Board Encourages Condom Policies For Mass. Schools
Early Years Column
Tax Scheme Offsetting Private-School Fees Ruled Illegal
PBS To Sell 'Significant' Satellite Space to Educators
Letters to the Editor
Alternative Certification Is an Oxymoron
Motor City 'Miracle': 3 Interfaith Schools Open Doors
Afro-Centrism Advocate In the Eye of New Storm
Column One: Research
Hirsch To Publish 'Cultural Literacy' Curriculum for Grades 1-6
S.A.T. Verbal Results Hit All-Time Low; Math Scores Down for 1st
Council Seeks a National Testing System by 1993-94
Board Encourages Condom Policies For Mass. Schools
Justice Department Launching Inner-City Anti-Drug Program
Legislative Update
New Jersey Officials Seize Control Of 'Bankrupt' Paterson Schools
Giving In to Weicker, Conn. Lawmakers Back Tax
Undersecretary Sanders Leaving E.D. Post ]0 Take Over as State
When Mothers Take Literacy Classes, Children Reap Benefits,
Administration Says It Lacks Funds To Support Goals Panel
Choice Program To Enroll 554 In Milwaukee
District News Roundup
Tax Hikes Barely Balance State Budgets, Report Finds
Oklahoma Board Votes To Oversee 8 At-Risk Schools
Ky. Officials Propose Expanding New Testing System to All Grades
Illinois Districts Swarm Bond Market To Blunt the Impact of New
Educators Begin Assembling Building Blocks for National Exam
Grant Encourages Use of TV in Science Education
Mont. Districts Reopen School-Finance Challenge
'Small Fish' Crafting Reform Ideas in Hopes Of Making Big Splash
Science, Math Teachers No More Apt To Abandon Jobs Than Other Teachers
Events in the U.S.S.R. Outpace School Curricula and Textbooks
Three School-Milk Suppliers Indicted on Price-Fixing Charges
Capital Update
Bell Promotes His Own Alternative to America 2000
Capital Digest
N.G.A. To Focus in Coming Year on Steps To Meet Goals
Forging a National Agenda in Education Research
State News Roundup
Cable Network Drops High-School Sports Broadcasts
Led by Goodlad, Eight Sites Set To Transform Teacher Training
News Updates
Audit Finds $665 Million in Unused Funds Idle at E.D.
New-Schools Group Rethinks Its Strategy To Cast a Wider Net
Detroit Admits Female Students
House Breaks With Bush Administration On Key Features of Job-Training Measure
Ga. District To Pioneer Electronic Advertising Kiosks
Court Victory Little Solace for Fiscally Pinched Districts
Commission Recommends Overhaul Of Migrant-Student Records System
Flynn Urges Boston Board To Shift Power to Schools
Bill Would Give Pizza Retailers Larger Slice of School-Lunch
Asbestos Inspections Not Up to Par at Many Schools, E.P.A. Says
Cuts Forcing Districts To Subtract Staff, Divide Burden
National News Roundup
State Journal: Driving mistake; Silent avalanche
Task Force To Propose New Indian-Education Post
University Transactions Under Alexander Probed
News in Brief
Federal File: In or out?; Name game; Political review
Sample Tasks To Measure 'New Standards' in Math, Literacy
College Board Enters National-Test Arena With New Project
History Comes Alive for American Students Touring Soviet Union
Philanthropy Column
Media Column
Thompson Uses Record 457 Vetoes To Shape Wis. Budget
NAEP Board Fires Researchers Critical of Standards Process
Alliance Formed To Push Curriculum to Front of Reform Agenda
Boy Scouts' School 'Life Skills' Program Draws Fire
Colorful and Cool
Public Favors Longer School Year, Gallup Poll Shows
People News
Lower-Than-Expected Convention Revenue Prompts Layoffs at School
Tex. Lawmakers Vote Aid Increase To Pay for Reform Plan
S. Carolina 'Congress' Kicks Off Effort To Redraft Curriculum in
N.A.A.C.P. Board Stands Behind School Desegregation
No Impact Seen Yet From 'Telco '-Information Ruling
Saying Reform Efforts Would Be Hurt, Bush Rejects Rights-Bill
Pennsylvania Districts Challenge Mandate for School-Tax Rebates
Thomas's Stance on Brown v. Board Adds Fuel to Decades-Long
Education Budget on the Agenda in Colorado Special Session
News Updates
Capital Digest
Secretary, Governor Turn Talk From Rivalry to Reform
State Journal: Tax-hike Strategy Snuffed
Health-care Model: Little Rock Insures For Drug Treatment
Thousands of Dallas Students Protest Board's Decision To Lay Off
Administration Makes P.R. Splash for America 2000
Experts Outline Assessment Systems To Track Goals
By, of, and for Teachers, National Foundation Gains New Respect as
Health Column
More Pregnant Girls Said Opting To Bear Their Babies
Colleges Faced 'Tough' Fiscal Year With No End in Sight, Survey
Whittle's Expansion Plans Bolstered by Firm's $350-Million Investment
Foxfire-At 25
Special-Education Column
Science Groups Ask Academy To Lead Standards Initiative
School-College Links Seen as Fundamental To Education Reform
Timing of College Enrollment Linked to Graduation
News In Brief
Column One: Teachers
National News Roundup
Half-Time Schools and Half-Baked Students
E.D. Legislation Proposes Flexibility for Research Office
Poverty Rate Seen Rising Fastest for Latino Children
Books: Excerpts
Va. Program Aims To Meet Needs of Immigrants, Refugees
H.E.A. Bills Said Likely To Include Direct-Loan Proposal
Woodstock 1991
Schools Largely Spared in Budget Slashing in Georgia
Teacher Training a Likely Focus of Higher-Ed. Bill
Mrs. Bush Hits America 2000 Campaign Trail
State News Roundup
Calif. Lawmakers, Governor Agree on Test Program
People News
Massachusetts Districts Turn Thumbs Down On State's Hastily
District News Roundup
58 Social Scientists Issue Defense of School Desegregation
Federal File: Research Blues; New Job; Kudos
Legislative Update
In Indiana, Business Groups Not Talking as One on Reform
Percentage of Students in Phys.-Ed. Classes Declining, C.D.C. Reports
A Lack of Funds Puts Mass. Plan For Saving College Tuition on Hold
Curriculum and Choice:A Proposal
Column One: Students
Bipartisan Bill Authorizes Grants for Systemic Reforms
In Oakland, Helping Grandmothers Care for Addicts'Babies
Calif. Legislature Backs Two Measures To Aid Fiscally Strapped Urban Districts
National News Roundup
Capital Digest
Senate Approves Bill Providing $30.6 Billion for E.D.
On the Invisible Needs of Special Students
Panel Advocates Home Visits For Pregnant Girls
Capital Update
Q&A: Maryland State Chief,, With Two Hats, Aims at Collaboration
Schools Bring New Zeal to Efforts To Stem the Spread of Tuberculosis
In Philadelphia, Program Pairs Adult Mentors With Teenagers To Provide Money and Time
Calif. Businessman's Drive For Choice Sparking Battle
Letters To The Editor
E.D. and N.S.F. Urged To Lead Science Reform
Cincinnati Business Group Urges 'Mini-District'To Drive Reforms
Philip Morris Awards $500,000 Grant To Restructure College of Education
School Personnel To Be Trained To Meet Diet Guidelines by 1994
Surgeon General Decries Drinking Law as 'Myth'
Court Backs Department in Question Over Authority in Special-Ed. Case
Teachers' Strikes Up 36% Amid Signs of Growing Tension
News in Brief
With Reopening of School in Kuwait, Officials Hope for Return to Normalcy
New Jersey To Implement Comer Program in Urban Districts
News Updates
Chicago School Board Asking Teachers To Forgo 7 Percent Raises
Despite Law, Many Art Supplies Lack Labels on Toxicity, Study Finds
Study Chaffs Students'Diversity, School Progress by State
E.P.A. Warns 1,300 Districts of Asbestos Violations
State News Roundup
State Journal: Band-Aid Or Major Surgery?
Chelsea Placed in Receivership; School Opening Delayed
Thomas Embraces 'Wail of Separation' Between Church, State
Bush Endorses Civil-Rights Revisions To Permit Academies for Black Males
Dallas Board To Rehire All But 40 of 257 Laid-Off Teachers
Making Due Process A 'Do' Process
N.C. Effort To Differentiate Pay for Teachers Weakens
District News Roundup
Debate on Merits Of Public, Private Schools Reignites
Federal File: Healthy Pork?; Status Quo
The Great Tonasket Cover-Up
Moves Afoot To Scrap or Modify Budget Agreement
State Journal: Suit-fighting Funding Faulted; Monumental Strategy
Column One: Curriculum
Senators Propose Compromise To Advance Family-Leave Legislation
Mass. Center To Seek Ways To Better Use Technology in Teaching
New Mission Sought For Diffusion Network On l0th Anniversary
PBS To Unveil Geography Game Show Based on Popular Computer Character
Arizona's Chief in the Eye of Storm As Lawsuits and Allegations Swirl By
New Study Ties Dyslexia To Vision Abnormalities
White Students Twice as Likely As Blacks To Smoke, Study Finds
State News Roundup
L.A. and Unions at Impasse Over Budget Cutbacks
Tax-Base-Sharing Plan Nears Approval in Michigan
Adding the Ineffable to an Algebra Class
On Abandoning the 'Paradigm of Conformity'
Chelsea Schools Reopen Amid Uncertainty Over Near-Bankrupt City's Fiscal Health
Worth Noting
A.C.T. Results Show Growth in Academic Curricula
First National Study of Young Dropouts Finds 6.8% Leave Before the 10th Grade
Improved Capacity To Gather Data on Youths May be 'Real Winner of New Futures
Striking Teachers, Facing Dismissal, Return to Schools in N.J. District
Jobless-Aid Bill Makes School Employees Eligible for Benefits
Q&A: Renowned Explorer Aims To Interest Youths in Applied Science
Reality Tempers 'New Futures' Leaders' Optimism
Kozol Book Puts Human Face on Fiscal Inequities
State News Roundup
National News Roundup
Letters to the Editor
Confirmation of Thomas Appears Assured As Senate Committee Hearings Near Close
Learning Happens When It Matters
Del. Block-Grant Program Poses Funding Dilemma
Panel Proposes Home-Visiting Program To Curb Child Abuse
District News Roundup
The 'Wonder'Is Gone
Finding Light in the Heart of Darkness
Report Cites Paucity of Education Philanthropy in the South
Business Has Failed To Report Needs, Educators Say
News Updates
Legislative Update
Incentive Program for Teenage Parents on Welfare Evaluated
Kansas City's Lavish Classical Greek Magnet Draws Suburban Students and Raises Eyebrows
Capital Digest
Mo. Teachers Vow To File Suit To Fight Proposed Aid Cuts
Shortcomings in School-Based Management in Boston Noted
E.D. Study Examines Chelsea's Value As School-Reform Model
People News