands, C.D.C. Finds
Improvement Plan For Chapter 1 Seen Needing Overhaul
News in Brief
Going Beyond the Health Room
Math Educators Press Publishers To Develop Better Teaching Materials
Column One: Research
Q&A: Researcher Assesses Value of Interventions for Premature Infants
Appeals Court Declares Charleston Schools Unitary
Nation Found Losing Ground on Measures of Child Well-Being
Richards To Decide on Closing Schools for Retarded
After Dodging Budget Bullets, Education Deans Fear for Future
Hispanics Found More Segregated In Housing Study
Ravitch, Owens Spar Over House Research-Office Proposal
Heads of Two Standards Panels for Science Named
New Study Laments Lack of Change in Chicago Classrooms
Citing Unmet Needs, Fla. Governor Vetoes Budget