Pupils in Two States Find They 'Can Make a Change'
Birmingham Weighs School Closings, New Services
Educators' Oath A Symbol of Dedication
Education, Child Care Thrive in House Budget Plan
Some Designs Tailoring Buildings to Their Sites
Capital Update
News in Brief
Urging Study of 'Developmental Appropriateness'
Books: In Review
District News Roundup
La. Sets Testing Rule for Private Schools
Capital Digest
Federal File: Tired of waiting; Service, not condoms; Late entry; Career moves
Plan Would Give Georgia Districts Leeway in Student Assessments
Aid the Gifted but Disadvantaged, Secretary Urges Schools in Report
A 'Top-Down' Superintendent
Guidance for Schools on Lead and Radon Testing
Report Documents Effects of Homelessness on Education
Congress Acts To Save Districts' Impact-Aid Funds
Teachers' Union In Los Angeles Poised To Strike
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Louisianans To Decide Fate Of Major State Tax Proposal
Montana Lawmakers Fail To Reach an Agreement on School Finance
Mother Nature as Teacher's Aide: An Environment for the 'Basics'
New York Board-Election LawIs Invalidated by Federal Judge
Administration Names Four for Top Education Posts
Pennsylvania Chief Announces Special-Ed. Funding Increase
California City, District Forge Pact on Use of Schools
People News
The Toxic Quandary: How To React On 'Every Hazard Known to Man'
Philadelphia Schools Receive $8.3 Million From Foundation for Restructuring Effort
Research and Reports
Study: S.A.T. Questions Are Biased Against Girls
Court Lets Stand Integration Plan For Kansas City
Books: On 'Dissonance' Between Home and School
San Jose Teachers Stage Walkout
7 of 10 Handicapped Graduates Found 'Productive'
State News Roundup
House Kills Bill To Hike Programs' Aid by Cutting Others
Cable Network Says Student-Oriented Daily News Show Won't Include Ads
News Update
Virginia Legislature Approves Change In Income-Tax Breaks for Pensioners
New Vocational Plan Set for House Vote, With Oversight Curb
Impasse Over Budget Forces Special Session in Washington
Following 'Summit,' Reform-Minded Urban Districts Form a Network
Department Awards Grants, Loans for Abestos Projects
Collapses of School Bleachers Belie Company's Denial of Prior Incidents
State Retirement System Sues Boesky, Investment Companies
Boston Study Group Suggests Replacing School Committee With Appointed Panel
Student Saboteurs
House, Senate Approve Spending Plans for 1990
Capital Update
News in Brief
Troubled Pennsylvania District Summons Experts' Advice
Policy, Interest Groups, and the 'Gang of 237'
Copyright Holders Aiming at Schools' Legal Shield
Districts News Roundup
Holmes Group Ponders Ways To Reshape Preparation of Elementary-School Teachers
Capital Digest
Federal File: Hawkins awaits regulations; Aid for deaf reporters
From an 'Antiquated Schoolhouse': Teaching in the 1800's
I.B.M. Will Earmark $25 Million in Grants For School Activities
Lawmakers in Iowa Pass School-Finance Measure
State Journal: Crash and Burn; Change of heart; Bigger fish to fry
Surgeon General To Step Down Oct. 1
Letters to the Editor
Senators Urge a Federal 'Assault' On the Problem of Adult Illiteracy
Tax Plan's Failure Forces Roemer To Slash Budget
National News Roundup
Kean Unveils Proposal To Experiment With Three Varieties of School Choice
State's Highest Court AcceptsSuit on School-Finance System
Elections for Boards in New York City Draw Record-Low Fraction of Voters
Oregon Voters To Decide Fate of Tax-Base Plan Next Week
People News
Plan for Glass Booth Shattered
Witnesses Cite Shortcomings of Drug Rehabilitation
Open Records: A 'Legitimate Public Interest'?
E.D. Toughens Licensing Regulations for Special-Education Personnel
Ex-Chief Sanders Defends Use of 'Imperfect' Data
Supreme Court Eases Plaintiffs' Task in Sex-Bias Lawsuits
Study Finds Fast Growth in Sex Education, But Sentiment for Classes in Lower Grades
A Two-Tier Media Event: 'National Nature,' Local Nurture
Special Education Column
States News Roundup
Cost of Expanded 'Head Start' Said Modest
News Update
District Pressed To Return $800,000 in Bilingual Aid
'Wall Chart' Data Indicate Plateau In Reform Drive
California Official Chosen for Bilingual-Ed. Post; Closer Ties With Advocacy Groups Said Likely
Marketplace of Ideas
Conference Panel Passes Federal Budget Blueprint
Panel Says School-Bus Seat Belts Not Cost-Effective
Capital Update
News In Brief
Many Chicago High Schools Below Standards, State Finds
Colorado Budget Spurs Talk of Tax Revolt
Early Admission to College for Bright Students
Curriculum Column
What To Teach: Reform Turns Finally to the Essential Question
District News Roundup
Federal File: Phillips on the move?; Banning bubbles
New York City Schools Chancellor Dies
Guidelines for Policies and Practices Prohibited Under Title IX Regulations
Health Column
Compromise Reform Measure Approved in Indiana
Measure on Home and Church Schools Fails in Iowa
State Journal: Cuts in a memorial; Suggestions welcome
Dole Outlines Bush's Proposals for Job-Training Act
Los Angeles Teachers Vote To Move Strike Date to May 15
Legislative Update
Letters to the editor
Books: Curriculum and Methods; Education and Law; Research and Monographs; Other Resources
Milwaukee Proposal on Private Schools Stirs Debate
'No-Pass, No-Play' at 5: Texas Statute Still a Controversial Model for Reform
Study: Schools Violating Rights of Pregnant Girls
N.S.T.A. To Publish Soviet Journal
Officals are aware of Steroid Use, They Say, but Unsure on Response
Research And Reports
Action on Youth Service Is Bottled Up Pending Clearer Signal From President
Japanese Drills, Not U.S. Reforms,Make Math a Hit at Alabama School
A Philadelphia History Course Melds Two Reforms
State News Roundup
Book-Selection Bills Advance In California
Facing Veto Threat, House Amends, Passes Voc.-Ed. Bill
Vermont Acts To Stem IncreaseIn the Cost of Special Education
Washington State Legislature Hikes School Aid 20 Percent
'Wall Chart' Seen Diagnostic Tool With Uses, Flaws
Welfare 'Sleeper': Schools Face Brunt of Law's Training Burden
Lingering Disputes Stall Consideration Of Child-Care Bill
Raise Caliber of Leader Training, New Report Urges
Alabama To Set 3-Mile Drug-Free Zones Around Schools
E.D. Appointee 'From the Trenches' Gives Bilingual Educators Hope for Compromise
Groups Represented on Policy Board
Probes of Textbook Publishers Sought In California Following Ethics Charges
E.D. To Convene Regional Meetings on Choice
Myths About Instructional Television: A Riposte
Panel Hears Testimony on the Causes Of Violent Acts by Nation's Teenagers
District News Roundup
E.P.A. Officials Sketch Out Roles for Public Schools
Clash of Cultures at a Virginia School: Students Reflect 'Problems in Society'
Capital Digest
Washing the Waters
Foundation Urges 'Comprehensive' Social Policy
Bills in Illinois Shift the Focus To Earmarking
State Journal: Follow the bouncing ball; Giving the manatee its due
As Los Angeles Strike Begins, Fact-finder Says Union Should Accept Board's Offer
Letters to the Editor
Justice Department Probing Milk Bid-Rigging in Georgia
Texas Education Schools May Lose Accreditation
Education 'Summit' Scheduled For September, Governors Say
District News Roundup
Rights Unit Says It Closed Cases Speedily in 1988
Oregon Voters Defeat Proposal To Create Tax Bases
Tax-Reform Postmortem: Plans Killed in Elections
People News
Arizona To Establish Student-Aid Fund
McGraw-Hill, Macmillan Agree To Combine Precollegiate Units
Schools Witness a Troubling Revival of Bigotry
Books: Competition Said To Diminish Academic Achievement
In Coast Union Clash, Reform Ideas Not 'Hot Buttons' for Teacher Votes
Resources for Educators on Reducing Prejudice
State News Roundup
Excerpts From the National Policy Board's Report
New Deregulation Ideas: Advancing on Fast Track
Discovery Cable Channel Plans Documentary Programs for School Use
News Updates
Vocational-Ed. Assessment To Call For State Reform Plans
Welfare Rules Called Limiting for Teenage Parents
Survey: 1 in 500 College Students May Have Been Exposed to AIDS
Arts Agency's Curriculum Plan Gets Mixed Reviews
Questions Linger On Quality of Asbestos Efforts
Black Community Must Press for Reforms, Black Scholars Assert
Contract in Boston Calls for Site-Based Management
My Dinner With Andre's Teacher Gustatory Glastnost
News In Brief
Catholic Officials in New York Offer a Voucher Plan
Final Chapter 1 Rules Ask the States To Set 'Standards' on Pupil Progress
Manhattan's Elite Dalton School Drops Preschool Program
Balance Among Skills 'Key' to Instruction
Federal Judge Strikes Down District of Columbia Curfew for Teenagers
Mayor Names New Members to Revamped Chicago Board
District News Roundup
Environmental Bill Seen Aiding Grassroots Efforts
States Turn to Funding 'Carrots' To Spur Reforms
Two Foundations To Finance Center on Children in Poverty
Data on Congress's Honoraria Show School Groups' Role
State Journal: Deja Vu in Baton Rouge; Texas publisher drops bid
Teachers Accept 3-Year Contract In Los Angeles
Legislative Update
Letters To The Editor
California Court Weighs School-Safety Provision
Minnesota To Pilot Test 'Learner Outcomes' System
Stephens Unveils Plan To Meet Court's Finance Mandate
Open-Enrollment Option Is Approved in Nebraska
New Hampshire Legislature Endorses 7% School-Aid Cut
Oklahoma House Members Revolt, Oust Speaker
People News
Supplemental-Funds Measure Approved
Private Schools Column
Early Retirement: Teachers Win Benefits With 'Political Muscle'
Research And Reports
Panel Is Urged To Seek Reforms in College Athletics
States News Roundup
Teachers Column
California, New York Move To Bar 'Channel 1'
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Fight Over 'Training Wage' Is Nearing Denouement