Choice Claims Overstated, A.S.C.D. Panel Concludes
A.T.E. Joins Chorus of Concern Over Eligibility for Certification
Independent Boarding Schools Seeking 'All Kinds Of Kids' as Enrollments Drop
Be Prepared, 1990's-Style
New Bias Suit Is Filed Against District in La.
Honig Lends Support to Bill Barring Teacher Strikes
Capital Update
News in Brief
E.D. Set To Unveil List of 18 Centers To Compete for Federal Research Funds
Request for Developing Teacher Assessment Prepared
Judge Rejects E.D. Rule on Aid to Religious Schools
A 'Wave of Nostalgia' in Eastern Europe
Union Urging Principals in Detroit Not To Volunteer for Reform Effort
Federal Officials Urge Low-Fat Diet for All
Capital update
Bills To Expand Food-Stamp Eligibility Introduced
With Goals in Place, Focus Shifts to Setting Strategy
Hammond, Ind., Teachers and District Agree to Unprecedented 12-Year Pact
ySenate Democrats' Bill Would Permit Head Start To Be Fully Funded by '94
Survey Offers Glimpse of Interviews for Teaching Jobs
State Journal: Pick 'em; Laboring on; Plum's pit
Blueprint for State's New School System Advances in Kentucky
D.F. Joins Call To Improve Education of Hispanics
Letters to the Editor
In Protest, Pittsburgh Pulls Out of State-Level NAEP
National News Roundup
Governors Aim To Make Schools '2nd to None'
N.G.A. Report Finds Few Seek Waiver on Rules
New Program To Train Teachers In Hands-On Science Techniques
Undersea Project Aims To Spark Love of Science
Ohio Lawmakers Sanction Teacher Peer-Reviews as Fair
People News
Teaching Drawing More Candidates From Other Fields
Efforts To Improve Teacher Training Urged
Senate Approves $125 Million Community-Service Measure
Goals-Setting Spurs Outreach Efforts To State and Local Education Groups
State News Roundup
Teacher Columns
Technology Columns
Tennessee Reform Program Advances
Texas Lawmakers Weigh Seven Plans on School Finance
Text of Statement on Education Goals Adopted by Governors
Update News Roundup
Doubt Cast on Effects of Military Service
Sex-Education Plan Urging Chastity Sparks Controversy in South Carolina
State News Roundup
Column: Testing
'Square One TV' Study Shows Gains in Math Skills
News Updates
2-Year Colleges Prepare Minorities For Teaching in Inner-City Schools
W.Va. Teachers Go Out on Strike Over Pay Raises
Child-Protection Laws Face Revisions in Three States
National Board To Continue Debating Eligibility Rules for Teacher Certification
Republicans Press for Action on Bush's Reform Bill
Capital Update
News In Brief
Cavazos Draws Fire After Speech in Texas
C.D.F. Focusing on How Schools Are Serving Children
E.D. Seeks $125 Million For 18 Research Centers
Chicago Councils Begin To Decide Fate of Principals
League of Cities Creates Task Force on Education, Children
Column: Colleges
Commentary: Proposal for NAEP Is 'Recipe for Disaster'
After Court Victory, Edgewood Finds Clout in Austin
Capital Digest
Federal File: Nominee for O.C.R.?; Marketing; Iowa politics
$50 Million Donated to United Negro College Fund
Small Group's Inside Role in Goals-Setting Provides Clues to Education Policymaking
Quizzes, Small-Group Study Aid Learning, Study Concludes
Hawaii Program for After-School Care Irks Private Firms
Column: Health
State Journal: No merit; Conflict on interests
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Department's Proposed Research and Development Centers
Column: Media
NAEP Board Adopts Blueprint for 1992 Reading Test
National News Roundup
N.J. May Drop Teaching Mandate for Superintendents
Dispute Over Indian Education Eases in Minnesota
People News
Accord on 10-Year Pact Canceled After Black Leaders' Criticism
For-Profit Company Seeks Contracts To Run Districts
2 Science Groups Decide To Tackle Reforms Together
Special Education Column
Lawmakers, Cuomo Must Break Impasse To Avert School Budget Crisis, Officials Warn
People News
Andrus Signature Makes Idaho Sixth Open-Enrollment State
Psychologist Bettelheim Dies
Bilingual Education Column
California Study Documents Mismatch Between Student Goals, Course-Taking
Capital Update
News in Brief
Cities' Lawsuit Against Census Said Likely
Research-Center List Apparently Quiets Many Critics
House Accord on Child-Care Bill Seen Imminent
Gardner's Once-Dead Choice Proposal Revived in Washington State Legislature
Refocusing on Prevention of Delinquency
Textbook Publisher Purchases'Integrated' Software Company
District News Roundup
Refusal-Skills Program Is Called Effective in Study
Capital Digest
Federal File: Showing a new attitude; Wish lists presented
Florida Atlantic University Will Offer Full Scholarships for Black Applicants
Head of Alabama Teachers' Union Tests Power in Governor's Race
Indiana Lawmakers Approve Bipartisan Education Package
State Journal: 'Come get me'; 'Injection' rejection
Three-Day 'Child Watch' Sweep Finds 7,000 Minors Allegedly Working Illegally
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
Trial To Examine Louisiana Aid to Religious Schools
Scientists' Panel Urges Big Boost In Child-Care Aid
National News Roundup
Gov. Florio To Propose New School-Finance Formula
Sore Talking Point: Gov. Caperton Meets With Former Union Official
Fernandez, Principals Agree To Abolish 'Building Tenure'
New Center To Evaluate Special Education
People News
Private Schools Column
From a 'Great Debate' to a Full-Scale War: Dispute Over Teaching Reading Heats Up
2 Percent Rise in Special-Ed. Enrollments Recorded in 1989
State News Roundup
Educators Praise House Teacher-Recruitment Bills
Changing Catholic Schools In ChicagoColumn
Ruling May Curb Federal Aid for Students in Michigan Trust
News Updates
Two-Tiered School-Entry Age Approved in Virginia
Texas Opts Out of Federal Study of Jobs Program
W.Va. Schools Ordered Closed As Strike Enters Second Week
W.Va. Schools Ordered Closed As Strike Enters Second Week
Books: Authors of Young-Adult Books Look at Themselves
Harvard Business School Students Urge Reforms in Public Schools
'Riding for Reading'
News In Brief
Teacher Educators Turn to Case-Study Method
Educators Consider The Census' Effects On State Legislation
Voucher System For 1,000 Pupils Adopted in Wis.
Weighing Claims of 'Phonics First' Advocates
D.C. School-Funding Request Cut Amid Enrollment Flap
Democratic Alternative To Bush Plan Is Readied
District News Roundup
Cavazos' Adviser on Dropouts: Uniquely Qualified for Job
Student Poll of Energy Literacy Finds Big Gaps
Capital Digest
Federal File: Ambassador Cavazos; Rare emotion
Fla. Court Bars Nonpartisan School-Board Elections
Urban Schools' Group Adopts Six National Goals
Health of U.S. Children Is Ranked Low in World
Cavazos To Hold Five Forums To Discuss Hispanic Education
Insurance Company Files Libel Suit Against N.Y. School Boards' Group
State Journal: 'At large' in Kentucky
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Column: Media
Shift in Taxes Used To Fund Neb. Schools Nears Approval
N.M. Lawmakers Adopt Tax To Fund Pay Raise
People News
The Case of a Contested Grade and a Charge of Racism
Soviet Principal Visits a School in Mass. To Become Student of Democratic Process
State News Roundup
Local Fights Over Superintendencies Are Seen Rekindling Racial Tensions
Texas Senate Passes $5-Billion Finance-Reform Bill
Eliminate Tracking System, Boston Schools Urged
PBS Series To Examine Plight of Inner-City Schools
Job Actions Seen as Signal of Discontent Over Funding
News Update
Children of War Tour Inner-City Classrooms in U.S.
Legislative Plan Ends 12-Day West Virginia Teacher Strike