Abortion Study Assesses Impact After Two Years
Colo. Teachers Rush To Report Abuse Charges
Bingaman Bill Would Require Annual 'Report Cards' on Goals
A 'Fine' Policy?
Bush Asks Boost Of $500 Million In E.D. Funding
Legislative Update
News in Brief
Cleveland School Officials Move To Avert State Takeover
Commentary: On Private-School Placements in Spec. Ed.
District News Roundup
Increase Sought For Drug Strategy
Early Years Column
Accord Reached on Bill To Extend Programs Serving Disabled Youths
Capital Digest
Federal File: From the mailbag; In self defense
Special Problems of Homosexual Students Need Special Attention, Advocates Urge
Bush's Education Goals Not Final, Governors Say
G.O.P. Coalition Peddles Reform Ideas to Lawmakers
High-School Sports Turn To Corporations To Help Offset Costs
Hawkins To Retire After His 28th Year in Congress
Holmes Group Outlines 'Clinical' Schools Network
State Journal: Controversial candidate; No exit; 'Control' critique
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Books: New in Print
State, Federal Lawmakers Weigh Longer School Year
Media Column
Minnesota Teacher-Contract Woes Linked to State Funding
Thorny Issues Make 1991 Budget Debate Especially Complex
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Reading Study Comes Up Short, Lawmakers Assert
Court Refuses To Review Case of Acquitted Teacher
'Web of Factors' Said To Influence Children's Views on Moral Issues
S.R.E.B. Assesses State Action on Education Goals
State News Roundup
Bills To Bolster Teaching Ranks Win Qualified Praise
News Updates
Despite Controversy, Consensus Grows On the Need To Teach Values in Schools
Wall Collapse Spurs Calls for Building-Code Reviews
$10 Million for Parenting Programs Set
States, Colleges Heeding Call To Improve Administrators' Training
Judge Rejects Ariz. Amendment Making English Official Language
Bennett Questions Value of Drug Education
How Well Are Schools Peforming? Educators, Executives Don't Agree
Bush Promotes Initiatives In Science, Technology
Capital Updates
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Career-Ladder Pact Reached
Bill Is Filed To Reverse Rights Rulings
The Risks of Inclusive 'Choice' Plans
Senate Approves Bush Education Bill; Teacher Board Would Get $25 Million
Denver Schools' Plea To End Desegregation Suit Rejected
District News Briefs
Capital Digest
Federal File: In the dark on Head Start; The Republican share: An unlikely ally; Freelancing
NAEP Geography Assessment Finds Knowledge Gaps
Lessons Learned? Old Goal-Setting Stirs New Doubts
Column: Health
Indiana Policymakers Spar Over Parent-Teacher Days
Problem of Uninsured Children Gets Renewed Interest
Network Created To Share Ideas On the Parent-School Connection
State Journal: Shifting blame; Double jeopardy; Pomp 'n' country
Year-Round Schedule Extended to All L.A. Schools
Letters to the Editor
Bush's School-Lunch Plan Could Hurt Food-Service Programs, Officials Say
Aiming for 'Definition of Literacy,'NAEP Considers 1992 Reading Test
Survey of Urban Districts Paints a Detailed Portrait
Sobol Seeks Plan That Focuses More on Other Cultures
Proposals To Launch Educational Satellite Are Gaining Support
Casey Calls for Revisions in Pa.'s Aid System for Spec. Ed.
States Should Require Schools To Craft Family-Support Plans, Chiefs Propose
People News
E.D. To Identify Targeted Chapter 1 Programs
Conferees Find Problems, Solutions For At-Risk Children Are Universal
Senate Leaders Unveil Math-Science Bill
Temple Seeks To Make Doctoral Program For Administrators a "Unifying Experience"
Column: Special Education
State News Roundup
166 U.N. Nations To Vote on Plan Ensuring Education for All
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New Statement To Guide Board on Administration
Casual Contact Said To Pose No AIDS Risk
'Adoption' Has Proven Mutually Beneficial For Education Department, Amidon School
Iowa and Minnesota Launch Education on Gambling
Interior Dept. Sets Objectives for Indian Education
Concern Voiced Over National Teacher Certification
Amid Racial Charges, Boston Board Fires Wilson
Never Under the Weather
Task Force Begins Campaign To Highlight Role of School Design on Student Learning
Carnegie Sets $7.2 Million for Middle-Grade Reform Grants
On the 'Crisis' In Insurance For Schools
Federal Aid 'Blacklist' Policy Evolving With Caution
District News Roundup
Seniors' Drug-Use Survey Shows Downward Trend
Single Definition of 'Restructuring' Remains Elusive
Capital Digest
On the 'Crisis' In Insurance For Schools
Wisconsin Court Backs District In Teacher-Certification Dispute
In the Press Column
Books: Dennis Littky at Thayer High School: A Principal's Fightfor Improvement
State Journal: Holding on choice; No grudge; 'Disaster' decried
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Experts Warn of Attempts To Censor Classic Texts
Of Ignorance and Ideas: A Teacher's Conference
Guide for Implementing New Math 'Vision' Issued
Mississippi To Mandate Mixed-Age Classrooms
National News Roundup
Capital Digest
Plan To Convert Warehouse Into School Rapped
Link Between Pregnancy, Dropping Out Disputed
Private Schools Column
Schools Are Reopened in Selma Amid Continuing Racial Tension
Colorado Parent Fights Plan To Enroll Retarded Daughter in Regular School
State News Roundup
In a Massachusetts School, Fomenting a 'Revolution' in Time
Teachers Column
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Study Outlines Volunteer Role In U.S. Schools
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Amid Furor, 'Channel One' To Debut in 400 Schools
Capital Update
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Administration Column
N.Y.C. Board Poised To Adopt Plan for Hiring
Wilson Will Not Challenge Firing by Boston Board
Ex-U.S. Commissioner Keppel Dies
British Educators Bring Fresh View To Analysis of New York Schools
Congressional Panels Poised To Boost E.D. Funding
Capital Update
News in Brief
Philadelphia Catholic Schools To Increase Tuition by 17.8%
In Chapter 1 Reviews, 9 Percent of Schools Failed to Meet Student-Achievement Goals
Guide for Care Of School-Age Children Issued
'Comprehensive' Strategy Can Improve Schools
Curriculum Column
'Let's Make a Deal' Decides Fate of School Proposal
Districts News Roundup
School Drug Program Developed
Bill Would Ban Physical Punishment of Disabled Students
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Debate Over 'Follow Through' Program Reopens
Goodlad on Teacher Education: Low Status, Unclear Mission
Health Column
State Journal: Squid row; Ad angst
Legislative Updates
Letters to the Editor
Loan-Forgiveness Programs for Teaching Seen as Key Policy Tool
Principals in 8 Nations Join To Address 'Global' Issues
National News Roundup
N.C. Board Sues To Block the Use Of 'Channel One'
N.E.A. Creates Center To Promote School-Renewal Efforts
Governors Set To Adopt National Education Goals
Effort at Multicultural Education Backfires in Philadelphia Schools
Puerto Rico To Sell Phone Company To Create Endowment for Its Schools
Survey Reveals Wide Latitude in Reporting Abuse
Books: The Ideal of Popular Education
Research Column
Court Rejects U.S. Rules Limiting Aid for Disabled
S.D. Package Provides Extra $16.8 Million for Schools
Youth Service Column
Anti-Smoking Efforts Focus on Curbing Youths' Use
States News Roundup
Cavazos To Name Teacher-Training Adviser
Update News
Urban Educators Urge Teaching of Cognition Skills
Legislative Action Averts Teachers' Strike in Utah
Va. Bill Would Set Two-Tiered Entry-Age Policy for School
$27-Million Effort Targets Demand for Illegal Drugs