Town in N.H. Grants Property-Tax Break As Choice Incentive
A Month Later, Educators Are Still Seeking Final Word on Race-Exclusive Scholarships
tColleges Offer Data To Assess Scholarship Policy's Impact
Boston Board To Consider Plan To Revamp High Schools
In Search of Custer
The 'Education President' at Midterm: Mismatch Between Rhetoric, Results?
Capital Update
News in Brief
Chicago Parents' Suit Seeks Vouchers for Private Schools
Cavazos Has Kind Words for President In His Last Official Speech as Secretary
Effects of Poverty, Family Breakdown On Children Documented in 2 Studies
Study Documents Impact of Four Minn. Choice Plans
Elementary Lessons on 'The Habit of Involvement
Column One
Dallas Schools Seek To Streamline Decisionmaking
Romer Threatens To Intervene in Denver Dispute
Court Reinstates Desegregation Plan for Little Rock
District News
Students Persuade School To Reinstate History Course
High-School Course Requirements
Capitol Digest
Federal File: The short goodbye; Hard feelings; Money worries; Exit laughing
Indicators Panel Weighs Assessment for Preschoolers
Palmetto changes Lottery 'hoax'
Kellogg Plans Return to Small-Scale Roots
Educators Hail Nomination of Alexander as Secretary
Letters to the Editor
And a Look at Some of the People Who Made the News
Media News
Books: Essay
D.C. Museum Aims To 'Hook' the 'Tough Kids'
National News Roundup
States Face Cuts, New Taxes, or Both, 2 Surveys Find
N.E.A. To Discuss Policy on Teacher-Union Mergers
O.C.R. Head To Focus on Monitoring Compliance
People News
Grant Awarded for National Exam
Romer Threatens To Intervene in Denver Dispute
2 Judges Bar E.D. From Implementing Rule on Tests for Postsecondary Study
Rules To Boost Private Schools' Chances Of Receiving Surplus Federal Properties
Publishing News
Psychologist Examines Retention of Mathematical Knowledge
Goals Panel Creates Advisory 'Resource Groups'
Remembering the Year in Education
State Takeover Seen for Cash-Short District in Calif.
Defense Department Cuts Scholarships In Move To Reduce R.O.T.C. by 20%
States News
N.Y. Chief Bars the Use of Test Scores To Set Eligibility for Enrichment Classes
Lawsuit Urges Tucson To Comply With Civil-Rights Order
Update News
Study Assails Planning, Pace of Effort to Revamp Va. Agency
Excerpts From Alexander's Writings on Issues in Education
Proposal Calls for Students To Show Mastery of Skills
Property Assessments Loom as a Key Issue In Education Finance
Teen Tyros Take on Tiny Toons
News in Brief
Education Chairmen Rise in Stature in Statehouses
On Thought and Language:Communication Takes Time
District News Roundup
Early Years
Senators Decry Lack of Progress On School Goals
Capitol Digest
Federal File: William the Terrible?; Swapping slots
Schools Are Called Partly Responsible For Drop in Self-Esteem Among Girls
Teachers Tackle Today's 'Most Important Issue': Persian Gulf
Student Aid Seen Ripe for Reform In 1991 Congress
Short-Term Fix Approved for Chicago School-Reform Law
Plan To Link Iowa Schools Electronically Sparks Battle
State Journal: No choice; Reporting errors
Rule Asks Youths in J.T.P.A. Program To Seek Pell Grants Before Labor Funds
Many 8th Graders Spend School Day As Passive 'Sponges,' Study Concludes
Private School Opts Out of Milwaukee Choice Program
Researchers Have Inside Track in Md. District
NAEP Board Urged To Delay Standards-Setting Plan
NASBE Begins Yearlong Study of Multicultural Ed.
National News Roundup
N.C.A.A. Backs Major Changes In College Sports
Educators in Troubled NewarkFace a Deadly New Foe--AIDS
Report Charts Slow Movement on Governors' Reform Plans
New York City Board Backs New School Geared Toward Black and Hispanic Males
People News
Girls' Schools a Boon to Alumnae, Survey Reveals
Publishing News
Center Head Takes Aim at 'Inadequate' Knowledge on Testing
Racial, Ethnic Prejudice Still Prevalent, Survey Finds
Column One
Rochester Teachers, School Officials Reach Tentative Contract Agreement
Update News
Vocational Education
Revised Ruling Eases Way for Coordination of Welfare Funds
Bilingual Education
Detroit and Minneapolis Move To Create Schools for Blacks
Feeding the 'Monster'
Britain Sees Valuable Lessons To Be Learned From Industry-Education Compacts in U.S.
Economy Displaces Drugs as Cities' Top Concern
Collaborative Efforts Found To Improve Quality of Services
Marshall's Dissenting Opinion
Districts News
Hearing Probes Dangers of Electromagnetic Fields '
Capital Digest
Federal File
States' Fiscal Woes Put Education on the Defensive
Mastery of Workplace Skills Urged as Mandate in Indiana
'Jobs' Program Hailed For Prepping Students For Success at Work
State Journal: Alaska shake; Superfluit
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New In Print
Hispanic Graduation Rate Lags Others', A.C.E. Finds
National News
Democrats Plan To Revive Literacy and Goals Measures
Excerpts from Supreme Court's Ruling in Oklahoma City v. Dowell
'The Second-Toughest Job You'll Ever Love'
People News
Study Urges Against AIDS-Virus Test for Newborns
Advisory Panel Presents National-Test Plan to Bush
An L.A. Columnist's Salvo Launches a War of Words Over Teacher Salaries
Miss. Study of 'Writing To Read' Finds 'Significant' Gains in Students' Skills
Books: Readings
San Diego Agencies Join To Ensure 'New Beginning' for Families
Barriers of Poverty and Bureaucracy Pose Challenges to Service Agencies, Families

Mickelson Seeks Models for School Overhaul in S.D.
American Schools Overseas Redouble Security Efforts
New Study May Provide First Evidence Of the Effectiveness of Sex Education
National Certification Program Established For Exceptional Social-Studies Teachers
States News Roundup
School Balances War's Hard Lessons Against Need To Calm Fears
Column One: Teachers
Technology News
Update News
70 Organizations Pledge 'Major Efforts' To Improve Schooling inInner Cities
Educators Helping Students Come To Grips With War
Entering the School-Finance Arena, A.C.L.U. Files Lawsuit in Alabama
Women's College-Enrollment Rate Surpasses Men's
Parents in S.C. Attack Alleged 'New Age' Program
War Hits Close to Home for Arab-Americans in Detroit-Area Schools
Tomorrow's Diplomats Today
Colleges News
Thoughts on the New S.A.T.
New Congress Gets Ready To Grapple With Debates Over Student Aid, Goals
Fund To Create Reform Center
Districts News
Talking About the War: an Excerpt From a Teachers' Guide
People News
School-Chief Woes Spur Call for Change In Big-City Boards
Japanese Philanthropy Explodes in U.S., But Some Are Questioning Donors' Motives
State Journal: Sticking with reform; Change partners; Dropping equality'
Kinder-Care Negotiating To Restructure Large Debt
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Missouri Ponders Steps To Avert Financial Crises in Districts
Revisions Urged for Ohio Finance System
People News
Author of 'Shadow Studies' Examines 'Crisis' in Middle Schools
Districts Curtail Military's Access to Student Lists
Rochester Board Unanimously Rejects Teachers' Pact
Often Overlooked in Debate Over Dropouts, High-School 'Hang-Ins' Focus of New Attention
Governor Assails Property-Tax Measure, Calls for Sales Levy for Oregon Schools
Six American Students in Latvia Evacuated in Wake of Crackdown
States News
Column One
Reaction Mixed to High Court's Ruling On School Desegregation in Oklahoma
Court Declines To Decide Case Testing If Grove City Bill Applies to Prior Suits
Promise, Pitfalls Seen in Creating National Exams
Texas Court Orders New School-Finance Plan by April
Broadcasters Seek To Put War Into Meaningful Context for Children
Update News
For 1st Time, House Backs Bill To Allow Election of Some School Boards in Va.
Educators Urged To Absorb Adult-Training Programs
Virginia School Seeks 'To Keep Routine' For Children With Parents in the Military