Excerpts From New Brookings Institution Book on Schools
Colleges Report Increase in Freshman-Class Openings
E.D. Trying To Curb Judges' Authority in Appeals, Critics Say
Lessons From Space
Capital Update
News in Brief
Chiefs Add Testing, At-Risk Data to Indicators Report
'Open Market' of Schools Needed, New Book Argues
Cleveland Will Buy Out Rest of Tutela's Contract
Calling for an American System Of Apprenticeship
Education and Health Sectors Are Urged To Cooperate To Ensure
Books: The Subversive Vision of Best Children's Books
In Dade County, Company Gears Up To Help District Run a Public
Television Decoder Touted as Reading-Instruction Aid
Rural School Teachers
Districts News Roundup
Capital Digest
Federal File: Top secret; Selden's riposte
Health Column
State Journal: Departing in Delaware; Costly error
Agreement Provides for Refunds on Water Coolers
Legislative Update
Letter to the Editor
E. Nesbit: Reshaping Children's Fantasy
NCATE Breaks With Tradition in Selecting RAND's Wise To Become
N.J. Educators Assail Florio's School-Finance Plan
N.S.F.'s Education Director Ousted in Reorganization Plan
People News
Book Will Ignite Yearlong Debate About Choice, Educators Predict
Research Column
Electronics Firm Sets $10 Million For Science-Education
Court Backs Army-Base Teachers' Bargaining Right
Learning-Disabled Students Found To Fare Poorly
States News Roundup
Interest in College Talent-Search Programs For Young Students
Clements Calls 4th Special Session on School Aid in Texas
Company Taps Teachers To Sell Educational Games
News Update
Congress Mulls New Aid to Food Program Hit by Cutbacks
Wichita District To Establish Magnet School in City Hall
Finance System For N.J. Schools Is Struck Down
A Long-Distance Date
Calif. Votes To Relax Ceiling on Spending Growth
Capital Update
News In Brief
Youth Groups To Be Focus of New Carnegie Research
The Polgar Sisters and American Education
District News Roundup
Death Threats Linked To Desegregation Efforts in Duval
Gains From Early Intervention Shown In Study of Low-Birth-Weight
Federal File: Congressional oversight; Child abuse?; Cavazos
Florida Bill Urges Districts To End Grade Retention
Universal Access to Health Care for Teenagers Advocated
Iowa Districts Ready Tax Hikes Without Public Vote
State Journal: A new strategy; Sympathy for the chief; Lining up
Kennedy's Concurrence
Letters to the Editor
Marshall's Concurrence
School Religion Club Is Constitutional, Court Rules
Peterkin Drops Milwaukee's 'Controlled Choice' Plan
Students Spend Little Time Reading Or Writing in School, NAEP
National News Roundup
U.S.-Soviet Science-Education Conference Slated
Panel Urges Watchdog Agency for N.Y.C. Schools
Panel Examines Problems Faced By Black Males
Clerk's Summary of Key Provisions In N.J.'s High Court Ruling in
People News
New Pregnancy Guidelines Stress Need for Adequate Weight Gain
Private, Parochial Educators Discuss What They Can Do To Get
Effects of Decision On Extracurriculars Raise Thorny Issues
States Must Pay Refunds for Illegal Taxes, Court Says
Firms Erred in Special-Education Billing, E.D. Says
State News Roundup
Stevens' Dissent
Higher Rate of Mental Disorders Found Among Teenagers
Hawkins Drafting Measure on Student Assessment
Ending the Deadlock: Gov. Clements Signs School-Finance Plan
News Updates
Hubbert in Ala., Silber in Mass. Gain in Races for Governor
Yearbook Incidents Spark Debate on Advisers' Role
Excerpts From the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling in Board of Education of the Westside Community Schools v. Mergens
Electronic Yearbook
Action on Education Bill Seen in Renewed Budget Process
Capital Update
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Despite Growth of Alternative Routes, Few Teachers Have Earned Credentials
Forum Suggests Choice Is Gaining Bipartisan Tinge
Philanthropy and The Restructuring Of Schools
Counselors in Elementary Schools: Children's 'Prevention Specialists'
House Panel Nears Agreement on Omnibus Education Bill
In Charleston, Desegregation Case Dismissed
Teachers, Administrators Skeptical of Detroit Choice Plan
Education Honorario Found To Yield Scant Cash forMembers of Congress
Districts News Roundup
Districts News Roundup
Private Schools Said Free From Anti-Drug Mandate
Early Years Column
Conferees Make Progress On Child-Care Measure
Georgia Ends Performance-Based Tests for Teachers
Little Progress Is Seen on National Education Goals
Children's Express Asks Media Focus on Youth Issues
Thompson Seeks To Expand Learnfare Into Early Grades
Senate Clears Family-Leave BillBut Veto by Bush Is Threatened
Legislative Update
Letters To The Editor
Media Column
Mabus Offers Plan for Funding Most of Miss. Reform Bill
D.C., Museum To Open School for At-Risk Youths
Board To Oversee School-Business Clearinghouse
75 Groups Sound Warning Over Expansion of Assessment