48 States Have Alternate Route for Teachers, Survey Finds
Senate Bill Aimed at Reducing Child Abuse on Indian Lands
History Curricula Stir Controversy in Largest States
As Advertising Aimed at Youths Increases, Firm Plans 'Video Kiosks' in High Schools
Arizona Legislature Kills Choice, Balances Budget
Military, Educators Join Forces To Recruit Newly Demobilized Officers Into Teaching
State Education Boards' Power Faces Renewed Challenges
The Sweet Smell of Success
Church Group's Access to Public School Upheld
Lack of Exits Blamed for Deaths in Texas Bus Crash
School-Funding Guarantee Protected In Agreement on California's Budget
Capital Update
News in Brief
N.A.E.Y.C. Criticizes School-'Readiness' Criteria
Cavazos Acts on Long-Dormant Civil-Rights Cases
House Sustains Bush's Veto of Bill on Family Leave
Senate Bill Would Ease Job-Discrimination Lawsuits
The Value of National-Service Programs
Education Department Issues Anti-Drug Curriculum
District News Roundup
Mass. Middle School To Focus on Hispanic Youths
Drug-Free-Schools Panel Curbs Stress on Alcohol, Tobacco
Conferees Reiterate Need for Fundamental Reforms
Capital Digest
Federal File: Poverty effort nixed; Incongruity
N.G.A. Lists Strategies for Achieving National Goals
N.Y. To Ease Transition From Special Ed.
Hispanics' Achievement Is Declining As Population Grows, La Raza Warns
New York's 'Multicultural' Plans Draw Fire From Two Sides
Researchers Cast Skeptical Eye on Efficacy of 'Writing to Read'
State Journal: Raucous reception; Suit side switch
New Proposal on Job-Training Sets House Committee at Odds
Ky. Districts Seen Jumping on Reform Bandwagon
G.A.O. Finds Benefits in Private Tuition-Guarantee Programs
Federal Judge Halts Learnfare for Milwaukee Pupils
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
E.D. Declines To Rescue Student-Loan Guarantor
5-Year Teacher-Education Program Proposed in Maryland
Shanker Remarks Renew Possibility Of Merger of Two Teachers' Unions
Mississippi Reforms on Hold After Deadlock Over Funding
Elementary Principals Issue Standards For Early-Childhood Program Quality
National News Roundup
Group Outlines Agenda for Boosting Education Data Base
Study of 8th Graders Finds % at High Risk of Failure
N.J. Lawmakers Adopt Florio's School-Finance Plan
Win in Legislature, Setback in Court for Fernandez
Oklahoma Voters To Decide School Reform's Fate
Plans for Choice, Regulatory Relief Passed by House
PARENTS as Partners
People News
A Union-Building Lesson for Polish Teachers
Private Schools Column
Independent-Public School Links Breaking Down Wall of 'Elitism'
National Board Urged To Reach Out to New Groups
RAND Researchers Outline Plan for 'Teaching Internship'
Panel on Indian Education To Suggest 'Bill of Rights'
Review of Biology Texts Reveals Coverage of Evolution Improved
New Hampshire Judge Tapped To Fill Brennan's Court Seat
State News Roundup
Superintendents Dismissed in Los Angeles, Atlanta
Texas Board Votes To Forbid Retention Before the 1st Grade
Text of Statement by 'Scholars in Defense of History'
Highlights From the N.E.A. and A.F.T. Conventions
News Updates
Conferees, Approving Voc.-Ed. Bill, Adopt New Formula for Targeting Aid
Q&A: A Scholar of the Teaching Profession Takes the Helm of Accrediting Body
Caperton Launches $22-Million Computer Effort for Grades K-1