Budget, Appropriations Bills Reach President's Desk
Board Seeks To Wrest Power Over Policies, Budget From Honig
Capital Update
News in Brief
Now That the Dust Has Settled: A Box Score on Education Bills
District News Briefs
Early Years
Federal File: Killer pork; A virtue of necessity
Florida To Enhance Access to Test Scores
Law Encourages Schools To Use Indian Languages
State Journal: Tired of the tussle Choice growth
Letters to the Editor
In U.S.D.A. Test, Five Districts Offer Low-Fat Meals
Mississippi Schools Are Bracing for Funding 'Crisis'
National News Briefs
N.D. May Seek To Entice Interdistrict Cooperation
N.Y. Union Says It Will Not Renegotiate Wage Hike
Conservatives Succeed in Killing Omnibus Education Bill
Model School-College Partnerships Selected by New England Group
States and Cities Eyeing Pension As Fiscal Source
Yale Teachers' Institute Receives $2-Million Gift
In The Press
New Zealand Import: An Effective,But Costly, Way To Teach Reading
Environmental Concerns, Bottom Line Prompt Schools' Interest in Recycling
Group Creates Curriculum and Institute To Promote Teaching Religious Liberty
Private-School Programs for At-Risk Youths Spotlighted
S.A.T. Revisions WilBe Included In Spring '94 Test
Court Hears Challenge to Abortion-Counseling Ban
E.D. Owes Rhode Island Agency $2.7 Million, Judge Rules
Teenage-Parent Program Called Underutilized, Ill-Monitored
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Educators Focus Attention on Ways To Boost Student Motivation
3 Senators With Key Ties to Education Win Handily
Appellate Panel Upholds Unitary Status for Fort Worth
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Bennett To Resign 'Drug Czar' Post
Federal File: Face the music; No respect; High office
Coalition Seeks To Improve Curriculum, Boost Nation's Agricultural 'Literacy'
Pundits Say Results in Governor's Races Carry Warning on Spending
Law Could Bring Different Mix of Immigrant Pupils
State Journal: Candidate nobody; Kids voting
3 Finalists for Kentucky Commissioner's Job Chosen
Letters to the Editor
Cincinnati Seeks State Loan in Wake of Tax-Levy Defeat
Miami Black Leaders Protest Superintendent Choice
$25,000 Bonuses for Exemplary Teachers Include One String--Their Donor, Milken
School Practices Have 'Gone Wrong,' Cheney Says
Calls for Ending Superintendents' Tenure Re-Emerge in N.J.
Oregon Board Mulls New Regulations Concerning Private and Home Schools
State Officials Ask E.D. for Flexibility In Implementing New Voc.-Ed. Law
Experts Debate Whether Health Risks For Children Require NewStandards
High Court Hears Arguments in Case Challenging Non-Union Employee Fees
Teenage Girls' Sexual Activity Said To Rise Sharply
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Schools Turning to Teleconferences To Reach Broader Audiences
Afro-Centric Study Boosts Performance By Black Students, Researcher Finds
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Vocational Education
Picking the Winners
Illinois Districts File School-Finance Lawsuit
Bishops Adopt Statement Reaffirming Their Support for Catholic Education
Power of Parents Put to the Test in Chicago Reform Experiment
State Chiefs Set Sights on Federal Omnibus Education Bill
'Choice' and 'Voice' Acknowledge Parents' Key Role in Education Process
College News
Students Want and Need More Time With Adults
House Education Panels Slated for Major Reshuffling
Federal Court Rejects Teacher's Claim Of Right To Teach Theory ofCreation
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Work To Eliminate Use of 'Gateway Drugs,' Report Urges
Voters Appear Content With Legislatures--For Time Being
Proposals To Create New National Test For Students Misguided, Anrig Argues
New Federal Rules for Children's Television Draw Fire
O.C.R. Scores Early Win In Special-Ed. Dispute
Federal File: Making a point; By any other name; Brain teasers; Poor form
Goodlad Gets $1.25 Million To Help Institute Reforms
Report Raps Shared-Decisionmaking Effort in Los Angeles
Panel Calls for Overall Strategy To Assess Head Start
Role of Parents in School Decisions Long Debated
State Journal: Told you so; Gloomy post-mortem
New Medicaid Rules Called Further Threat to Budgets
NAEP Unveils National Math Achievement Standards
People News
College-Enrollment Trends for Black Males 'Less Extreme' Than Thought, Study Says
Shanker Quits 'Channel One' Advisory Panel
State News Briefs
Tennessee Board Set To Approve Restructuring Plan
News Update
Urban Educators Back Strategic Plan For Reaching Set of Reform Objectives
Ground-Breaking Voucher Program In Wis. Rejected
Portland's Pioneer 'Afro-Centric' Program Stirs Pride, Sparks Debate
Queen for a Game
Schools Await Census Data To Learn of Funding Shifts
Chelsea Panel Urges Groups To Define Management Roles
In Early-Years Programs, New Focus Is on Families
N.Y., California Governors Call for Deep Cuts in School Spending
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Early Years
To Help Identify Risk of Heart Disease, Schools Test Children for Cholesterol
Excerpts From Portland's 'African-American Baseline Essays'
Federal File: New job for Bennett; Special favors
High-School Coaches Lament Decline in Football Participation
Ga. To License Private School-Based Child-Care Providers
Health News
Houston Board Places Superintendent on Probation
Biological Study May Fuel Debate Over Hyperactivity
Board in Iowa Seizes Control Of Tiny District
Local Calif. Superintendent Tapped for Top Post in Ky.
Letters to the Editor
E.D. Withholds Aid for 2 Districts' Magnet Schools
'Melt' Found in Middle-Income College Enrollment
Battle Over Multicultural Education Rises in Intensity
Teachers' Unions' PAC's Gave $5.2 Million in '89-'90 Elections
NAEP May Delay Report Detailing State-Level Data
National News Briefs
NCATE Denies Accreditation to 1 in 3 Schools in Fall
States' Pension Funds Called Fiscally Sound
People News
Tex. Videodisk Vote Called Boon to Electronic Media
High-School Students Say Racial Incidents Common
Gulf Crisis Prompts Saudi Firm To Recruit Teachers
Teachers Column
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