More Than 1,200 Parents in Federal Inquiry Say Schools Fail A.D.D. Pupils
Alabama Governor, Union Reach Accord on Teacher Testing
Louisiana's Unique Algebra Mandate Remains Controversial After 7 Years
Demands of Information Age Revive Old Idea of Apprenticeships 3
Bush Panel Members Endorse Readiness Assessment
Cuts Spurred by Calif. DeficitMay Rescue Proposition 98
News In Brief
Court Upholds Rule on Chapter 1 Aid to Religious Schools
Colleges News
Plotting a 'Thematic' Third Stage of Reform
In Calif. Districts, Foster-Youth Program Helps Rescue 'Throw-Away Students'
Districts News Roundup
Chapter 1, Early-Years Reforms at Odds, Group Says
Fairfax County Teachers Sue Board Over Decision To Freeze Pay Hikes
Books: Excerpts
Foster-Care Reforms Often Ignore Problems Children Face in School
Education Spending Declined During 80's, Report Says
Health News
'Flow Room,' Testing Psychologist's Concept, Introduces 'Learning in Disguise' at Key School
Income-Tax Surcharge Dealt Setback in Illinois House
State Journal: Breakthrough, Out of the Question
Disputes Over Control, Direction Slow Technology Initiative
Bush's School Plan Is 'Lamar's Baby,' Participants Agree
State Family-Leave Policies Cause Firms Few Problems, Study Concludes
Legislative Update
Milwaukee Board Finds New Chief Outside K-12 Pool
Programs Seen as Way To Induct & Non-College-Bound Into Workforce
National News Roundup
Nevada, Christian School Clash Over Phone-Book Ad
It's More Than Just an Annoyance, Experts Warn; It Can Hurt Learning
N.Y. Lawmakers Agree on Budget Restoring Half of School-Aid Cut
Regional Hearings To Consider Education Satellite
People News
In The Press
Q&A: Director of Academy's New Study Analyzes R&D Proposals
Column One: Research
S.C. Considers Schoolwide Salary-Bonus Program
Chiefs' Survey Finds Enrollment Gains in Math, Science Courses
Court Allows Teachers' Union To Charge Agency Fees
Administration, Belatedly, To Name Board on Youth Service
National News Roundup
A Guide to Programs Designed To Address School-to-Work Transition
House Subcommittee Calls for Study of National Testing
Texas Legislature Approves Richards's Reform Bill
Top Students' Performance 'Unremarkable,' Study Says
Company Drops Plans for Teachers To Sell Games
Update News
Bill Would Focus On Prevention of Foster Placement
Researchers Say Emphasis on Testing Too Narrow, Could Set Back Reforms
Vote-Fraud Charges Cap Dispute Over School Site
Jackson, Miss., Voters O.K. First Bonds in 21 Years
Heavy Into Music
Capital Update
News In Brief
Boy's Behavior Problems Linked to School Disruptions
Impact of Civil-Rights Act Unclear for Schools, Teachers
Ky. Sued Over Summer Fees for Nonpublic Students
Portrait of Poor Children Defies Stereotype, C.D.F. Report Says
Short on Funding, Long on Vision, Black Churches Take on Education
Great Teachers And the Art of the Unconventional
Budget Veto Sends Conn. Lawmakers Back to Drawing Board
District News Roundup
Bill Bars Funds Unless States Charge For Services to Handicapped Toddlers
Driver-Education Programs Hit Fiscal Potholes
6 Districts To Require Algebra, Geometry for All Students
Federal file: She's back; Time's up; Kudos
Capital Digest
Foster Youths Said To Get Little Help With Educational Deficits
Nearly One-Third of Young Gay Men May Attempt Suicide, Study Suggests
Health Column
Goals Panel Begins To Select Measures For Its First Report
Kentucky Employees Moving Ahead On Lawsuit To Halt Education Layoffs
Heat Wave Reopens Debate Over School-Closing Policies
State Journal: Fronton trading: Letters backfire: Not like me
Legislative Update
House Committee Approves Bill To Create Testing Panel
Members of Council on Standards and Testing
First State-Level Assessment Finds Wide Variations
In 'Second Wave' of N.E.A. Research Project, A Handful of SchoolsApply Lessons Learned
Graduation Season Is Marked by Split Over Issue of Prayers at Ceremonies
People News
Q&A: Union President Champions Schools in Boston Mayoral Race
Risk-Taking Urged To Spur Girls' Interest in Science
Blacks' Assignment To Bilingual Classes In S.F. Is Criticized
San Francisco Board Turns Down Budget-Balancing Staff Layoffs
States Turn to Spec.-Ed. Programs for Budget Cuts
State News Roundup
Column One: Teachers
Coalition Issues Guide To Help Evaluate Student-Test Systems
News Updates
Chicago Reforms To Get $40 Million From MacArthur
Administration Backing Education Criteria in Hiring
Conferees Reach Tentative Agreement On Education Issues in Child-Care Bill
Asian-American Test Scores:They Deserve A Closer Look
Arizona Is Facing E.D. Sanctions Over Aid System
Many School Asbestos Consultants Lack Training, G.A.O. Study Finds
Calif. Is Short 14,000 Bilingual 6 Teachers, Panel Finds
Be Willing To Fund Education Reform With Tax Hikes, Business Leaders Told
Immediate Steps Urged To Address Educational Needs of Black Youths
Books: Excerpts
Bill To Abolish Boston School Committee Advances
UBJ: Creature Cuisine Bugs Parents
S.C. Study Tracks Law Allowing Deregulation of Schools
Bridgeport Schools Thrown Into Turmoil After City Decides To Declare Bankruptcy
Panel To Consider $2.5-Billion Increase In E.D. Budget
Capital Update
News In Brief
Bargaining Unit at Catholic High School Ruled Illegal
Gov. Weld's Bailout of Chelsea Fails to Avert Threat of Layoffs
College-Credit Law for High-School Students Assailed
A Question for Early-Childhood Programs: English First orFamilies First?
Teachers Urge Continued Desegregation Monitoring
Districts News Roundup
Study Highlights Children's Woes Prior to Breakups
Teenage-Drinking Study Spurs Questions On Efficacy of Drug-Prevention Efforts
Capital Digest
Consolidation Proposed To Help Defuse Tensions Between 2 New Jersey Districts
Federal File: Goodbye, wall chart; Presidential prayer and tears
Congress Weighing Proposal To Rein In E.D. Research Unit
Trend Toward User Fees for School Services Draws Fire
States Take Stock of Math Programs in Wake of NAEP Results
Bill Aims To Tap Educational Benefits Of Fiber-Optic Telecommunications
School-Choice Plan Could Endanger Entire Bush Proposal, Senators Warn
Geiger Is Seen as Savvy PlayerIn Education's Political Arena
State Journal: Hard feelings; Rock to the rescue
Educators Anxiously Lay Groundwork For Nongraded Primary-School Classes
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Canceled Grant Competitions Drew Congressional Scrutiny
N.C. Center Offers 'Experiential' Rewards for Talented Teachers
National News
Suit Claims N.J. Reform Law Will Not Fund Schools Equitably
Higher Percentage of Schools Pass Latest Round of NCATE Review
With Special Sections and Curriculum Guides, Newspapers Move To Grab Younger Readers
Cuomo Veto Trims $500 Million in Aid For Schools From Budget Bill in N.Y.
Give O.E.R.I. Flexibility, Alexander Tells Senators
Q&A: Researcher Finds Gap Between Women's Schooling, Attainment
Ohio Governor Mulls Plan for Cleveland Takeover
People News
Private Schools
Private Schools Brace for the Uncertain Impact of a Recession
Site-Based Management Found To Require More Sweeping Changes Than Anticipated
States News
Shrinking Budgets Forcing Cuts in Summer-Recreation Programs
States Slashing Reform Programs As Funding Basics Becomes Harder
Lawmakers in New York State Approve Early-Retirement Incentives for Teachers
Grand Jury Blames Richmond Bankruptcy on Board
Court To Weigh Compensatory Damages in Title IX Cases
Honors & Appointments
Column One: Students
N.S.B.A. Survey To Seek Data On Effect of Business Tax Breaks
Update News
Black Leaders' Concerns Kill Wis. Bill To Open Student Records for Research