Minnesota Lawmakers Renew Efforts To Allow Creation of
NASBE Forms 21-Member Panel To Explore Factors Contributing
Just-Passed Finance Plan Faces Challenges in N.J.
N.Y. Cuts Would Force Layoffs, Tax Hikes, Districts Warn
People News
Philanthropy News
Q&A: 'Philosophy for Children' Founder Discusses Soviet Venture
As Science Program Celebrates 20th Birthday, Clouds of Fiscal
Troubled R.I. District Becomes First To Request State Takeover
States News Roundup
Groups Aim To Block 'Stampede' to National Tests
Texas House Balks at School-Finance Compromise
Fact-Finder's Report Paves Way
Major Personnel Shakeup Appears Under Way at E.D.
Overcrowded D.O.D. School on Base in Ga. Faces the Possible
Aliens Invaded My School!
Students Turn a Bronx 'Crack House' Into Academic Haven
Capital Update
News in Brief
Ethics Is Not a Luxury; It's Essential to Our Survival
Column One: Curriculum
Gov. Romer Unveils Teachers' Contract For Denver Schools
Districts News Roundup
Summary of Panel Report on Measures of Progress Toward Goals
Congress Approves Desert Storm Bills
Federal file: A new recruit; Stocking the war chest; Sending
Districts Harmed by Hugo, Earthquake Failed To Receive
One in Eight Children in Households With Insufficient Food,
Panel Unveils Proposed Assessments To Measure Progress Toward Goals
Milwaukee Plan To Turn Aides Into Teachers Stalls
Head Start Advocates Say Funding Plan Favors Program Growth
Health News
Congress Provides Funds To Fight Infant Mortality
State Journal: The ultimate critique; No dog-and-pony show; Out
Educators Praise Leadership Team In the Department
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
As Science Program Celebrates 20th Birthday, Clouds of Fiscal
RAND Study Shatters Image Mexican Immigrants
Homeless, Poor Children Found To Face Similar Woes
Fund Awards $4.4-Million Grant To Support Guidance Counselors
More Than a Third of Teens Surveyed Say They Have Contemplated Suicide
Federal Role Remains Sticking Point In Goals Talks, Participants Admit
Graphing Calculator Lending New Insight Into Intricacies of Math, Advocates Say
State Journal: The Cat and the Canary; April Fools
After First Year, Ky. Reforms Called 'on the Move'
Letters to the Editor
Network of Groups Spearheading Campaign To Encourage Reading
St. Louis Voters Reject Slate Seeking Quick Halt to Busing
Maine Coalition Seeks Tax Increase To Assist Schools
National News Roundup
Catholic Educators Reveal Issues for Schools Meeting
'Packaging,' Not Content, of Science Seen as Stumbling Block for Students
Project To Reform Elementary Science Launched
Q&A: New Chair of Family Panel Set To 'Shake Up' Debate
People News
Tex. Board Softens Rules on Retention Before 1st Grade
Researcher Discusses Role of 'Classroom Crucible' in Policy
Books: Readings
Column One: Research
Texas Teacher-Retirement Fund Trashed for Porcine Ways
Proposal To Raid S.C. Trust Fund
Judge in Ill. Suspends Rule On Spec.-Ed. Assessments
State News Roundup
Tex. Judge Gives Another Chance On Equity Order
Letters to the Editor
Scholarships Based on Race Said To Be Rare
Fowl Fuel
House Budget Seen Backing Education Funding Hike
Court Upholds Rule on Chapter 1 Aid to Religious Schools
Committee Scores Points for 'Keeping Kids in the News'
Reform Versus Renewal
2 Students Killed in Schoolyard After Midair Crash
District News Roundup
Assessments Said To Fall Short In Advancing Science Literacy
Federal File: Side Effects: New Chief: A Familiar Voice
Local Foundations Form New Coalition To Aid Poor Youths
Teachers College Collection Opens a Window On a Dimly Lit Periodof American Education
Networks Train Spotlight on Education During Week of Special Programming
News Updates
Court Rules N.C. Boards Can Contract for 'Channel One'
State Journal: Held hostage; Mushroom treatment; No racks required
Finance Reform in Kansas Snarled in Fight Over Funding
Math 'Gender Gap' May Be Narrowing, Researchers Report
Expert Panel Recommends Continuing State-Level NAEP--But Only as Trial
Expressing 'Alarm,' N.A.E.S.P. Votes To Oppose Retaining Pupils in Grade
National News Roundup
Panel Chairman Joins Call for Larger-Scale Research
Column One: Teachers
Minn. Districts Adopt Joint Voluntary Integration Plan
People News
Q&A: Governor Muses on Contract He Drafted for Denver Teachers
E.P.A. Surveying for Radon Levels in 1,200 Schools
Sundlun Seeks 18.5 Percent Reduction in Rhode Island Aid to Schools
State News Roundup
Column One: Teachers
Texas Legislature Clears New School-Finance Plan
News Updates
14-Nation Student Writing Assessment Called Failure
Panel Backs Expanding Number of Districts in New York City
Public Colleges in 26 States Report Cutting Budgets
Administration Revamps Student-Aid Program Management
Alexander Names Officials To Fill Top E.D. Jobs Temporarily
School Programs Top States' Lists For Block Grants
Pittsburgh To Issue $13 Million in College-Savings Bonds
The Not-So-Great Pretender?
Budget Panel Calls for $2-Billion Hike in Education Spending
Chicago Advocates To Press Lawmakers To Amend Reforms
Survey by Chiefs Finds Little Correlation Between Mandates, Advanced Coursework
Building on Success, Catholic Educators Press Their Case for Private-School Choice
U.S. Near Top in 20-Nation Survey of Computer Use
District News Roundup
Early Years Column
Tight Budgets Escalate School Labor Tensions
F.C.C. Adopts Final Rule on Children's Television
Capital Digest
Federal File: Strategic planning; Dropping out of the department
Budget Limits Student Aid, Alexander Tells Panel
Health Column
Congress Urged To Extend Handicapped Program to Indians, Migrants
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Publishing News
Child-abuse Reports Up 31% in Five Years, Studies Find
'Diversity' Standards Prompt Review of Accrediting Agency
Cheney's Force-Cutting Proposal Would Target 71 Military Bases
Eye on Teen Fashion
Urban 'Underclass' Study Concludes Progress Has Been Made in Education
House Budget Seeks $2.4 Billion Increase for Education
Bush Strategy Launches 'Crusade' or Education
Battle Over Education Funding at the Heart Of Efforts To Balance California's Budget
Capital Update
Finney Signs Legislation On School-Finance Reform
Compact Disks: A StorehouseFor Text, Sound, Video Images
Issues in Supporting School Diversity:Academics, Social Relations, and the Arts
K.C. May Not Cut Academics To Offset Deficit, Judge Rules
Excerpt From Bush Administration's Plan To Revamp Schools
Capital Digest
Federal File: Tangling over turf on testing?
In Budget Crunch, Calif. Foundations Supporting Basics
Forum on Goals Suggests Educators Are Troubled by National Standards
H.H.S. Merges Programs To Aid Youths, Families
Honig, State Board in Bitter Feud Over Agency's Control
I.R.S. Memo Seen as a Threat to Family Child Care
State Journal: Giving and taking in North Dakota
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
Missouri House Members Up the Ante On Bill Raising Spending on Education
$10 Billion in Tax Hikes Planned, State Survey Finds
St. Louis, Missouri Weigh Settlement In Dispute Over Desegregation Effort
Omnibus Education Bill Wins Senate Panel's Backing
Citing 'Inept' Management, N.J. Chief Targets Paterson Schools for Takeover
People News
Q&A: Advocate Reflects on Interviews With Families About Hunger
Educators, Analysts Hail Strategy as Bold Departure
Foundation Grants $9.7 Million to 15 'Next Century' Schools
Rochester Union, District Reach New Agreement
Court To Rule on Segregation in State-University Systems
Special Education
K-12 Spending Outpaced GrowthIn State Budgets, Study Says
Prep Schools' Use of Transfer Players in Sports May Lead to Success, but Often Raises Eyebrows !
National News Roundup
Teachers in 38 Districts in Wash. State Stage Strike
Column One: Students
District Cutbacks In Summer Schools Seen as Damaging
UBJ: Firm To Use Compact-Disk Technology In Developing Exam
Gov. Richards Signs School-Finance Compromise in Texas
Copyright Ruling Spurs Questions Over Photocopying
Resurgence of Preventable Diseases Spurring New Push for Immunizations
Looking at Love in the Fast Lane
Technology News