Senate Backs $3.1-Billion Increase for Education
Bush Plan: The Closer Some Look, the Less They See
Capital Update
News in Brief
Senate's Defeat of School-Finance Measure Throws Colorado Educators Into Disarray
An Unsung Educational Hero
Column One: Curriculum
Districts News Roundup
Federal File: Titles; Cavazos comments; Presidential confession
Florida's Castor Has School-Reform Will, But Budget Deficit Is Getting in the Way
Agriculture Department Puts Hold On 'Eating Right' Food Pyramid
U.S. Court Declares Foster-Care System In District of Columbia Unconstitutional
Report Urges 'One-Stop Shop'For Indigent Pregnant Women
Elementary Schools' Asian-Language Classes Provide 'Something To Communicate About'
State Journal: City belts and Long Island suits; Rollbackretribution
Ky. School-Based Power Shift Seen Off to Slow Start
Preschools for L.E.P. Children: Se Habla Espanol
Books: New in Print
On the Road to National Standards, Math Educators Debate Assessments
Report Faults Preschool English for Language-Minority Children
Report Attacks Enforcement of Ability-Grouping Practices
O.T.A. Report Advocates School Clinics To Provide Services To Needy Teenagers
Airline Offers Cleveland Seniors Seats for College Trips
Senators Pledge To Seek Funds for Indian Schools
All Together Now
People News
Racial Remarks Jeopardize Calif. District's State Aid
Books: Excerpts
Study Offers 'Vision' To Improve Education Research
On Third Try, School Board and Teachers Agree on Two-Year Contract in Rochester
Abortions Said Rising Among Minority Teenagers, Girls Under Age 15
Special Educators Ponder Place in Bush's Education Plan
States News Roundup
Teachers in 32 Washington Districts Stay Out as Strike Enters 2ndWeek
McWherter Drops Income Taxes To Save School Reforms
State Journal: A very problematic little word
Appeals Court Upholds Orders For State To Share K.C. Costs
Ambitious Student-Assessment System Advances
Letters to the Editor
Reports Say Sallie Mae Fiscally Secure, But Warn of Poor Regulatory Oversight
Key Paperwork-Reduction Measures Rejected by U.S.D.A.
64% of Teachers Back Cuts To Keep Pay Hikes, Survey Finds
Senate Panel Approves Choice Measures in Michigan
Microscope Used in N.Y. Science Museum Being Reproduced for Classroom Teachers
Migrant-Education Commission Is Eyeing Major Changes in Records-Transfer System
Veto of Mont. Tax Measure May Revive School-Finance Suit
E.D. Replaces Head of Office of Private Education
Paterson School Board Petitions To Block State Takeover
Administration Unveils Plan To Expand Access to Pensions
Phila. Archdiocese Seeks Funds To Fortify Its Schools
In The Press
Rule on Christianity For Faculty, Trustees Splits Atlanta School
Question & Answer: RAND Researcher Assesses Effects of 'High-Stakes Testing'
Column One: Research
Judge Halts Plan To Close Schools In Calif. District
Science, Children's Museums Invited To Compete for $6 Million inGrants
Court Rejects Case on Summer-School Eligibility for Disabled Students
Bilingual Education Column
Businesses Sign On to Bush Plan,But Many Also Raising Concerns2
Garrity Reopens Boston Schools Case 2 To Examine Hiring of Minority Teachers
Haute Cuisine a l'ecole
British Approach to Education Issues Viewed as Instructive for U.S. Schools
Column One: Research
Capital Update
News In Brief
E.D. Shifts Research Grants To Fund Bush Strategy
'New Schools': Can They Make A 'Revolution'?
Of Schools, Single Parents, and Surrogates
District News Roundup
Federal File: The video age; Computer humor
E.D. Releases Additional Details On Proposal To Reauthorize H.E.A.
Unfinished Budget Business Forces Special Session in Indiana
State News Roundup
Texas Lawmakers Tackle Governor's Education Bill
N.E.A. Affiliate in Wis. Backs Union-Merger Accord
News Updates
Wash. Teachers Return to Class With Demands Unmet
Worth Noting
Teacher Educators Signing on to 'Movement'To Implement Goodlad's Proposals for Reform
More Middle-Income Students Should Get Pell Grants, Members of House Panel Say
Health News
State Journal: September song; Enough is enough; Just the dollars
After Bitter Fight, N.J. Voters; Reject 44% of School Budgets
Study Examines Services in Separate Facilities for Disabled
People News
California Ruling Disallows Prayer At Graduations
Ore. Bill Would End Traditional Schooling After the 10th Grade
[Q&A]Teacher of the Year Hails Teachers as 'Educators of Society'
Businesses' Report Cards on Schools Spark Anger in New Jersey
9% of Spec.-Ed. Children Lack Services, Audit Finds
Media News
N.S.T.A. Begins Effort To Create Science Standards
Most of Bush Plan Would Need Congressional Nod, Lawmakers Say
States News Roundup
An Embarrassment of Riches
Federal Agency Issues New Guidelines To Improve Student Safety on Buses
Calif. Court Agrees To Hear Appeal in Richmond Case
Capital Update
Mr. Bush's Speech: A View From the Bar
Early Years
E.P.A. Sets Standards For Lead in Drinking Water
Congress, Martin Resurrect Proposals To Revamp Federal Job-Training Act
Kearns Vows To Turn E.D. Around as He Did Xerox
Workers Anxiously Await Overhaul of Education Agency
Anton Proposes 7 Percent Salary Cut for L.A. Employees
Los Angeles Reform Coalition Faces Early Roadblocks
Letters to the Editor
Ohio Voters Approve Record Number of School Tax Levies
Books: New in Print
Iowa Legislature Clears Home-School Compromise
After a Decade, Chapter 2 Program Offers Timely Lessonson the Use of Block Grants
Inclusion of Health Grant in New Family Agency Criticized
Racial Incidents 'End the Innocence' in Cleveland Suburb, Schools
District News Roundup
Federal File: Late Finish; Bush On Campus; Secretarial Humor
Newly Diverse Suburbs Facing City-Style Woes
Wave of Universities Boosts Standards for Entering Freshmen
Two 900-Number Firms To Modify Ads for Children
Hunt Unveils Sweeping Reform Package in Alabama
Indiana Drops Standardized Tests for 1st, 11th Graders
State Journal: Pins and needles; Persistent politics
New Federal Rules on Lead in Water Fail To Protect Consumers, E.P.A. Told
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Ex-Richmond Chief Has Left Long Trail Of Fiscal Questions
Minn. Desegregation Plan Seeks To End 'Isolation'
NAEP Panel Sets Three Standards For '90 Math Test
National News Roundup
Small Neb. Districts Wary of Bill To Limit Administrators
Study Offers View of Other Countries' National Tests
N.S.F. Awards $75 Million for 'Systemic' Reforms
N.Y. Lawmakers Halve Proposed Cut in School Aid
Q&A: A.A.R.P. Head Exhorts Older Americans To Work in Schools
74% of Colleges Offer Remedial Courses, E.D. Finds
R.I. Governor Proposes Creating 6 Regional Districts
Supreme Court Declines To Review Racial Bias Case
SUB: State News Roundup
Column One: Students
1991 State Revenue Growth Rate Slowest in a Decade, Study Finds
Children's-TV Advocates Launch Campaign To Put 'Teeth' Into 1990 Broadcasting Law
Albuquerque Moves To Put District on Year-Round Schedule
A.M.A. Devotes Journal To Issue of Access to Care
State Auditors in California Discover 'Serious' Flaws In Troubled District's Financial-Management
After Months of Delay, Dallas Educator Named Boston Chief
House Panelists Agree To Raise Social Spending
Capital Update
News In Brief
3 Federal Agencies Probing Cavazos Travel Practices
Superintendent Lam of Chelsea Resigns To Run for Mayor of Boston
Senator Proposes Trust Fund for Children's Programs
Questions on Quality for Textbook Selectors
District News Roundup
Column One: Students
Capital Update
Federal File: Transitions; Ted's choice; Off the wall?
Goals Panel Offers Hints of Shape of 'Report Card'
Ideas for Revising Student Aid Focus on Need For Information, Help Years Before College
Running Into an Environmental Roadblock, Honda Scraps Plan for School in Colorado
Creator of 'Tesseract' Method Offers Stock Shares to Public
C.T.W. Unveils Show on Literacy for Pre-Adolescents
News Updates
State Vocational-Ed. Plans 'Fall Far Short'Of Law's Vision of Overhaul, Groups Warn
Entrepreneur Whittle Unveils Plans To Create Chain of For-Profit Schools
Chapter 1: Felton Continues to Pose Logistical Challenges; Opponents of Services Wage New Legal
Chapter 1: Studies Show Mixed Results, Spur Calls for Changes in Program
Chapter 1: 'Full Funding' of Chapter 1 Remains An Elusive Goal
Chapter 1: Need for Separate Handicapped Program Again Up for Discussion
Chapter 1: New Provisions Forcing a Critical Look at the Quality of Services
Chapter 1: New Approaches to Funding, Testing, and Teaching Advocated
E.D. Agrees To Submit Documents on 'Diversity'
Ivy League Schools Agree To Stop Sharing Student-AidInformation
K-12 Education Focus of Annenberg Mission Statement
Court Upholds Ind. District's Bible-Distribution Policy
Scientists Introducing Students and Teachers To the Benefits--andRisks--of Biotechnology
National Crusade To Improve Destiny of Black Males Launched
Bush and Kennedy Bills Set Stage for Federal Debate
Capital Update
News in Brief
Court Backs Rule On Chapter 1 in Religious Schools
Chicago Board, Chief Face Criticism Over $316-Million Deficit
The President's Education Plan: A Sampling of Opinion
Column One: Curriculum
District News Roundup
Program To Send Middle-Grade Students to Colleges
Court Rejects F.C.C. Rule Banning 'Indecent' Material at All Hours
Capital Digest
Federal File: Ethical error; Tie talk; High-tech humor
Congress Extends Deadline for Handicapped Program
State Journal: Nothing else to do; Child shields
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Student-Loan Program Lambasted in Subcommittee Report
Senate Moving To Revamp La.'s Teacher-Evaluation System
Mass. Towns Vote Not To Pay Off Pair of School-ConstructionLoans
Mich. Lawmakers Deadlock on Efforts To Recoup Tax Cut
Budget Woes, Not Reform Bills, Center Stage in N.C.
Neb. Governor Urges Lawmakers To Make Tax SystemConstitutional
A Case in Point: District Fears Quality Is Suffering asIt Cuts Closer to the Bone
Scored for Slow Pace, O.C.R. Plans 40 Compliance Reviews
Ohio Lawmakers Mull Appointed State School Board
People News
Philanthropy Column
Private School Column
Q&A: Researcher Studies 'Visual Imagery' in Blacks' MathLearning
President Hits the Road To Push America 2000 Plan
San Francisco Eyes Pro Sports Tax To Pay for InterscholasticAthletics
State News Roundup
Uncertainty Reigns as Tenn. Reform Bill Advances
Texas Drive To Modify No-Pass, No-Play Policy Stalls
U.S. Educators, Architects Help Craft 'School of 21st Century'Near Moscow