Los Angeles Board Adopts Condom-Distribution Plan
National News Roundup
Bush's Job-Training Plan Raises Host of Questions
E.D. Develops Way of Compiling Data To Reflect Diversity of Private Schools
Gov. Cuomo's Budget Cuts Education Aid, Proposes Incentives for Mergers
Often at Odds, Wis. Governor, Educators Join To Unveil School-Improvement Plan
District News Roundup
Books: Readings
Up to 300 Readers To Evaluate New-Schools Proposals
Private-School, Religious Groups Join To Back President's Choice Proposal
Foundation Seeks To Boost Schools Awareness of Asthma
More Challenges to Spec.-Ed. Plans Feared in Wake of Ruling
Site-Based Foolishness
Fla. Governor Seeks Record $1.35-Billion Tax Hike
State News Roundup
Group Urges 'Hitting the Brakes' on National Test
Continued Gains in Number of School Employees Seen
The Uses of Silence
Capital Update
State Journal: 'Sour grapes' in the Cowboy State
News Updates
Senate Rejects Private-School Choice Proposal
Letters to the Editor
Weld Proposes $200-Million Increase for Mass. Schools
Column One: Students
Review of Abortion Law To Include Consent Provision
Bidders Striving to Make the Grade in 'New Schools' Competition
Where Are Equity and Diversity in America 2000?
New Research Finds Little Lasting Harm For 'Crack' Children
Council Calls for A New System of Standards, Tests
Capital Digest
New Boston School Board Slashes $8 Million From Budget
People News
Federal File: New award?; Politically incorrect
Bilingual Education Column
Q&A: Community-Foundation Official Touts New Coalition on Children
L.A. Move Riles Foreign Teachers Seeking Residency
Four-Year Science Curriculum Proposed To 'Empower' All High-School Students
President's 1993 Budget Will Include $600-Million Increase for Head Start
Idea of Board Overseeing Indian-Education Programs Assailed
S.R.E.B. Report Laments Lack of Technology Training
News In Brief
Ky. Commissioner Wins Praise for 'Toughest Job in American Education'
Legislative Update
For Ambitious Students, School-Board Seats Offer Real-World Lessons
Colleges Column
Contract Deadline in Minn. Seen Spurting Hefty Pay Raises
State Superintendent Battling For the Trappings of His Constitutional Post
People News
Federal Auditors Say Honig Violated Calif. Conflict-of-Interest Prohibitions
Despite Defeat, Choice Bill Likely To Resurface in Pa.
Studies Cast Doubt on Benefits of Using Only Whole Language To Teach Reading
L.A. Teachers Accept Board Plan To Pay Back 3 Percent Salary Cuts
Strike Is Averted as A.F.T., Staff Union Agree on a Contract
Remembering 1991: The Year In Education
3 Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Bid for N.E.A.'s Endorsement
Studies Reveal Camel Cigarette Cartoon May Entice Young Children To Smoke
Okla. Board Votes To Ask Legislature To Scrap Statewide Adoption of Textbooks
Two Federal Agencies Launch Project To Develop National History Standards
A Missing Partnership: Principals and Professors
Books: Readings
National Teacher Shortage Is Unlikely, RAND Studies of Ind. Trends Suggest
The Publicization of the Private School
Building Engineers' Power and Pay Scrutinized as Schools Tighten Belts
Court Weighs Payment of Damages in Sex-Harassment Cases
Conditions 'Bleak' for Rural Children, C.D.F. Finds
Decision Curbs Special Taxes in Calif. Districts
Building Engineers' Power Magnified in Nation's Largest School District
Mont. Panel Votes Emergency Aid for Building Projects
Few Districts Privatize Custodial Services, Auditors Say
News in Brief
N.J. Schools Debate Forced Merger To Achieve Integration
Reconfigured Goals Panel Will Be Bipartisan, Give Lawmakers a Vote
News Updates
Panel Urges $6 Billion To Expand Health Coverage
Programs for Poor Were Target for Cuts in '91
State Journal: Frivolous or friendly?; Eyeing the arena
Spending on Youth Services Pared, New Survey Indicates
Md. Amends Youth-Service Plan To Allow Flexibility for Districts
At High-School in Washington, Writers' Program Brings Literature to Life
Court Strikes S.C. Testing Requirement for Home Schoolers
N.C.A.A. Mulls Stiff Standards for Student Athletes
District News Roundup
State News Roundup
A.B.A. Calls for Continued Study of Constitution
A Trip to 'Pencilvania'
And a Look at Some of the People Who Made the News
Q&A: Study's Author Explains the Resurgence of Interest in Latin
Citing Ban on Gays, Rochester Bars Military Recruiters
Getting 'Crazy' About Children
Capital Update
Calif. Chief Sues District To End Use of 'Channel One'
Philanthropy Column
Impact of Finance Inequities Said Unknown
Column One: Curriculum
Rule Would Expand Participation in Chapter 1 Activities
Letters to the Editor
Balancing State Budgets Is Top Priority For 1992, Survey of Lawmakers Finds
National News Roundup
Q&A: Study's Author Explains the Resurgence of Interest in Latin
Capital Digest
Curriculum Coalition Urges Broad Focus in Standards Setting
Vocational Education Column
Boston Mayor Names Members to Revamped School Board
N.E.A. To Examine Barrier to Alliance With A.F.T.
Federal File: Authorized use only; Say it in green
California Lawmakers Face Both Short-, Long-Term Fiscal Woes
Eyeing Budget, Cuomo Offers Few Education Ideas
Action for Children's Television To Cease Operations
Federal File: Bitter choice; Fiscal rumors
N.C.A.A. Adopts Stiff Standards for Student-Athletes
Awaiting Finance-Law Ruling, Texas Fears Cash Crunch
Early Years Column
Protest by Hispanics Disrupts Calif. Board Meeting
A.F.T. Staff Employees Weigh Proposed Pact
Shrinking Number of Children Found Covered by Employer Health Insurance
News Updates
People News
Schools Must Remain a Top Priority, Governor Tells California Lawmakers
Momentum Builds for Budget Revisions Favoring Education
State Journal: Dilemma over schooltrust lands
Q&A: Researcher Recounts a Short History of a Reform That Failed
Louisville Board Approves Plan To Decrease Busing
I.R.S. Clarifies Taxation Policy for Home Day-Care Providers
Column One: Research
National News Roundup
State News Roundup
'Supply Side' Reform or Voucher? Charter-School Concept Takes Hold
Letters to the Editor
Sex Education Can Delay Sexual Activity, Study Says
Study Charts Decline in Children's Economic, Social Welfare
Speaking Out for Calculators
Dispute Shines Spotlight on Teachers' Unions' Role as Employer
District News Roundup
Foundations Network Seeks To Spur Systemic Reform
Teach For America Wins $3-Million Challenge Grant
Experts Uncertain About Impact of Disabilities Act on Schools
Putting Graduates Under 'Warranty' Gains Favor in Districts and States
Publishing Column
Groups Coalesce To Tout Benefits Of Girls' Schools
Calif. Ordered To Offer Child Care To Welfare Clients in Training Programs
Private Schools Column
Court Curbs Schools From Providing Chapter 1 Aid on Church Grounds
School Workers Eligible for Aid In Jobless
Study Shows a Rise In the Segregation of Hispanic Students
Congress Cuts Out 'Blue Ribbon Schools' Program
Health Column
Milwaukee Mayor's Call To Scrap Public Schools Stirs Furor
Ruling Boosts Role of Special-Ed. Heating Officers
Most High-School Students Sexually Active, C.D.C. Finds
The Media and the Schools
Recession Has Its Ups and Downs for 2-Year Colleges
College's Curriculum for Teachers: The Latest Research on Cognition
State News Roundup
Florio Offers Olive Branch to Republicans, Taxpayers
Court Grants Flexibility in Revising Consent Decrees
Study Challenges 'All or Nothing' View of Dyslexia
Abortion-Notification Laws Inconsistent With Other Statutes, Guttmacher Says
Atlanta Police, School Officials Pick Up 450 Truant Students in Three Days
We Must Keep the Good Teachers We Have
Prospects Appear Good for Reform Bill in Tennessee
G.E.D., Turning 50, Eyes Debate Over Student Standards
News in Brief
More States in 1992 Risk Getting Caught In Budgetary Storm, N.C.S.L. Reports
Cut Administrators, Rochester Teachers Urge Board
Bush Proposes Job Training, Voc. Ed. Merger
Private Group To Develop Labels For Food Products for Children
People News
Fierce Partisan Fight on Education Looms in Congress
Survey Finds More Students Than Ever Choosing College for Financial Reasons
Taking Aim at Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Indians Go on Offensive To Fight Alcohol's Effects
Q&A: Baltimore Educator Offers School-Eye View of Reform
District News Roundup
Texas Board Fines Publishers Over Error-Filled Textbooks
State Journal: New York's restive regents
Imperiled Awards Program Said To Favor Suburban Schools
Training Program Helps Teachers Take Control of Instructional TV
Other People's Theories
N.J. Bill Would Deny Welfare Mothers Additional Benefits for More Children
National News Roundup
Bush, Alexander Urge Local Business Groups To Implement America 2000
News Updates
Ky. Reforms May Buckle Under Budget Crunch, Jones Says
A Family Tradition
Publishing Column
Grasping the Impact of the A.D.A. Era'
N.Y. District Fears Fiscal Disaster In Wake of Nuclear Plant's Closing
Column One: Teachers