The 'Tragic' Story of Abbott
Pregnancy Programs, Abortion Linked
Maryland District's Get-Tough Policy Cited as Model for Drug-Free Schools
Time To Ax the 'Lorax'?
People News
Learning Goals Said To Demand Better Assessment
Educational Programs 'Flourish' on PBS
Equal-Access Suit, Desegregation Cases Top Court Calendar
Bickering Exposes the Frailty of Summit's Consensus
States News
Summit's Promise: 'Social Compact' for Reforms
Senators Unveil Bills To Bolster Teaching Ranks
Testing News
Text of Final Summit Statement Issued by President, Governors
'National Schoolhouse' Rings In Its 2nd Generation
Update News
Utah Teachers Stage 1-Day Strike To Protest Tax Cut
Congress Approves Stopgap Measure To Cover Government's Bills for Month
Pact Reached on Child-Care Bills
Reducing Violence on Television
'Crisis Consultants' Share Lessons They Learned From School Violence
Districts News
Senate Passes Bill To Fund War on Drugs
Reauthorization Bill 'Fine-Tunes' Special-Ed. Law
Federal File: Education fete; Not dead yet; Appointment watch; Count Cavazos in; Hometown politics
Reforms Neither Help Nor Hurt At-Risk Students, Study Concludes
Health News
A Star is Born: From Conversation At Dinner Party to Cover of Time
Carolina Schools Are Closed, Devastated in Wake of Hugo
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Insurance Firms
State Journal: Mind your own business; A sensitive subject
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
Groups See No Threat in Lobbying Curbs
House, Senate Nearing Final Approval Of a Compromise Child-Nutrition Bill
Coalition Vows To Raise Science, Math Test Scores
University Unveils Proposal To Train Future Leaders in Business, Education
National News
Diffusion Network Finally Funds Holocaust Program
Heated Debate Marks New Jersey School-Finance Hearing
Spectators, Press Take Notice of Cavazos' Low-Key Role at Summit
Draft Pennsylvania Rules Require Aid For All Pupils With Learning Problems
Educators Balk as Paddlers Put on Child-Abuse List
Broad Measure Of Achievement Aired in Arizona
New Report Criticizes E.P.A. Handling of School Asbestos Program
Bennett Gets His Knuckles Rapped After Pointed Remarks at Summit
The Price of Cutting Costs
Conferees Boost Education Budget to $24.1 Billion
Zoning Fight Forcing School To Move Sparks Bias Charges in Boston Suburb
Capital Update
News In Brief
Whites and Nonwhites Divided on Race As Factor in College Access, Poll Finds
17,000 File for School-Council Seats in Chicago
House Approves Grants, Loans, Standards for Child Care
Summit Agenda Likely To Spark Fight in Congress
Critic Requests F.T.C. Probe of Test Publishers
School Financing In Texas Is Ruled Unconstitutional
Excerpts From Unanimous Edgewood Ruling
Pressure Mounts To Improve Network Programming, Advertising
Conservatives' Civil-Rights Agenda Puts Spotlight on Choice
Commitment of 'Public' Vital for Education
Connecticut's Arbitration Law for Teachers Reviewed
In an Effort To Boost Achievement, Denver Abolishes Remedial Classes
District News Roundup
Senate Approves Weakened Version of Anti-Drug Bill
Capital Digest
Study Finds Felton Led to a Drop In Private Students in Chapter 1
Foundations Column
Board in New Jersey Completes Takeover Of Troubled District
State Journal: Ranklin' ranks; Right in the heart
Ky. Reform Deadline Is Extended
Letters to the Editor
Minnesota Lawmakers Boost State Share of School Funding
National News Roundup
Cheney Proposes Core College Curriculum
Books: Excerpts
Fernandez Management Views Concern N.Y.C. Principals
Consensus on Early-Childhood Needs Is Greeted by Enthusiasm, Skepticism
Guide to Religious Holidays Is Issued to Public Schools
Congress Study Details 'Precarious' Nature of Childhood
California Panel Backs Science Curriculum That Includes Evolution as a Major Theme
High Court To Decide Bargaining Status Of Employees at Military-Base Schools
State News Roundup
School Officials Liable for Failing To Prevent Assaults, Court Rules
Administration Column
Educators Foresee 'Renaissance' in African Studies
Deadline Is Set for Filing Claims With Asbestos-Products Company
School Ghoul
Budget Bill Boosts Chapter 1 Spending 18%
Educational Cable-TV Project Launched
Judge Dismisses Calif. Suit Charging Pay Inequities
News in Brief
Two Catholic Schools in Chicago Weigh Drug Testing
Cavazos Issues Call for National Study Of Problems Plaguing Indian Students
U.S. Health Service Sets Goals For The Next Century
Chicago Elections Usher in New Era of Reform
Study Finds Staff Turnover, Low Pay Plague Child Care
Calling for 'National Institutes of Education'
Judge Orders Medical Help at Football Games
District News Roundup
Capital Digest
Federal File: A Bush appearance?; Cavazos Elementary; An uncertain position; Unusual
Stricter Rules on Student Dress, Decorum Revive Familiar Civil-Liberties Questions
State Journal: Millennial strategy; Ticked off; Eight years and out?
Analysis Questions Reports of Success Of Learnfare Effort
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
E.T.S. Awarded Adult-Literacy Study Contract
Officials Unveil Cost-Cutting Proposals to Ease Fiscal Pinch in Massachusetts
National News Roundup
N.H. Lawmakers Consider the Touchy Subject of Taxes
Teachers, Administrators Should Strive To Improve Relations, Report Urges
'English Only' Advocates Target Bill on Puerto Rico
After Two Tough Years in Rochester, School Reformers Look to the Future
Sophomores Are Called Uninformed About Science
Teachers' Unions In San Francisco Decide To Merge
Historic Contract Puts City Under Nation's Microscope
S.R.E.B. Goals Called Model for National Strategy
Major Surveys Offer Incomplete Picture Of Student Drug Use, Experts Caution
State News Roundup
Tax Overhaul Urged To Help Texas Finance Schools
Toward 'Re-Inventing' Childhood
News Updates
L.A. Program Stresses Nurturance, Understanding
Courts Must Hold States Responsible For School Desegregation,
Howling About Halloween
Senate Panels Weigh Alternatives To Law Requiring Smaller Deficits
Changes To Reduce Injury Risk in Small Buses Urged
News in Brief
Catholic Bishops Weigh Dropping Support for Condom Information
Chicago Taps Kimbrough for School Superintendent
Cavazos Couples Parental Choice, Site Management
Proposing 'Educational-Impact Statement'
Steps To End 'Racially Identifiable' Schools Ordered
District News Roundup
Education Funds Spared In Congress's Drug Fight
Capital Digest
Federal File: Inmate aid; Michigan upgrade; Potemkin High?
Ford Creates $10-Million Program for Middle-School Math
Gesell Institute Is Facing Uncertain Future In Wake of Budget Woes, Testing Questions
Choice Is Fine, But Don't Forget Bottom Line, Parents Say
State Journal: Judging jaunts; Take two...
Kentucky Task Force Still Unclear on Reform Goals
Letters to the Editor
Amateur Lobbyists Key Foot Soldiers on the Hill
State Standards Should 'Complement' Restructuring Goals, NASBE Argues
National News Roundup
Specialist in Pediatric AIDS Tops List for Surgeon General
'Explosive' Data Confirm Prediction: AIDS Is Spreading Among Teenagers
Anchorage Police Nab Files In Raid on District's Office
Teacher Educators Offer Alternative-Route Standards
Drug-Exposed Children Pose Special Problems
Court Reaffirms Its Decision In Key Desegregation Case
People News
Well-Prepared Schools Mostly Spared In California's Devastating Earthquake
Books: Readings
E.D. Budget Cut by $949 Million--for Now
States' Improvement On Education Goals Called 'Only Modest'
Research Column
Appeals-Court Panel Upholds Plan in Savannah
Energy Secretary Vows Science-Education Efforts
Parents Win in Spec.-Ed. Case
Sales Tax Is Off Special-Session Agenda in Arkansas
State News Roundup
Assessing the Education Summit: 'Pap' or Progress?
News Updates
Wisconsin Chief Seeking End to Attendance 'Dishonesty'