Lawmakers Balk at Deadline for Test Development
Court Opens Term With Several Major School Cases on Docket
Colorado Lawmakers Kill Tax-Hike Plans
Imbroglio in Boyd County: Local Hero Struggles To Block Ouster
National News Roundup
E.P.A.'s Handling of Asbestos Contractor Criticized
Plain-Speaking and Fast-Learning, Romer Rides Herd on Goals Process
Center Launches Effort To Recruit Hispanic Teachers
Colleges Column
New-Schools Corporation Names Advisory Panel
Report Says E.D. Too Restrictive In Recognizing Drug-Free Schools
Life Imitates Bart
For Education Scholars Facing Scant Funding, Chicago-Based Foundation Proves a 'Godsend'
House Democrats Unveil Bill To Rewrite Higher-Ed. Act
2 Groups Unveil Detailed Plan for Civics Education
Boston Bus Drivers Walk Out in 3rd Strike in 5 Years
News Updates
Student Performance Reaches 70's Levels, NAEP Study Finds
District News Roundup
Testing Column
Back to the Blackboard
High-School Graduation Rates for Blacks Up, Census Finds
27% of Students Considered Suicide Last Year, Study Finds
Mass. Districts Consider Merging To Gain Funding
Capital Digest
Book Calls for Revision Of Financial-Aid System
Calif. Department Probed on Tie to Chief s Wife's Firm
1st Goals Report Contains Failures And Incompletes
Capital Update
State News Roundup
E.D. Clarifies Policy on Attention-Deficit Disorder
Letters To The Editor
Detroit Prelate Issues Plan for Diocese Schools
Four-Fifths of Students Fail To Attain Proficiency in Math, Report Shows
District in Florida Gets $554,715 To Expand Math-Specialist Cadre
Impact of Bias Policy Adopted by S.F Board Pondered
Legislative Update:
Democrats Divided on Responses to America 2000
Play Is Part of the Learning Process, Too
Head of Goals Panel Named Delaware Chief
Federal File: Maturity; Legislative Humor
Column One: Research
State Journal: Dialing For Dollars; Bar Blackboard Solons?
State News Roundup
Dr. Seuss, Beloved Creator of Horton and Cat in the Hat, Dies at 87
E.D. Urged To Revamp N.C.E.S. To Create 'Information System'
Excerpts From the National Education Goals Report
Vocational Education Column
Making Schools More Like Museums
N.C.S.S. on the Anniversary of Columbus' s Landing
Minn. Law Allows Church Schools To Get Public Funds

Changes in Louisiana's Teacher-Evaluation Program Are Proposed
A.F.T. Welcomes Blacklisted Ex-N.E.A. Local Into Fold
Capital Digest
News Updates
First Year Blunts Teachers' Idealism, Survey Finds
NCATE To Join Fla. Agencies To Review Programs
Inordinate Share of Poverty Said To Rest on Children
Q&A: A.F.T. Official Looks Back on 30 Years of Teacher Unionism
Replace Certification With Recruitment
Democrats Question Use of E.D. Funds for Bush Address
Blacks Divided as Court Prepares To Consider Desegregation Case
Academies Awarded $7.6 Million To Train Educators
National News Roundup
Few Businesses Bolster Training Programs To Make Up for School Shortfalls, Poll Finds
States Spent $185 Billion on Education in '90, Report Says
Fewer Candidates Running for Chicago School Seats
State Journal: Governor's Rebuke; The Pedestal Or The Hole?
Private Schools Column
Report Questioning 'Crisis' in Education Triggers an Uproar
Test Developer Wins Contract for 1992 NAEP Standards
Minnesota Mega-Mall To Include Education Facility
Federal File: Report Card's Ins And Outs; Winds Of Change
Demand Threatens Child-Care Quality, Report Says
Ah, Sweet Mystery of Irrelevance
In The Press Column
400,000 Found Victims of Violent Crimes in Schools
Technology Column
Media Column
Capital Update
Foundation Awards $2.9 Million for Writing Project
Subcommittee Delays Work on H.E.A. Proposals
People News
Teacher-Contract Negotiations in N.Y.C. Halted
Legislative Update
Drinking Among Teenagers Widespread, C.D.C. Says
Column One: Teachers
Flexibility Is the Key for a Cincinnati Teacher Whose One-Room School Is Children's Hospital
State News Roundup
On Heels of National Report on Goals, Governors Outline Progress of States
Congressional Democrats Eyeing 'Peace Dividend'
State News Roundup
Senate Backs Compromise Version of Family-Leave Bill
D.O.D. Grants To Help Families of Gulf Veterans
Wash. Board Rejects Teacher-Preparation Program
Data, Strategy Said Missing in Report on Goals
Bipartisan Bill Encourages Development Of Training Programs for High-Skills Jobs
Okla. Voters To Decide on Paying Price for Reforms
Schools Grapple With Columbus's Legacy: Intrepid Explorer or Ruthless Conqueror?
'Latchkey' Children Seek Refuge in Libraries, Book Finds
Books: Readings
District News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Court Hears Case To Declare Ga. District 'Unitary'
Teaching Is Still a Noble Profession
State News Roundup
E.D. Unveils Proposed Rules for Voc.-Ed. Programs
New Election Districts for La. Board Members Rejected
Column One: Students
Philanthropy Column
Groups Laud Hispanic-Education Appointments, But Urge Vigilance
Pint-Sized Proposers
News Updates
State Journal: Repealers and Repairers; Due Bill
Colo. Lawmakers To Resume Work on School-Finance Issue
People News
20 Percent of High-School Students Carry Weapons
Students at Private Schools for Blacks Post Above-Average Scores, Study Finds
Leadership Revisited
Vote on Thomas Delayed a Week To Weigh Harassment Charge
Recession Dampens Job prospects for Teachers
E.D.'s 1 st Major History, Civics Conference Sparks Political Debate
Federal File:Not Quite Unanimous; Not Unexpected
Chasing Self-Esteem's Shadow
N.E.A. Panel Seeks Spot for Arts in School-Reform Debate
New-Schools Corporation Plots Fund-Raising Strategy
Iowa Groups Form Corporation To Oversee Reforms
C.D.C., in a Shift, Proposes Lead Tests For Infants by Age 1
State News Roundup
Early Years Column
Capital Update
Ala.'s Largest District May Close After Budget Cut
NASBE Calls for End to Differentiation Between Regular and Special Education
Teachers in Illinois End 2l-Day Strike, Get 6.5% Pay Hike
Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Challenge to Calif.'s Proposition 13
Student Anti-Drinking Groups Gain Adherents, But Advocates of 'No Use' Remain Skeptical
Snafu May Cost 2,600 Districts Impact-Aid Payments
U.S. and Mexican Educators Optimistic About Working To Solve Mutual Problems
Teacher Training Is Needed To Support Multicultural 'Reorientation,' NASBE Says
House Panel Approves Major Student-Aid Revision
Home Visits Seen as Key Strategy To Combat a Host of Childhood Woes
Booming Las Vegas Hits Jackpot With $656-Million Building Plan
District News Roundup
Progress, Roadblocks Cited in JOBS Implementation
Panetta Budget Blueprint Would Earmark More Money for Education
Capital Update
Legislative Update
New Guide Calls for Broad Approach to Sex Education
E.D. 's Use of $26,750 for Bush Speech Is Scrutinized at Well- Attended Hearing
News Update
Promotions Help Businesses Raise Profile While Backing Schools
Wilson Signs Bills To Keep Youths, Districts Healthy
Reciting the Sins of a 'Professional Education Industry'
Retired Executive Donates $36 Million for Scholarships
District News Roundup
College-Tuition Hike Is Biggest In Past 8 Years
People News
School Cases Among 1st in Thomas Tenure
Shift in Education Politics Seen in N.J. Election Battle
Plan in Louisville Would Pay Pupils Bused Voluntarily
Capital Digest
Energy Department Opens Research-Lab Doors To Help Improve Students' Math, Science Skills
National News Roundup
Texas"Robin Hood' Law Hits Poor Districts with Tax Hikes, Too
State Journal: Cut, cut, cut; Balderdash; So stipulated
Okla. Voters Back $2-Billion School-Reform, Revenue Bill
House-Senate Conferees Near Accord On $30-Billion Education- Funding Bill
New-Schools Corporation Calls for Broad Academic Focus
Change in Housing Seen Improving Prospects for Poor Youths
Subject Specialists Decry Errors of Omission in Goals
Student Drives Seat-Belt Crusade
National Standards/Assessments: Students
Q&A: An Admittedly Heretical' Point of View on Teaching Writing
Group To Highlight Impact of Tracking on Minorities
Column One: Curriculum
Coalition Offers Strategies To Ensure 'Good Common School' for All Students
National Goals
National Indicators Projects
Cleveland Elections Are Seen as Pivotal For Schools'Future
Chicago Teachers Vote To Strike if Board, Union Fail To Agree
Measure Gives County Executives in Md. Broad Power to Trim Education Spending
State News Roundup
'Apples for Students': Computers for Schools, Profits for Marketers
Computers Are the 'Trojan Horse' of Mathematics
National Standards/Assessments: Professionals
Subject-Matter Standards
'Confusing' Array of Players Charts Course Toward National Standards
Two Alleged Cheaters Barred From Taking E.T.S. Exams
'Real Change Is Real Hard': Lessons Learned in Rochester
Bill Would Help Districts Offer Private-School Choice
News Updates
Honigs' Home Raided in Probe of Use of Public Funds
Bush Steps Into Desegregation Case, Urges More Funds for Black Colleges
Budgets' Ill Health Prompts Cuts in School Nurses
Coalition Seeks To Tear Down Obstacles To Effective Use of Distance Learning
National News Roundup
State News Roundup
District News Roundup
A Teacher Says, '1 Quit'
Mo. Voters To Decide Fate of $380-Million School, Tax Plan
Capital Digest
Schools Stress Speeding Up, Not Slowing Down
Conferees Are Deadlocked Over Reducing 1992 Budget for Education, Social Services
Schools Are Awful Aren't They ?
$2 Million Is Awarded to 15 States To Continue Middle-Grades Reforms
Junior Achievement To Teach Capitalism in Soviet High Schools
Educators Worry Standards Movement Lacks Broad-Based Backing
News In Brief
Health Column
People News
Michigan Schools Advised To Drop Breathing Exercise
Column One: Research
1 in 4 Smokes by Time of Graduation, Study Finds
Daring To Find the Truth
Measure To Limit Pa. Teachers'Right To Strike Advances
Governors' Seats on the Line in La., Ky., and Miss.
Administration To Reveal Race-Scholarship Position
Media Column
Consultants Launch For-Profit Effort To Assess School-Business Partnerships
New Early-Childhood Institute To Focus on Training
Letters to the Editor
Corporate Gifts to K-12 Education Up 12%, Survey Finds
House, Senate Panels Approve Student-Aid Revisions
Capital Update
Chicago's Grassroots School Reform Provides Irresistible Laboratory for Dozens of Scholars
Standards Council Weighs Calling for Systemic Reforms
Survey Tracks Evolution of Alternative Certification
Partnerships Columm
Focus on Serf-Esteem, Achievement Turns School Into Showcase
District Proposes Assigning Pupils Based on Income
State Journal: Union feuding over opting out
Oakland Fire Takes Toll on Schools, Evokes Memories of Bay-Area Quake
Report Faults U.S.D.A. Survey Used To Set Nutrition Policy
Study Highlights the Ups, Downs of Shared Decisionmaking
All-Out Campaigns Seek Support for Levies in Cincinnati, Columbus