National News
Remembering 1989: The Year in Education
Cuomo Calls for School-Finance Changes
New Oakland Team Optimistic About istrict's Future
People News
Balance Between Phonics, 'Whole Language' Urged
Chief's Ouster in Selma Protested
States News
Update News
Wash. State Teachers Assail Budget-Surplus Proposal
Remembering 1989: The Year in Education
A Look Ahead: Education and The New Decade
Project Seeks To Hone Preschool-Program Accreditation
Andover Creates Plan for Parents To Prepay Tuition
News in Brief
C.D.C. Urges 2nd Measles Vaccination for Children
Once the Bane of English Teachers,Classics Illustrated Comics Are Back
Education in the 1980's: A Concern for 'Quality'
School Consolidation Garnering Legislators' Attention
New Decision in Topeka Case Details Deep Rift Over Court's Continued Role
Panel Laments the Growing Ranks of 'Discarded' Children
Districts News
Watkins Asks Firms To Open Their Labs To Students
European Upheaval Sparks Curriculum Debate
Capital Digest
Federal File: Still searching; A dog's life
Ford Foundation's Program Seeks To Expand Minority-Teacher Pool
Foundations News
Atlanta's Harris Rebuked; Assistant Fired
State Journal: Help wanted; Don't say 'no'; Rules prescription
Effort To Improve Ky. Schools Seen Mired in Political Power Battle
Two Centers Plan Studies Of Learning Disabilities
Ketters to the Editor
Effort To 'Privatize' E.D. Library Appears Derailed
Maryland Board Adopts Plan To Make Schools Accountable for Performance
Report Advocates Network To Benefit Minority Students
Teacher Shortages and Red Tape Hurt Effort To Help Immigrants, E.D. Told
A Long-Distance Courier
News in Brief
Educational Gains for Southern Blacks Are Charted
Commentary: 'Choice' Plans Should Include Private Option
Education Bills Set for Scrutiny as Lawmakers Return
District News Roundup
Early Years Column
Capital News Update
Federal File: Belated addition; Not now; No education here
Research Center on School Finance Created
Health Column
Indiana Governor, School Chief Unite To Propose $9.5-Million Reform Plan
State Journal: Fund fight's fallout; Enlisting an 'army'
Despite Objections, U.C.L.A. Weighs Shifting Lab School to Local District
On-Line 'Academical Village'Links Students and Teachers
Videodisk To Compete With Textbooks For a Spot on Adoption List in Texas
Videodisks Gaining Popularity as New Instructional Tool
In 5-4 Ruling, Court Voids Fines in Housing-Bias Suit
Exposure to Lead Found To Cause Long-Term Disabilities
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
New Jersey District's Choice Plan Called 'Promising' in E.T.S. Study
NAEP Results in Reading, Writing Show Few Gains
'Anomaly' in 1986 Reading Results Is Reconfirmed
National News Roundup
N.C.A.A. Votes To Relax Student-Aid Restriction
Finance, At-Risk Youths Top Lawmakers' Agendas
N.E.A. Assails Board's Policy on Prerequisites for Certification
Despite Cuomo's Support, Fernandez Faces Uphill Battle in Gaining Reforms
Oklahoma Senate Narrowly Passes Education Bill
People News
Bush's Advisory Panel Offers Suggestions for National Goals
Books: Readings
Research Column
High Court Hears Case Examining Equal Access Act
Shock Therapy Is at Issue In Two Michigan Lawsuits
Bangerter Proposes Using Bulk of Surplus for Utah Schools
Special Education Column
State News Roundup
Billionaire Aids Novel Teaching Effort
Teachers Column
Science Task Force Targets Underrepresented Groups
News Updates
Elite-College Alumni Hatch Plan To Recruit Teachers
School Asbestos Threat Is Overstated, Study Says
Letters to the Editor
Legislative Updates
Cash-Flow Crisis Threatens To Close Schools in Little Rock
Dukakis Pledges a 'New Beginning,'Accepts Blame for State's Fiscal Woes
Parents Seeking To Block Merger of L.A. Schools
Mabus Plan for Funding Reforms Rejected in Senate
NAEP Will Make Its Most Extensive Use Of Performance Items
People News
Commentary: New Journal To Monitor Chicago Reforms
Court Declines To Review Two Sexual-Abuse Cases
Silber Enters Governor's Race
Teacher-Certification Plan For Social Studies Readied
Caperton Spending Plan Delays Raises for W.Va. Teachers
Study Puts U.S. Near Bottom on School Spending
State News Roundup
News Updates
Cases Question Fairness and Effectiveness Of Laws Creating Drug-Free School Zones
McMartin Defendants Acquitted
College-Going Rate for Blacks, Hispanics Down Sharply From 1976, Report Says
In Shift, Detroit A.C.L.U. Offers School-Security Plan
Column: Administration
E.D., in Shift, To Fund 'Developmental' Bilingual Programs
California Project Links Spec.-Ed., Regular Teachers
Capital Update
News In Brief
$60 Million for Chapter 1 Misallocated, Audit Finds
Commentary: Reconsidering Standards and Assessment
Column: Computers
Conn. Teacher-Candidates Have Improved Since Test Was Instituted, Study Concludes
Column: Curriculum
California School Is a 'Stable Center' for Ex-Addicts
District News Roundup
Capital Digest
Federal File: A lower key; No free lunch
Idaho Chief Proposes Revision in School-Finance Formula
Schools' Use of Parents' Insurance For Spec.-Ed. Services Stirs Concern
State Journal: Kean's farewell; Strik preparations; 5th gradeclout
A.F.T. Seeks To Foster Teaching Of Democratic Ideas Worldwide
Educators React Cautiously to New Asbestos Study
Freshmen Need Math Help, Survey Finds
Teaching Board Has Raised Nearly a Fourth of Its Goal
Books: Dropouts Talk About Experiences With Schools
A Taste of 'Glory'
C.E.F. and Hawkins Urge Doubling of Education Aid
News in Brief
School Closings, Tuition Hikes in Store for Chicago Archdiocese
Cavazos Urges School-College Links Among Goals for Higher Education
Colleges Column
Probation Officers Could Help the 'At-Risk'
District News Roundup
Hawkins Seeks To Even Funding Among Districts
Calif. 'Self Esteem' Report Cites School Role in Building Healthy Image
Excerpts From Drafts of Goals
Corporate Gifts to Schools Up Nearly 50% From '87 to '88
Accord on Goals Hard To Attain, Executives Find
State Journal: Sex, schools, trouble; Cut the 'bull'
Rewards, Sanctions for Teachers Mark Ky. Proposal
Wilkinson Asks Legislature for $1-Billion Increase in Taxes
'No F' Policy for Student Activities Dropped in L.A.
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Massachusetts Abolishes Undergraduate Education Major
NAEP Plan To Set Performance Goals Questioned
National News Roundup
O.C.R. To Emphasize Monitoring Efforts and Staff Training
Teachers, Boston Officials Reach Accord on Salaries
People News
Publishers Ponder Impact Of a Decade of Changes
Sources of Gubernatorial Wisdom: From Abraham Lincoln to Charlie Brown
Rockefeller Project Targets Needs of At-Risk Students
McWherter Will Run for Second Term To Continue Drive for School Reform
Pa. Board Backs Aid for All Learning-Troubled Pupils
Signers of 'Statement on Genuine Accountability'
Teachers Column
Coalition Implores Bush, Governors To Avoid Use of Standardized Tests
New York Test-Disclosure Law Illegal, Judge Rules
News Updates
Agency Downplayed WIC's Merits, G.A.O. Asserts
Outcome-Based Accreditation Plan Advances in Wyoming