News Update
Science Debate Dominates Senate Asbestos Hearing
Bilingual Education Column
5-Year Study Faults Placement Practices For L.E.P. Students
House Panel Backs $20 Million For National Board for Teaching
Not Just Another Bake Sale
Plan To Shift Defense Funds to Education Blocked
Capital Update
News In Brief
70 Chicago Principals Break With Colleagues To Press Board To Institute School Reforms
Panel on Youths Targets 6 Areas For Examination
Colorado House Backs Bill To Cut Property Taxes
Human Issues Are 'Classics That Count'
Crimes Against N.Y.C. School Employees Increase
Districts News Roundup
States Given Wide Latitude in Devising Anti-Drug Policies
Capital Digest
Federal File: Visual aids; Impact-aid marathon
Legal Challenges to Finance Formulas on Court Dockets in at Least 12 States
Misreading Said To Hamper Hispanics' Role in Schools
U.S. Agrees To Pay $13 Million To Settle 8 Abuse Suits Brought by Hopi Indians
Senate Panel To Examine Role of E.D.'s Watchdog
Sharing of School Functions Eases Consolidation in Iowa
After Ruling, Focus in Kansas City Shifts To Putting Plan Into Action
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
+Abolish Grade Retention, Massachusetts Chief Says
Math Educators Seek To Build Coalitions To Translate Reform Ideas Into Practice
N.A.B.E. Sounds Alarm on Early-Childhood Programs
National News Roundup
N.C. Schools To Cut Nearly $40 Million From Budgets
NCATE Rejects Over One-Fifth of Accreditation Requests
Asbestos Study Finds Custodians At Increased Risk
24-Nation Effort To Compare Schools Steams Toward First Report in 1992
People News
Philadelphia School Goals Set in Wake of 'Summits'
Study Notes Lack of Policy Activity on Principalship
Groups Push for Big Boost in Special-Education Funds
States News Roundup
Teachers Column
Clements Expected To Veto $555-Million Finance Bill in Texas
Union Locals Join To Encourage Parent-School Ties
AIDS-Education Programs Fall Short, Auditor Reports
Spending Plans for Fiscal '91 Advance in Both House, Senate
Program Draws Grassroots Support From the Start
Capital Updates
News In Brief
Teachers' Computer Skills Self-Taught, Not a Result of Training, Survey Finds
Staff Development Prgograms for The 90's
High Court To Rule On When Districts End 'Dual' Status
District News Roundup
Educators Remain Split Over Cabinet-Level Agency
Panel Votes To Bar Paddling of Disabled Children
Capital Digest
Federal File: Private concerns; Spring plansDenial
House Panel Backs 'Full Funding' For Head Start Program by 1994
Voucher Bill Re-Emerges in the Illinois Legislature
State Journal: Buddy Roemer's blues; Sooner smoke-out
Los Angeles Schools Overturn Ban on 'Junk Food'
Kansas Legislators Stalled Over Changes in Property Taxes
Legislative Update
Letters To The Editor
National News Roundup
10-Year Project Aims To Improve Math for Minorities
New York City Schools Take 1st Steps Toward Management at theSchool Site
Parents as Partners
People News
Principals Worry Transit-Fee Rise Hurts Attendance
Bush's Advisers Urge Input On Measuring Goals Progress
N.J. Voters Resoundingly Reject Property-Tax Hikes
School Group Seeks Payment of Taxes in Thrift Bailout
State News Roundup
Supply of New Teachers Rose in the Mid-1980's, N.C.E.S. SurveyFinds
Harvard Family Research Project
Graduates of Other Fields Emerge As Force in Teacher-Training Ranks
Technology Column
Texas Judge Grants 1-Month Extension For a Funding Plan
Navajo Leaders Seek Ouster of Superintendent
News Updates
'Wall Chart' Data Show Passivity, Secretary Warns
Survey Finds Only 12 States Mandate Elementary-School Counseling Services
350,000 Abductions by Family Members Documented
Study Links Drug Experimentation, Psychological Health
Administration Column
Lawmakers Kill Cowper's School-Endowment Plan
Ohio Schools Flout Asbestos Law, Union Poll Says
Earning Extra Credits
Education's Prospects Uncertain in Budget Summit
Capital Update
News in Brief
Report Finds Gap in State Services for L.E.P. Students
Lack of Funds Halts Measles-Vaccination Program
Boston University and Chelsea: First Lessons
Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Teacher-Standards Panel
Cooperman Legacy: Gutsy Reforms, Unsolved Problems
District News Roundup
Panel Debates Focus of 'Drug-Free Schools' Report
Capital Digest
Federal File: Official disagreement; 'Wall chart' scrap; Legislative relief; Of logs and schools
Company Has Schools Scrambling To Buy New Football Helmets
Ill. Bill Clarifies Authority To Institute Dress Codes
Senate Passes Bill To Boost Payments To Districts Affected by Base Closings
In the Press Column
State Journal: Where's the waste?; Go to bed
Fla. Klan Urges Teachers To Fight Transfer Orders
House Backs Bill Requiring Family Leave for Workers
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Louisiana Board Adopts New Formula Increasing State Aid to Poor Districts
State and Testing Officials Dispute Gloomy View of Pupil Achievement
Media Column
Gambling Violence Spurs 2 Mohawk Schools To Close
Montana Study Documents the High Cost Of Equalizing School-Construction Funding
National News Roundup
Books: Fantasy and Purpose in Children's Storytelling
New York Eyes Pension Fund To Increase School Aid
People News
Education Officials Reconsider Policies On Grade Retention
Officials React Cautiously To Plan To Cut Prices of Real Estate Seized From Thrifts
State News Roundup
Teachers Column
News Updates
Panel Urges Education To Revitalize Citizens' Participation
NAEP To Create Three Standards For Performance
National News Roundup
N.E.A. Gives Qualified Backing to 'Alternative Certification'
House Backs Measure To Expand Head Start To Cover All Eligible
H.H.S. Urged To Proceed With Teenage-Sex Survey
I.R.A. Reaffirms Opposition to State Comparisons
State News Roundup
$6.2-Billion School-Finance Plan Faces Uncertain Fate in Texas
New School or Trump Tower for L.A.? Site's Fate Will Hinge on State Board
Campaign Reforms Could Cut Unions' Clout, Some Say
Big-City Districts Urged To Collect Data by Ethnicity
Budget Increasing State Aid to Schools Squeaks Through Vermont Legislature
Column: Youth Services
The Circus Comes to School
Capital Update
News In Brief
Rejection of Proposed Candidates in Chicago Protested
Citibank Pledges $20 Million for School Programs
Colo. Lawmakers Mandate Open Enrollment Within Districts
Parents Must Act To Change School Math
I.B.M., Apple Launch Offensives In War for Precollegiate Market
U.S. Panel Urges School Reforms For Miss. Delta
District News Roundup
Ban on Paddling Is Deleted From Bill on Disabled
Capital Digest
Federal File: Back to school; Togetherness Division
Number Taking and Earning G.E.D.'s Found To Drop Sharply in LastYear
'Silver-Ribbon Panel' Calls for Upgrading 25-Year-Old Head Start
School Ills Attributed to Insufficient Use of Resources
Indian Panel Urged To Frame Report in Context of Goals
State Journal: Thanks to teachers; State chief's troubles
Federal Agencies Sound the Alarm Over the 'School-to-Work Transition'
Legislative Update
Education Groups Form Student-Loan Consortium
Mass. House Approves $1.2-Billion Tax Increase
Military Families Press To Receive Services for Their Disabled Children
Teachers Lambaste Order in Boston's Desegregation Case
'The King's' Curtain
Districts Are Warned To Inspect All Buses For Substandard Bolts
Capital Update
Commission on Children Aims To 'Make a Difference'
Colleges Column
'Windows' Software for I.B.M. Computers Released
Curriculum Column
District News Roundup
E.C.S. Panel Examines Strategies Used To Attract Minority Teachers
Energy Secretary Unveils Science-Education Projects
Capital Digest
Federal File: Inefficiency; Finalist Tancredo; Wrong numbers
E.D. Criticized for 'Shutting Out' Homeless Children
State Journal: Brawling for dollars Date-rape veto
Debate Over Family-Leave Legislation Reveals Rift in the Education Community
Legislative Updates
Letters to the Editor
Roemer's Computer Plan Engenders Stinging Attacks in La.
Nintendo Donates $3 Million for Study of Learning
Focus on Educational Equity, Rights Advocates Urged
National News Roundup
New York Chief Outlines Plan for 'Results' System
Peace Corps To Expand U.S. Teachers' Program
People News
Maryland County May Pay Girls Not To Get Pregnant
School Radon-Testing Bill Unnecessary, E.P.A. Says
Books: Grades and Payoffs: On Students Lack of Commitment
2-Year Tax Increase Proposed To Offset Budget Cuts in R.I.
Once Divided, Seattle Residents in Accord On Five Goals for Improving City's Schools
Toughen Laws on Sale of Tobacco to Minors, Sullivan Urges
State News Roundup
Ford Study Urges New Test System To 'Open the Gates of Opportunity'
Texas House Poised To Override Finance-Bill Veto
U.C. System Toughens Requirements for Admission
News Updates
Fernandez To Lead 'Summit' on Urban Education
New Spec.-Ed. Funding System in Vt. Could Set Precedent, Experts Predict
Oregon School Districts' Fiscal Future Tied to Fate of Northern Spotted Owl