Letters to the Editor
Proposed Cuts in School-Lunch Programs Assailed
Ellis Island Group Unveils Multicultural Curriculum
N.C.E.S. Considering Proposal To Administer NAEP Annually
N.E.A. Launches Teacher-Training Initiative in Three States
Judge Upholds Controversial Program To Help Okla. Districts
Foes Set Sights on Pennsylvania Teacher-Strike Law
Philadelphia To Ask Court To Mandate Measles Vaccinations
High Court Asked To Uphold Prayer at Graduation
'An Elated Kind of Feeling Everyone Is Expressing'
College's School Endeavors To Help Students Use Their Skills and
State News Roundup
Low Pass Rate Prompts Review of Texas Teacher Test
Split Texas Court Roils Legislative Debate Over Finance
Budget Standoff Is Seen as Peril to Toledo Reforms
Resources in Media Education
News Updates
Recession Prompting Districts To Consider 4-Day School Weeks
A Currency Campaign
Link Between Religious 'Cult,' Group Selling Self-Esteem Materials Alleged
Report Cautiously Optimistic on School-Business Ties
Standards Board Awards 3 Contracts To Develop Teacher Assessments
Playing the 'Bad Guy'
Bush Unveils 'Opportunity Package' of Domestic Initiatives
Capital Update
News in Brief
New York Chapter 1 Aid for Private Schools Attacked
The Case for Media Education
New York City Board Approves Plan To Distribute Condoms in High
Column One: Curriculum
District News Roundup
Black Seniors Less Likely Than Whites To Use Drugs, National
Though Still a Target of Attacks, Self-Esteem Movement Advances
Capital Digest
Federal File: 'Taking the bull'; Dallas bound; Talkin' suds
At Virginia School, Students Express Relief and Satisfaction
State Journal: Home work; Bully pulpit
Legislative Update
Psychologist's Cross-National Studies in Math Show U.S.'s Long
Business's Words, Actions To Improve Education at Odds,
Black Private Academies Are Held Up as Filling Void Seen as
University of Ga. Wins Contract for Teaching Tests
Head of Key Panel Balks at Bush's Budget Requests
Jump in Accreditation Fees Irks Schools of Education
N.J. Senate Approves Bill To Divert School Funding
Use of Satellites for Distance Learning Merits Serious
Oregon Board Approves Cutting Two Teacher-Education Programs
In the Press
Scholar Observes 'Fascinating' Changes in Soviet Education
Teacher-Education Reform Slow, Deans Say in Study
Recruitment Ads Said To Uncover Teacher Source
Column One: Research
N.A.S., Smithsonian Curriculum To Help Students 'Learn
Supreme Court Upholds Large Punitive Damages
State News Roundup
Senate Subcommittee Samples Views On Need for National Achievement Test
Update News
Revised Reform Package Wins Strong Backing of Wash. House3
Capital Update
News in Brief
Teacher Trainees at Black University To Move Into
Urban 'C.E.O.'s': Untangling the Governance Knot
Condom Plan for N.Y.C.'s Schools Prompts Debate Among
E.D. Consortium Seeks To Spur Alternative Assessments
Districts News Roundup
Early Years
Labor Department To Set New Job-Training Rules
Ferderal File: Deputy Kearns; Of bureaucrats and kudos
Chiles Urges Flexibility for Education In Plan To Eliminate
Georgia Legislature Approves Bill Creating Independent
Health News
I.B.M. Equips 'Distance Learning' Project in Miss.
State Journal: Pitching choice; AnimaAdversions
Investigation Into Investments Delays Vote on Alexander
Family-Leave Measure Clears Labor Subcommittee
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Learning Their Craft by Being Immersed in the Life of a School
Math Groups Urge Changes in Teacher Preparation
Media News
Music and Arts Courses Disappearing From Curriculum,
Head of Endowment Urges NAEP To Include the Arts on 1996 Tests
Upper-Class Parents Support Diversity, Quality of Public
National News Roundup
Update News
Merged Tenn. District Reaches Desegregation Accord
Legislative Update
Mich. Schools Must Inform Students of New Abortion Law
Alabama's 'Pork Barrel' Contains Money for Schools
Manville Trust Is Distributing $60.7 Million To Schools and
Cracking the Case
'Baby Boomlet' Brings Boom In School-Construction Projects
Capital Update
News in Brief
C.D.C. Head Backs Linking Immunizations, Federal Poverty
Census Confirms Remarkable Shifts In Ethnic Makeup
Directory of Chief State School Officers
States News Roundup
Column One: Teachers
Rep. Goodling Worries National Test Is Seen as Cure-All
Federal Appeals Court Overturns Judgment Against New York's
Yes, Writing and Reading Are Social Acts
Colleges News
Fiscal Equity and National Goals
2 in 5 Teachers In Conn. Fail Licensing Test
Districts News Roundup
School-Construction Issues Play Key Role in Equity Debate
Capital Digest
Confederate-Flag Protest Spurs Suspensions, Debate
Teenage Males Said More Apt To Die From Gunshots Than
Texas Project Spurs Poor Hispanic Youths To Gear for College
Teachers' Report Envisions Radically New Future for Schools
State Journal: Unwanted label; Ultimate concern
Administrators in Los Angeles Form A Bargaining Unit
After Two-Month Delay, Senate Confirms Alexander
Legislative Update
Modest Changes in La. Teacher Evaluation Proposed
Four Chicago-Area Lutheran Schools Struggle To Remain Open,
In Washington, a Magnet High School Opens Prospective
U.S. Charges Memphis With Voting-Rights Violations
Engler Seeks Shakeup of Michigan Education, Taxes
National News Roundup
People News
Supply of New Assessment Methods Said Trailing Behind Strong
One-of-a-Kind Fund-Raising Office Helps Schools in Pittsburgh
Private Schools Column
Q& A: Scholar Finds Teaching's Appeal Limited in Blue-Collar Town
O.C.R. Officials Defend Minority-Scholarship Policy
A.S.C.D.'s Board Signals Opposition To National Tests
Conferees Back Measure To FreeFunds for Board
Superintendent on Hold
Budget Cuts May Force 10,000 Layoffs Next Year, California
Capital Update
News in Brief
'Good Speech, Like Good Writing, Is a Form of Civility'
District's Condom Plan: 'Education Plus Safety'
School-Based Effort in Florida Aids Gulf Veterans, Families
District News Roundup
Capital Update
Children's Well-Being
Miller's 1st-Session Success Impresses Ga. Educators
Law To Aid Handicapped Infants Faces Critical Test
Students Ask Steps To Boost Awareness of Financial Aid
Senate Panel Backs New Finance Formula in Idaho
Coalition Asks Ind. Governor To Tap Reserves or Raise Taxes
Officials Seek More Time To Serve Handicapped Toddlers
State Journal: Demanding answers; Counterattack
Xerox's Kearns Is Nominated For No. 2 Post
Alexander Wastes No Time Making Office His Own
Letters to the Editor
Bill in Maryland Puts Spotlight on Readiness Debate
Group To Develop Standards for Multimedia Systems
Few Scholarships Granted Solely on Race, Study Says
National News Roundup
Neb. Lawmakers Move To Prevent 'Double Choice'
Ohio Monitoring Program Seen Violating Privacy Laws
People News
Publishing: In the Press
Q&A: Comprehensive Reproductive Health Care at Clinics Advocated
Calif. Educators Take Stock of Efforts To Ensure Schools Are
Court To Decide Constitutionality of Graduation Prayers
High Schools Urged To Assist in Reform Of Collegiate Sports
State News Roundup
Column One: Students
Teaching Our Teachers: Foundation Grants May Reflect 'Surge of
Sylvan Learning Corporation Merges With Computer-Training Firm
Technology Column
Testing Column
Compromise Reached on Texas" School-Finance Measure
News Updates
Washington State Teachers Support 'Multilocal' Strike
Film Subject's Notoriety Upsets Scholarship Program
Toll-Free Line For Copies of Bush Proposal