Foreign-Language Instruction Resurfacing in Elementary Schools
Ruling Seen Easing Telecommunications to Schools
Dade County Teachers To Vote on No-Raise Contract
Panel Clears Bill Making Pell Grants an Entitlement
Capital Update
Why Are Children Turning to Guns ?
Column One: Teachers
L.A. School Employees Implored To Accept Pay Cuts
In New Haven, Teachers Designing, Running Their Dream an Ungraded Elementary School
A Cornucopia of K Rations
'Strategy Session' on Goals Draws Diverse Array of Players, Reactions
Panel Urges Emergency Aid for Troubled Mass. Districts
State Journal: Mending fences in Tennessee
State News Roundup
Colo. School-Finance Bill Awaits Action by Romer
National News Roundup
School-Bus Drivers' Five-Week-Old Strike Ends in Boston
States' New Deficits Bode Ill for Schools, Experts Predicting
A Selma Reunion
Making Changes To Win Over Critics, Californians File Initiative on Choice
Seattle Council Frees Revenues Tied to Busing
Books: Excerpts
Federal File: Secretarial summit; Errata; Fault finding
Pediatricians Forecast Poorer Health Care for Children
Bill Allowmg E.D. To Speed Impact Aid Before Congress
Rochester Promotes Deputy To Head High-Profile District
Coaches' Lack of Training Said To Limit Sports'Benefits
Conferees Agree on $31.5-Billion Funding Bill for E.D.
Massachusetts Officials Vie To Present Reform Plans
Time Spent on Arts in School Falls Short, Report Says
House Panel's Vote Marks a Sea Change On the Choice Issue
Q&A: Former Teacher-Union Official Talks of New Life as State Chief
Catching Up With Reform in Teacher Education
Health Column
U. of Pa. Failed To Provide Aid, Lawsuit Charges
District News Roundup
Lawmakers Assail as 'Scurrilous' Tactics by Education Lobbyists
Letters to the Editor
Survey Charts Dramatic Increase in Out-of-Home Care
Senate Approves Bill Easing Job-Discrimination Lawsuits
Md. Board Weighs Alternative Route for Principals
Legislative Update
News Updates
Capital Digest
People News
Voters in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Seattle Back School Levies
Some Economists Challenging View That Schools Hurt Competitiveness
National News Update
District News Roundup
Novello Calls for End to Liquor Ads Targeting Youths
School-Finance Bill Gets Airing in Colo. Legislature
State News Roundup
AIDS Activists Distribute Condoms at High Schools
House Democrats Unveil Compromise Family-Leave Bill
News Updates
Civil-Rights Case Clarifies When State Officials May Be Sued
C.D.C. Finds Many Girls Practice 'Harmful' Weight-Loss Techniques
Capital Update
Effects of Lead May Be Reversible, Study Says
Federal File: Panel packing?; Deja vu: Veto bait?
Program Aims To Put American Teacher In Orbit Aboard Soviet Space Station
Grants Foreshadow Knight's Foray Into K-12 Philanthropy
The Ultimate Time Capsule
Philanthropy Column
State Journal: Aggressive offense; Oregon windfall
AIDS Virus Becoming More Common Among At-Risk Youths, Studies Find
Publishing Column
Early Years Column
Bracey Resigns From N.E.A.
Capital Digest
Mo. Voters Reject Tax Increase for Schools, Colleges
For Working Students, New York High School Opens Doors After Others Have Closed Theirs
Recession Forces States To Turn Budget Ax On Programs To Support Children, Families
Column One: Students
Colleges Column
Revisionists Take Aim at Gloomy View of Schools Much More Progress Needed, Critics Assert
Letters to the Editor
Students in Los Angeles To Graduate With Skills Warranty
San Franciscans Approve Plan To Protect Children's Services
Q&A: Historian Examines Youths of the Revolutionary War Era
Kellogg Awards $6 Million to Michigan Partnership
Bush Urges Catholic Educators To Back Reform Package
Pew Forms 'Roundtable' on Precollegiate Education
The Basal 'Conspiracy'
Congress Clears Education Spending Bill for 1992
Our Colonial-Era Approach to Governance
350,000 Took A.P. Exams This Year, Board Reports
Justices Weigh Allowing Prayers At Graduation
Effort To Cut Back D.C.'s Bureaucracy Proves Nettlesome
New York City, College Create Center To Prepare More Than 200 Principals
National News Roundup
Executive Reports Doubling of Cable TV in Schools
Children Fare Well in For-Profit Day Care, Study Finds
Hispanics Make 'Modest Gains' In Educational Level, Census Says
Business Roundtable Assessing State Progress on Reforms
Repackaging Reality
In The Press Column
Mass. Plan Would Tie Drivers' Licenses To Demonstration of Academic Skills
Examples of Errors In History Textbooks
Color Me Right
Majority of High Schoolers Found To Drink Alcohol
Opposed to Whole Language, Houston Schools Revert to Phonics
Column One: Curriculum
Mixed Findings In New Study of School Theater
Embracing Hirsch's Concepts, Florida School Aims To Instill 'Core Knowledge' in Students
Study Finds Few Teachers Trained for Middle Grades
Desperate Remedies for Desperate Times
Detroit's Male Academies: What the Real Issue Is
Strikes Abating, But Labor Unrest Appears on the Rise
Armed With Research, Ga. Legislator Takes Aim at Plans for Consolidation
Four Former Secretaries Each Put Own Spin on What Ails Schools
More Than 50% of Districts Engage In Partnerships, New Study Finds
'Worthy Wages' For Child-Care Workers Urged N.A.E.Y.C. Board To Join Campaign
Bishops Urge New Focus on Youth Concerns
District News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Plans Readied for National Exams To Begin in 1993
Texas Board Delays Decision on Error-Filled History Texts
State News Roundup
State Chiefs Focus On Transition From School To Work
State Journal: No gripe sessions; Learning from America
High Court Hears Arguments in Miss. Desegregation Case
Bush Offers Personal Pledge of Support To Hispanic Education Commission
Capital Digest
AIDS Educators Eyeing Magic Johnson As Powerful Spokesman for Prevention
Senate Panel Passes Democrat-Backed Reform Plan
N.E.A. Charges Former Researcher With Speaking Out of Turn
News Updates
House Passes Family-Leave Bill; Veto Threat Looms
News Updates
Chicago Negotiators Meet To Head Off Teachers' Strike
California Board Sues in State High Court To Force Honig To Implement Its Policies
School Penalized for Allowing Student on Football Team
Q&A: Researcher Analyzes Math Skills of Chinese, American Pupils
E.D. Awards $8.2 Million to 12 Institutions To Study the Impact of Education Reforms
Capital Digest
SUBJ: News Updates
Students Are 'Coming Back Home' To Historically Black Universities
Pa. Failed To Provide Medical Services, Lawsuit Charges
1992 Spending Bill Revised After Bush's Veto Is Upheld
Federal File: Line items; Through the back door
Nation's First 'Charter' School Clears a Key Hurdle
Testing Column
Budget Concerns Spur Lawmakers To Reconsider Choice Law in Mass.
New Test System Should Be Tied to NAEP, Panel Says
Report Urges State Colleges To Upgrade Training of Teachers
Column One: Research
Pondering Future, Catholic Educators Back Higher Pay, Opening of Schools
Court Lets Stand Rulings Requiring Missouri To Pay Desegregation Costs
Books: Excerpts
L.A. Teachers Vote To Continue Talks In Effort To Head Off Pay Cuts, Strike
Chicago Teachers, School Board Reach Agreement on Contract
SUBJ: State News Roundup
National Literacy Act Seen Gaining New Momentum
PBS Urges Producers To Buy Time on New Satellite
House Panel Chairman Proposes 1O-Year Budget Plan
Flu Outbreak Forces Two Districts In Tennessee To Close Temporarily
SUBJ: 90 Percent of Homeless Children in School, But Many Face
Unions Express Elation Over Edwards Win in Louisiana
Suit Challenges Virginia's School-Finance System
SUBJ: District News Roundup
Standards Council Splits Over Guidelines For School
Panel Puts Off Vote on Recognition of Accrediting Agency
Letters to the Editor
Decision Not To Distribute Film on Armenian Deaths Reconsidered
Four Inner-City Districts, Unions Receive Grants To Train Teachers
Technology Column
SUBJ: Milestones
C.P.B. Awards $4.5 Million for Preschool TV Series
Oakland Scrambles To Make Do Without Rejected Textbooks
School-Building Inventory Finds 1 in 8 Inadequate
SUBJ: Restoring Nation's 'Moral Order' Starts With Families, Group Says
Reformer's 'Retrogression": Speaking Out for Kumon Mathematics
Group Formed To Provide Data Base of Computer Software
Access to Meal Records Sought To Aid Needy Youths
Chiefs Forming Consortium To Develop Assessments Jointly
It Happens Here, Too: Sexual Harassment in the Schools
SUBJ: Families Are Struggling Against Odds To Maintain Close Bonds,
Coalition Seeks Support For School-Building Projects
State Journal: Drug czar fracas; Broken promise?
Election Elective
SUBJ: Study Affirms Bates College Officials' Hunch In Dropping