Record $32.3-Billion Budget for E.D. Includes $767 Million for America 2000
Bush's Absence From Conference Riles Indian Educators
13 Cities Awarded $18 Million To Fight Drug, Alcohol Abuse
State News Roundup
The Ends of History
Column One: Administrators
Tex. Court Overturns State School-Finance System for 3rd Time
Letters to the Editor
Capital Digest
Bush Speech Focuses on Economy, Not Education
Changes in NAEP Urged To Help Monitor Goals
Revised Strategy Seeks Steer Minors From Drinking
Sex the Words and the Music
N.Y. Backs Parent, Teacher Role in School Decisions
Ga. Enters Struggle Over Lottery Funding for Schools
People News
District for Hasidic Students Ruled Unconstitutional
Department To Reconsider Controversial Bilingual-Ed. Rules
Reforms Not Widely Incorporated, Report Concludes
I.B.M. Launches EduQuest To Better Serve K-12 Market
Senate Overwhelmingly Adopts School-Reform Bill
Special Education Column
Q&A: Superintendent Recounts His Double Duty as Principal
State Journal: Printout wars; No long lines
News In Brief
Standards and Testing Report Is Hailed, Criticized
La. Governor Says Panel's Plan Provides a Blueprint for Schools
Foundations Seek To Expand Pool of City School Chiefs
News Updates
Proposal To Abolish Seniority Draws Teachers' Ire in Mass.
With a Track Record on Education, Campaigner Clinton Speaks With Authority
Governor Backs Further Welfare Revisions in Wis.
National News Roundup
Denver School Board Votes To Seek Unitary Status
Coalition of Peace Groups Seeks To Rid Schools of Military Influences
District News Roundup
Philanthropy Column
Federal File: Family tradition ends; Eating one's words
Supreme Court Narrows Scope of Voting Rights Act
Gifted Elementary Students Languishing In Regular Classrooms, Studies Suggest
At University, Principals Are Trained Like Business Leaders
Despite First Impressions, Experts Hail Software's Quality Gains
Child Advocates Seek An Ear on Health Care
The Lesson of Giving
Grant To Help Latino Aides Become Teachers
People News
Capital Update
R.I. Report Doubts Savings From Merging Districts
Head of Catholic-Schools Association Intercedes in Indiana Contract Dispute
Schools Fear I.N.S. Rules May Increase Paperwork
Debate Rages Over Validity of International Studies of Students
Schools' 'Glass Ceiling' Imperils Girls, Study Says
Legislative Update
Alexander Finds Funding Source For School-Recognition Program
International 'Literacy Gap' Documented
Middle-Income Districts Laud Revised Aid Plan in N.J.
News in Brief
Self-Styled 'Education President' Places His Record Before Voters
Complex Set of Pieces Needed To Fill In School-Readiness Puzzle
Column One: Curriculum
Claims of Success By 'Hooked on Phonics' Called Into Question
Standards for Schools Essential, Too, Lawmakers Say
Despite Controversy, Group Urges Recognition for Accrediting Agency
Capital Digest
Bilingual Education Column
Maryland District, Teachers Clash Over Use of Furloughs
Recycling Trash Into Art
Partisan Politics Puts Its Imprint on N.G.A. Meeting
Appellate Court Rejects Race-Based Scholarships
California University Comes to Richmond's Aid
La Raza Details Hispanics' Low Level of Education
State News Roundup
Democratic Candidates Sounding Common Themes on Education
Discovery of Budget Shortfail Prompts L.A. Board To Postpone Contract Vote
For School Choice, Let's Follow the F.A.A.
Does 'Public' Mean 'Good'?
20-Nation Study Shows U.S. Lags In Math, Science
Shortage of Trained Bilingual Teachers Is Focus of Both Concern and Attention
Conn. Governor Seeks Welfare Cuts, New Aid for Children
Independent Colleges Seek To Bolster Reform Movement, School Partnerships
Q&A: Professor Reflects on Surge of Interest in Children's Literature
Calif. Governor Seeks To Expand In-School Clinics
28 States To Cut Higher-Education Budgets
A Sampling of Activities Exploring Ways To Meet Goal 1
Montessori Magnet Schools Suggest Reforms in Math, Science
State Journal: Pop go the schools; 'Wimp' lobby; Chastity bill chastised
News Updates
District News Roundup
False Assumptions on Voucher Programs and the Law
Miss. Educators Are Rebuffed in Effort To Reclaim $30 Million in School Aid
Bush's G.O.P. Challengers Omit Education As a Key Issue In the Campaign
Education Budget Generally Received Well, But Critical Gaps Cited
E.D., N.S.F. To Pool Funds For Math, Science Education
Researchers Set 'Ambitious' Time Line For Developing New Science Standards
4 Urban Districts Awarded $4.6 Million for Libraries
Column One: Research
Q&A: Historian Outlines Project To Assess Federal Research Agency
E.D. Weighs Special-Education, Chapter 1 Rule Changes
Md. Governor Lists Options To Remedy $ 1 .2 Billion Gap
Capital Digest
Are We Really Serious About Reform ?
Engler's New Finance Plan in Michigan Would Shift Burden of Retirement Costs
Federal File: On the road; Budget flap; Duel by press release
Needless Battles on Dyslexia
Against All Odds
National Groups Promise Steps To Combat Inequities for Girls
Learnfare Fails To Boost Attendance, New Study Finds
N.S.T.A. and Monsanto Seek To Promote Reforms in Elementary Science Teaching
Health Column
Tying Teacher Pay to Student Performance Still Rare
Ind. Bill To Create Teacher-Majority Board Advances
Calif. Town Declares Itself Slum in Quest For State School Aid
Publishing Column
Justice Reportedly Drops 25 Colleges From Inquiry
News in Brief
Campaign To Feed Russian Youths Seeks Participation of American Schools
Letters to the Editor
Grant to Union To Verse Chicago Teachers in Reform
Labor Panel Report on Job Skills Designed To Aid Educators
Academy of Math, Science Proposed in Massachusetts
Calif. Settles Lawsuit Filed in Creationism Dispute
State News Roundup
Media Column
District News Roundup
News Updates
National News Roundup
Benefits of G.E.D. 'Significant,' Study Concludes
States Move To Link Welfare Benefits to Personal Behavior
Public Awareness of Need To Improve Schools Gauged
Beyond Half an Education
Suburban Residency Shows Little Tie To School, Work Success, Study Finds
'Entrepreneurial Spirit' Is the Key To Reviving Schools, Book Argues
Impact-Aid Advocates Ponder Capitol Hill Strategy
Scientists Debate Claims Of Afrocentric Teachings
Philanthropy Column
State Journal: Referendum fears; Remedial manners
'Bucks for Baldness'
Fellows Program Links Researchers, Agencies
Legislative Update
Infant-Mortality Rate Hits New Low, C.D.C. Reports
Tex. Districts Confront Media Scrutiny After Disclosure of H.I.V. Test Results
Maryland College Offers Training for Teachers of 'At Risk' Youths
Early Years Column
O.T.A. Advises Caution in Move To National Test
Two Reports Assail Past Management of D.C. Schools
National News Roundup
What International Comparisons Don't Tell Us
Lawmakers Question Budget Request for America 2000
Letters to the Editor
Food for Thought
News Updates
Palm Beach Shifts Integration Focus to Housing
Lower-Cost Reform Bill Nears Passage in Tennessee
Federal File: In the cards; Heir apparent; Teachers' pet?
Democrats Drop Proposal To Make Pell Grants an Entitlement
Courts, School Boards Testing Strategies To Integrate Neighborhoods, Schools
Revamped NCATE Posts Highs, Lows In Tides of Teacher-Education Reform
Capital Update
Despite Recession's Impact, Tampa High on School-to-Work Link
Books: Excerpts
Wash. House Approves Plan To 'Deregulate' Schools
State Journal: Finance fracas in Kansas
TV News Programs For Young Viewers Making a Comeback
Study Tracks Injuries Suffered in Fights
NCATE Examiners in Training Hone the Skill of Skepticism
Capital Digest
Educators Move To Expand Diffusion-Network Scope
C.D.C. Says Half Of 2-Year-Olds in Cities Lack Shots
Virginia District Suspends Heralded Merit-Pay System
Measure Allowing Elected School Boards Passes in Virginia
Why Ignore Arts Education In Our Reforms?
Q&A: Book's Editor Distills the Wisdom From Teachers' Voices
Measure To Curb Consolidation Advances in Georgia
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
Accord Seen Helping Streamline Math, Science Programs
With Choice Initiative as a Backdrop, 'Charter Schools' Proposed in Calif.
Judge Blocks Rochester Bar on Military Recruiters
Colleges Council To Explore Creating Alternative to NCATE
News in Brief