Schools Feeling Effect of High Court's Access Ruling
Budget Summit Nears Agreement While Spending Reductions Loom
Judge Backs E.D. Move To Cut Off Funds to County
Capital Update
News In Brief
Senate Approves Bill To Create Panel To Track Goals
Gains Seen in B.U.'s Oversight of Chelsea Schools
Colleges Column
When Reform Meets Recession
Curriculum Column
District News Roundup
Labor Awards $3.2 Million in School-to-Work Grants
Survey Shows Expansion in Programs To Test Students, Teachers Since 1985
Capital Digest
Federal File: Late, late, late for an important date
Bush Orders Advisory Panel on Hispanic Education
One Year After Takeover by State, Cautious Optimism in Jersey City
State Journal: Campaign overture Mise en school
Labor Panel To Outline Changes Needed in Teaching, Testing To Prepare Workers
'Jury Still Out' on Re:Learning's Grassroots Reform Experiments
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
States in the Re:Learning Project
Math Courses Are Identified As 'Gatekeepers' to College
Pupil Performance 'Far Below' Goals, NAEP Finds
National News Roundup
N.C. Superintendent's Reform Plan Draws Criticism
N.S.F. Awards $8.6 Million in Effort To Redefine Way Science Is Taught
2 Proponents of Satellite for Education Present Their Cases to President Bush
Policymakers Undecided Over Fate of Pa. Testing Program
People News
After Battle, Senate Blocks Reauthorization of Titles X, XX
Districts Take Precautions for Predicted Midwest Temblor
Research Column
Rochester Teachers Reject 'Accountability' Contract
Accrediting Agency, University Offer Training for Restructuring
Parents Challenge Pa. District's Service Requirement
Special Education Column
State News Roundup
Spending on Services to Children of Teenage Parents Said To Be Rising
Finance Reform Is Struck Down By Texas Judge
Author of High-School Football Book Faces Threats
News Updates
Goals for Urban Schools Offered by Boards Group
Vermont Mandates Local Standards Boards for Teachers
Bias Against Asians at U.C.L.A. Found by Education Department
House Rejects Deficit-Reduction Plan, Raising Prospect of FederalShutdown
National News Roundup
Capital Update
News Updates: Deukmajian vetoes CAP, Other Education Measures; Texas Teacher Groups Press
E.D. Rejects Bids for Research-Dissemination Center
Old Idea, New Setting: Endowed Chairs for Schools
Technology Should Be Part of Curriculum, Not Supplement, Study Says
District News Roundup
Nearly All Schools Meet New U.S. Anti-Drug Rule
Senate Backs Reauthorization of Handicapped Act
Institute Outlines 'Progressive' Policy for Families
Capital Digest
Federal File: Chapter 1 Plaudits; Protecting Quayle
Panels in Ga., N.C. Reject Controversial Textbooks
Conferees Approve 'Full Funding' for Head Start
State Journal: Screening the Board; Just say 'Bears'
Letters to the Editor
Pilot Effort in 12 Districts Is Launched To Cut Paperwork in Meals Programs
In the Shadow of the Capitol, Academy Grooms Public Servants
2 Schools Aimed For Black Males Set in Milwaukee
New Jersey Educators Seek Effective Use Of Urban Schools' Huge Funding Increases
Bush Readies Threat To Veto Omnibus Education Measure
Ballot Initiative on 'Choice' in Oregon Holds Narrow Lead as Election Nears
In the Press
Books: Creating A New Kind of Reader for the 1990's
Rural America Is Quietly 'Hurting,' Educators Warn
College Board Trustees Postpone Vote on S.A.T. Revision
E.D. Awards $1.2 Million To Spur Use of Technology
Justices Consider When To Declare Districts 'Unitary'
Senate Confirms Souter Nomination to High Court
State News Roundup
Despite Fiscal Crunch, New York City To Raise Teachers' Pay by 5.5 Percent
School Drug-Testing Policies Stir Legal Challenges
Tulsa Business Officials Leading Drive For Citywide School-BasedChild Care
U.N. Declaration on Children Advocates Improved Education andHealth Services
News Updates
Teachers' Unions Jockey To Sway Races in Pivotal Election Year
Large 'Faculty Meeting' Ushers In Pioneering Assessment in Vermont
Take Me Out to the Mead Hall
Still Unclear How E.D. Would Fare Under Budget Plans
Recognizing Benefits, Cable Industry Is Reaching Out toEducation Market
Over Protests, Calif. Board Adopts History Textbooks
Capital Update
Four State School Chiefs Face Tough Re-Election Challenges
After Two Years, Cavazos' Relations With Fellow HispanicsRemain Rocky
Child-Care Accord Improves Chances For Bill's Passage
The Politics of Special-Education 'Backlash'
Architectural Pioneer in School Design Commemorates Its50th Anniversary
District News Roundup
St. Paul Board Members Stake Careers On Gains Resulting From School Tax
Excerpts From Goodlad's Book, Teachers for Our Nation's Schools
Capital Digest
Educators Join Battle Over Role of 'Telcos' in CableBroadcasting
Measure Reauthorizing Handicapped Act Cleared by House; Awaits Bush's Signature
G.E.D. Officials Urge Policy Changes To Stem Decline in Number Taking Test
Americans Give More Money to Philanthropy, Survey Finds
Goodlad's Teacher-Education Study Urges College 'Centersof Pedagogy'
O.C.R. Official Tapped To Head Initiative on Hispanic Education
Federal Officials See a 'Ray of Hope' for Indian Education
State Journal: Purloined letter; Buying the carrots?
Letters to the Editor
State Boards Urged To Focus on 'Retooling' Teaching Force
Macy To Expand Accelerated Program for Minorities
Group To Enlist 100,000 Engineers
Commentary: Thinking About Education
National News Roundup
People News
Philanthropy Column
Colorado District, University To Form Unusual Alliance
Choice Insufficient To Reform Schools, RAND Says
Prairie Tax Revolts Take Aim at Costly School Reforms
Third of Science, Math Teachers Each Year Found To BenefitFrom Small E.D. Program
Bill To Encourage Youth Service Nears Final Approval in Congress
Four Partnerships Get $14.8 Million For 'Star Schools'
School Built by Miss. Indian Tribe 'Breaks New Ground'
Bush Allows Children's-TV Bill To Become Law
News Updates
Youth-Service Effort 'Opens Eyes' To Appalachian Region's Prospects
Anti-Government Tide Buoys Tax-Limitation Plans
Congressional Panel Moves To HaltSecond Round of Base Closings
Native-Language Instruction Found To Aid L.E.P.'s
Project Provides Boston Youths a '13th Year' at Boarding Schools
Cartoon Couture
11 Percent Hike in Education Funding Nears Final Approval in the Congress
Capital Update
Candy-Sale Battle Threatens Catholic School's Fate
Conferees Increase Preschool and 'Latchkey' Funds
'Separate But Equal' Has No Place
'Cornerstone' of Education Advocacy Said at Stake in Three Key Senate Races
Author of Finance Ruling Runs for Ky. Lieut. Gov.
Firms Help Workers Become Science, Math Teachers
District News Roundup
Federal Judge Strikes Down Ga.'s Drug-Testing Law
Advocates Applaud Federal Program Authorizing Family-Support Services
Capital Digest
Money Is the Education Issue in Gubernatorial Races
WIC Program Boon to Mothers,Children, U.S.D.A. Study Finds
Health Column
U.S. Effort Asks Hispanics To 'Dile Que No' to Drugs
State Journal: Creation flap; Missing dinner; Hard to change
Letters to the Editor
Books: New In Print
Southern States Join Forces To Upgrade Adults' Basic Skills
Media Column
White House, Lawmakers Reach Accord on Omnibus Bill
Partnerships Column
Milwaukee School To Pay Parents for Attending Workshops
Peer-Counseling Programs Keep Lines of Communications Open
People News
Postgraduate Programs for Diploma Holders Appear To Be Growing at Boarding Schools
State News Roundup
Schools Testing Students To Evaluate 'Channel One'
News Updates
Whittle To Unveil New Programming for Teachers