Some Asian Americans Said Leery of Catholic Schools
Group To Help States Develop Alternate Tests
Proposal To Restructure B.I.A. Draws Cool Response From Indian Leaders
Steamed Up Over Science
Bush Panel Members Express Support for a National Test
Maryland Panel Seeks $800-Million Tax Boost
More Chapter 1 Schools Said Falling Short of Goals
Bankrolling Educational Entrepreneurs
Business-Run School Seen on the Sidelines in Chicago
High Court Declines Ariz. Day-Care Licensing Case
Curriculum News
Move To Replace Pact Splits Board, Union in Denver
District News Roundup
Fresno Schools, Hmong Refugees Seek Common Ground
Workforce Said To Demand More College Degrees
12 States Get Grants To Forge Links With Head Start Programs
State Journal: Buckeye vendetta?; No nose cutting; Uniform mediocrity
Letters to the Editor
Drive To Enlist Mentors for At-Risk Youths Launched
Two Groups Launch Drives To Promote Minority Involvement in School Reform
Educators Worry NAEP Levels May Hurt Instruction
Notion of 'Literary Canon' in Schools Not Valid, Report Says
Ohio Schools Given Say on Tax-Abatement Policies
People News
Guidelines on Alternate-Route Administrators Released
Private School News
Rural Schools' Links With Communities Can Be Asset in Curriculum, Study Says
Project Promotes Role of Volunteerism in Curriculum
Extension Urged on Spec.-Ed. Deadline for Infants
Ark. Improperly Diverted School Funds, State Supreme Court Rules
Cavazos Urges College Officials To Stem Tuition Rates
Update News
Va. School-Funding Proposal Irks Suburban Educators
Washington State Schools Anticipating Switch From Fiscal Surfeit to Shortfall
Wis. Panel Calls for Expansion of Private-School-Choice Plan
A Frustrated Boston City Council Votes To Abolish School Committee
National Model Seen
Capital Update
N.J. Assembly Approves District-Assessment Bill
Subsidies to Catholic Schools in N.Y. To Be Slashed
E.D. Awards $162 Million To 10 Groups To Run Federal Education Laboratories
Cavazos Creates Outreach Office To Promote Choice
Uncertainties Over Funding Slow Start Of New Assessment System in Boston
Justices Decline Case On Attorneys' Fees
Federal File: Choice paradigm; Bowl warning
Department Is Tardyin Issuing Regulations, Auditor Finds
Cameras Trail New Ky. Chief Along Statewide Tour
Fiscal Forecast Expected To Shape Ind. Reform Proposals
Over Angry Protests, D.C. Superintendent Is Fired
State Journal: Stunning offer; Society's taxers?; Loophole closer
L.A. Bilingual Aides Walk Out of Schools In Contract Dispute
Letters to the Editor
Districts Call For Flexibility on Magnet-School Rules
MacArthur Awards $1.3 Million for National Exams
Fernandez Unveils Plan To Distribute Condoms at Schools
Commentary: Training the Players for Power Sharing
PBS Programming 'Czar's' First Moves Threaten Future of 3 Children's Shows
People News
In the Press
Principals' Commission Urges Reforms To Align Their Preparation and Practice
Award Heralds Recognition of the Role of Teachers as Researchers
Special Education News
Draft Rules Ask Educators' Help in Deciding Eligibility of Disabled Children for Benefits
States News
Pa. Teachers Return to Class After 51-Day Strike
Rapid Turnover in Urban Superintendencies Prompts Calls for Reforms in Governance
Businessman's Used-Textbook Drive Hits a Warehouse-Sized Bottleneck
Funding for Children's TV Endowment Called Paltry
At Voc.-Ed. Show, Latest in Technology Turns Heads
Coalition Assails Private-School Vouchers as 'Unwise Public Policy'
West Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Law Linking Drivers' Licenses With Attendance
A Month in the Life of a Prospective Teacher: 'I Feel Called To Do It'
M.S.U. Education School Is on a Mission: 'Teaching for Understanding'