Bilingual Education
Study of Drug-Exposed Infants Finds Problems in Learning as Late as Age 3
Study of Drug-Exposed Infants Finds Problems in Learning as Late as Age 3
School Support Said Key To Better Computer Use
A Colorado Baedeker,Kid-Style
Budget Talks To Resume as Fiscal Troubles Mount
Calif. Controller To Disburse Funds Governor Impounded
Capital Update
Okla., Neb. Initiatives Face New Legal Hurdles
Poll Finds Drop in Teacher Satisfaction With Degree of ControlOver Their Jobs
E.D. Moves To Halt Aid to Georgia District, State Agency
Chicago Board, Teachers Agree on 3-Year Contract
House Approves Civil-Rights Bill
Teaching Integrity: The Boundaries of Moral Education
Tornadoes in Northern Illinois Leave At Least Five Dead inSchools
Early Years
Attention-Deficit Proposal Spurs Spec.-Ed. Protests
Bilingual Expert Named Director Of U.S. English
Inspector General Given New Hiring Authority
Institute To Train State Lawmakers in School Reform
Budget Troubles Overshadow Schools As the Chief Issue in StateLegislatures
Faced With Lawsuit, Florida Revamps Education forLanguage-Minority Pupils
44 States, D.C. Report IncreasesIn Participation in Food Stamps
Shift in Federal Student Aid Is Found To Have Affected Blacks'College Plans
Congress Set To Fight Over Panel Overseeing Goals
Members Appointed to the Education Goals Panel
E.P.A. Awards $125,000 to Michigan To Help Reduce Pollutionin Schools
New Regulations for Head Start Seek To Broaden and ImproveOperations
Health Column
Study Hails Vocational Program for Refugee Youths
Proposed Day-Care Rules in Maryland Require Holding and Talking to Infants
I.B.M. Labs Funded in Wisconsin
Report Seeks New Spending To Cut Infant Mortality
Despite Diagnoses, Girls as Likely as Boys To Have Reading Disability, Study Reveals
Bureaucracy's 'plague' Fowl play
Turmoil in Gulf Hits Mideast's American Schools
Wis. Takes Steps To Counter Criticisms of Learnfare
Legislative Update
Student-Loan Program Back to Speed As Fears of S.&L.-LikeDebacle Ebb
E.D. Reviewing Magnet-School Grant Compliance
Funding for Mass. Schools Again Cut; Educators Bracing for MoreThis Fall
Nobel Laureate's Vision Is Realized: Chicago Teacher AcademySet To Open
Lawsuits on Medicaid Seen a Threat to State Coffers
High-School Race Makeup Seen Linked to College Success
School's Painting of Jesus Barred
Despite Doubts, NAEP Panel Meets To Set First NationalStandards for Achievement
New Members, Chairman Named to NAEP Board

Legislators Assert Their Role in National-Goal Effort
Williams Charts A New Agenda For Rights Office
School Officials Scramble To Blunt Impact of Surge in GasolinePrices
Campaign-Finance Bills Seen Curbing Unions' Clout
Gallup Poll Finds Doubts Goals Can Be Met by 2000
Maryland Panel Urges Strategies To Raise Black Male Achievement
Utah Lawsuit Sets Off Raging Debate Over Prayer at School-Related Events
Call-Up of Reserves Raises Problems for Several Districts
Dispute Over Pay Roils Contract Talks in Rochester
S.A.T. Verbal Scores Continue Slide To Lowest Level Since1980 and 1981
Leaders in Selma Reach Two Accords, Ending Racial Tensions Over Schools
Extra Hours for Remedial Work Added in S.F.
Diverse Panel To Revamp N.Y. History Curriculum
S.R.E.B. Proposes Reciprocal Teacher Certification
Appeals Court Upholds Pa. Ban On Religious Garb in Public Schools
Study Refutes Link Between Sugar and Aggression
Subject-Matter Groups Convene Historic 'Congress'
Nearly Half of Newly Hired Teachers Returned to Profession, Survey Finds
Study Cites Benefits of College Mentoring Programs
Judge Rejects Challenge to Wisconsin Voucher Law
$5,000 Salary Raise for Teachers Nears Passage in West Virginia
Behind-the-Scenes Influences on Educational Innovation
U.S. Opts Out of International Performance Assessment
Group Claims E.D. Withheld 2 Studies Critical of Bilingual-Education Programs
College Bonds Benefiting Wealthy,
Special Delivery
Books: Excerpts
California Legislature Fails To Resolve Issue of Impounded Education Funds
News in Brief
Poorly Regulated Child Care Widespread, C.D.F. Finds
Milwaukee's Choice Program Enlists 391 Volunteers
A Serpent in the Eden of Punctuation
A Warning on Computers--and 'Ninja' Thinking
Prize-Winning Author Cremin Dies at Age 64
Curriculum News
Districts News Roundup
Ruling Requiring Drug Tests For E.D. Drivers Challenged
Policymakers Are Turning Their Attention To the Transition From Special Education
Capital Digest
White House Cites Progress on Altering Education Laws
State Journal: Crisis management; Care on prayer "
Congress Envisions Pivotal Role for Schools in Job Training
Coordination of Local Jobs Programs Is Better Than Realized, Study Finds
Letters to the Editor
Voters To Consider Limiting Uses of La. Trust Fund
Study Finds Children of Smokers At Increased Risk of Lung Cancer
N.J. Adopts Alternative Route for Superintendents
$2.7-Million Grant To SupportCurriculum in Human Biology
E.T.S. Previews Revamped Examination for Teachers
O.E.R.I. Increases Field-Initiated Research Grants
Child Advocates Take Aim at Ore. Health-Care Plan
People News
National Health Goals Stress Preventive Measures
Choice Plan's Architect Relishes Her Role As State Legislature's 'Lone Independent'
In The Press
Commercial Test Publishers Entering Market for Performance Assessments
States Journal: Ala. Adopts Performance-Based Accreditation Planfor Districts
Buoyed by Newly Enacted School Reform, Kentucky Teachers Demand Salary Hikes
Tax Change Could Stem Giving,Private Schools, Charities Warn
La. Teachers Sue To Block Evaluations Abolishing Tenure
New Tests Based On Performance Raise Questions
Head of E.D.'s Indian-Education Office Aims To Build Schools' 'Indian-Ness'
Update News
Vocational Education
Scores on 'Enhanced' A.C.T. Remain Stable in 1990
Ariz. Probes Alleged Misuse of Thousands in School Funds
Teaching Board Wins $3-Million Grant To Publicize Its Work
Drive To Restructure Boston School Committee Dies
Dressing For Danger
Senate Panel Approves 15.2% Hike in E.D. Funding
News In Brief
C.E.D. Urges 'Life Cycle' Strategy for Labor Force
Broadcast of PBS's Series on Civil War To Be Accompanied by School Materials
Let More Teachers 'Re-Invent the Wheel'
Districts News
Capital Digest
Federal File: Career moves
Monitoring Panel Likely To Be Inserted in Bill, Aides Say
S.C. Suit Challenges Test for Home-Schooling Parents
State Journal: Governor's blast; Campaign blunder; Stop v. Go
'Latchkey' 8th Graders Likely To Possess Emotional 'Risk Factors,' Study Discloses
Mass. Requiring Lead Screening For School Entry
Lax Student-Loan Regulation Invites Abuses, Witnesses Tell Senate Panel
Early-Childhood Educators BemoanThe Scarcity of Males in Teaching
Media News
Educators, Entertainers To Study Music, Arts Instruction
NAEP Board Reconvenes Standards-Setting Group
National News Roundup
People News
Researchers Choose 6 Sites To Test Mathematics Project
Faced With Cuts In Funds, Seattle Postpones Rules
States News Roundup
250,000 Teenagers Have Used Steroids, Number May Be Growing, Studies Find
Even as Gaps in Data Are Filled, Teacher-Supply Debate Lingers
Cable Network Begins Second Season of High-School Sports
Heads of State To Convene World Summit for Children
Update News
Va. Overhauls Department To Shift Focus From Regulation toResearch and Service
Educators Scurry To Prepare for Voc.-Ed. Reforms
Federal Laws Failing To Narrow Educational Gaps, Report Claims
Ariz. Businesses Offer Schools a Deal: Higher Taxes for Reforms in Voc. Ed.
E.P.A. Guide Warns Schools To Avoid The Unnecessary Removal of Asbestos
Movement Grows To Rescue Black Males 'in Crisis'
A Student Body With Drive
Education Funding Hike Seen at Risk in Senate Committee
N.Y. Project To Foster Use of Cable Television in Schools
Capital Update
Bishops To Consider Statement on Catholic Schools
Cleveland Asks Court To Declare District 'Unitary'
A Wasted Reform Resource: The Assistant Principal
Ga. County Seeks To Prevent Cutoff of Federal Aid
District News Roundup
Lawmakers Tentatively Agree To Drop Proposal on Attention-Deficit Disorder
Capital Digest
Federal File: Teaching for dollars?; Gentleman's C for Bush; Diplomatic Ties
State Journal: Titans' Clash II; Bumping puppets
Senate Passes Measure To Reauthorize Head Start
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
Md. Plan Would Give College Grants to Poor Pupils
New Teachers Say They Are Prepared To Teach Ethnically Diverse Students
National News Roundup
Money Woes Seen Weakening N.C. Religion Effort
Two Texas Schools Split With NCATE Over Schism Between Standards, Law
Publishing Column
Certification for Spec.-Ed. Teachers Sparks Debate in 2 States
Books: Readings
'Tracking' Hampers Minorities' Access To Math, Science Careers, Study Finds
In Rochester, Skepticism, Confusion Greet News of 'Revolutionary' Pact
Integration of Education and Job Training Is Called Key to Welfare-to-Work Programs
Education-Related Issues in the Supreme Court's 1990 Term
News Updates
Silber's Gubernatorial Primary Win Stuns Mass. Educators
Souter's Views Unclear on School-Related Rulings
New Orleans Teachers Strike for the First Time Since 1978
2 Groups Laying Plans To Develop National Exams
Federal Rule Seen Snarling Welfare-Education Efforts
Wise Looks to Outside Funding for New Activities