Sciences Group Unveils Plan To Revise Curricula
Fledgling Fiddlers
Cavazos Budget Position Meets Skepticism on Capitol Hill
Escalating 'Bricks-and-Mortar' Cost: The Problem Nobody Wants
Capital Update
News in Brief
Cavazos Opposed to Service-Tied Aid Plan, Automatic Cutoffs of High-Default Schools
Columbus To Try Site-Based Management, 'Houses'
Commentary: Facilitating Alumni Involvement in Schools
Curriculum Column
District News Update
Anti-Drug Efforts Need Resources, Those in the Trenches Advise 'Czar'
Capital Digest
Federal File: Moral support; Facing critics; Research reshuffling
Martinez's Budget Tags Aid From Lottery for Education
'Personalizing' High Schools
Indian Pupils Left 'Prey' To Abusers, Panel Is Told
State Journal: Bluegrass blues; Honk if you love schools
Report Debunks Nepotism Issue In Ky. Districts
Legislative Updates
Letters To The Editor
Books: New in print
Federal Official Leads Citizens' School-Funding Drive
National News Update
Act on Reform, Regents Warn N.Y.C. Officials
Civil-Rights Unit Shirks Its Task, 2 Reports Charge
Trust-Fund Plan Drawing Few Supporters in Ohio
People News
Dukakis Offers 'Choice' Plan
1 in 3 Elementary-School Principals Plans To Retire by '92
Research and Reports
Court: No Government Duty To Keep Citizens From Harm
Principal Links Governance, 'Institutes'
Minorities' Aspirations Found High in Early Grades
Curriculum Proposals From 'Science for All Americans'
Update News
Spanking Ban Passes in Virginia
Major School Groups Blast Plan For Commercial TV in Classes
Financial Settlement With State Is Reached In Lengthy Little Rock Desegregation Suit
'Drug Czar' Nominee Tells Panel Of Need for Tough School Efforts
In Poll, Slim Majority of Board Chiefs Oppose Choice; 62% for Decentralizing
Sparks Fly Over Boston Decision To Cease Busing
Buy Low, Sell High
Darman Changes Stance On Bush Budget Figures
Bush Honors 'Accomplished' Teachers
Capital Update
Teacher-Licensing Bill Is Tabled in Arkansas
Improving Laboratory Safety in Schools
Dallas District Hires Head-Hunting Firms In Hopes of Recruiting Minority Teachers
Districts News Roundup
Needs of the Emotionally Disturbed Emerging in Debate on Federal Law
Seniors' Reported Drug Use Lowest in Years, Poll Finds
'Heroine,' Wearing a 'Wire,' Nabs Bribing Bus Contractors
Capital Digest
Federal File: Return to sender; Transitions
Charges Fly in Kentucky After 'Education Summit'
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Law-Enforcement Official Tapped for Key Civil-Rights Job
Bush Administration May Not Support Reagan Plan To Drop Lunch Subsidies
Media Column
Michigan House Moves Measure On Tax Reforms
National News Roundup
Bush Called On To Free Funding For Experiments
New Direction? Cavazos Talks to Union
Emphasis on International Education Essential to Economy, Governors Say
Lawsuit by Boards' Association Mires School-Finance Dispute in New Jersey
New York City Obtains Grant for 'Corridor Schools'
People News
'Electronic Mailboxes': Novel Phone Links Closing Gap Between Parents and Schools
News in Brief
Georgia Reform Program's Standards and Funding Are Under Scrutiny
Teachers as Role Models: Ethics and Evaluation
Reasearch and Reports
In San Diego, Managers Forging 'Service' Role
State Asserts Its Immunity From P.L. 94-142 Lawsuits
Rapid Growth, Racial Diversity Prompted Changes
States News Roundup
Collegiate Basic-Skills Test Is Questioned by Hispanics
Board's Move on Standards Panel Upsets Vermont Teachers' Union
Wisconsin Supreme Court Declines PleaTo Declare Aid System Unconstitutional
School-College Joint Efforts Said To Remain Elusive
Bias Is Charged In Awarding of Bilingual Grants
Editorial Artists
Capital Update
News In Brief
Cavazos Offers Little Help for Refugees, Florida State Chief Says After Meetin
E.D. Proposes Regulations For Chapter 2
Judge Declines To Dismiss Suit Over Chelsea Management Pact
Iowa, Arkansas Enact 'Choice'; Proposal Gain in Other States
Commentary: Democratic Control May Limit Reform
District of Columbia Weighing Curfew for Teenagers
'Old Realities, New Dimensions' Rural Town Devises 'Holistic' Campus
'Joining Forces'
Disagreements Delay Start of Student Job-Guarantee Effort in Detroit
District News Roundup
Joining Forces: States and Communities Experiment With Child-Services Links
New Jersey Project: Help Close at Hand
Collaboration:What Works
Early Years Column
Panel Asked To Stop 'Morally Wrong' Application of Special-Education Law
Capital Digest
Federal File: At last; Held up
Georgia To Drop Paper-and-Pencil Test for Kindergartners
Schools To Test Computerized Spelling Aids
Injury Leading Cause of Childhood Death, Study Indicates
State Journal: Wisconsin's first Teacher; Dropout's plea
School Boards Withdraw Objections to Leave Bill
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Louisiana Tax Bills Passed, But Revenue Woes Remain
Memphis Reform Plan Targets Cluster Of Inner-City Schools for Deregulation
Michigan Senate Kills School-Finance Bill
In Nation's First Open-Enrollment State, the Action Begins
1990 NAEP Budget Is Sufficient, Head of E.D. Research Unit Says
National News Roundup
Federal Tax Increases Said To Cost States Billions
Nevada Lawmakers Decline To Vote on Corporate-Tax Proposal
Push To Raise Teacher Pay Stymied in New Mexico
In Shift, U.S. Backs Peace Activists in Atlanta Case
People News
Trade-School Official Pleads Guilty to $25-Million Student-Aid Fraud
I.R.S. Rules Provide Guidance on Fringe-Benefit Tax Standard
Group Issues Book on Teaching's 'Knowledge Base'
President Nominates Sanders of Illinois For Number 2 Post at Education Dept.
Supreme Court Vacates Ruling in Student's Sex-Abuse Suit
States News Roundup
Educators and Scientists Praise Proposals To Award Scholarships to Science Students
'2 + 2' Vocational Programs Drawing Attention of State, U.S. Policymakers
Texas Restrictions On Teacher Training Cited in Complaint
Commentary: The Rushdie Affair: Lessons for Education
New York Career-School 'Scandal' Said To Hurt Students, Taxpayers
Channel One Debut Wins Viewer Plaudits, But School Groups Pan 'Commercialism'
Voc. Ed. Funds For Needy Said Going Elsewhere
Day-Care Debate Opens With, Senate Bill, Bush Plan
Student Possession of Beepers Is Tied To Drug Trafficking in Tennessee Bill
Convenient Profits
News In Brief
On Commercial Television in Schools
8 States Weighing Limits on Corporal Punishment
District News Roundup
'Sensitive' Posts Targeted by E.D. For Drug Testing
White House Announces Resignations Of Six Education Department Officials
Fairfax County, Va., Merit Pay Loses Teachers'-Union Support
Federal File: The White House and the 'wall chart'; Information, please
In Georgia, Tax Hike Is First in 18 Years
Honig Seeking Extra Aid for Overburdened Alien-Education Program
Indiana House Approves Governor's 'Project Excel'
State Journal: Split decision; Political questions?
Simon's Bill Focusing Job Aid on 'Forgotten Half'
Tax Hike for Kansas Schools and Roads Faces Long Odds
Books: In Review
L.A. Teachers Authorize Strike, Debate Bilingual Bonuses
Math Group Issues 'Standards' To Update Curricula
School Groups Unite To Fight Perpich's Spending Proposal
For-Profit Firms Invited To Bid For Contract for Expanded NAEP
Teacher Pay-Raise Plan Draws Friendly Fire in N.C.
Eye on Technology: Soviet Educator Looks at Computers, Listens for Ideas
Books: Exerpt
PBS Documentaries, NBC Campaign Highlight Education
People News
As Bans Widen, U.S. Agencies Say Apples Pose Little Threat to Young
Study: Successful Chiefs Create 'Public Mandate' on Reform
Education Schools' Enrollment Rises For Third Straight Year, Study Shows
Research And Reports
Undersecretary-Designate Sees Focus on Early Years, Teaching
Nunn Softens Call for Linking Student Aid, Youth Service
U.S. Measure Would Curb Sales of Pagers to Minors
Cable-TV Firm Signs '6-Figure' Pact To Broadcast High-School Games
States News Roundup
A District Ties Goals to Scores
Scientists, Creationists Each Claim Victory in Texas Evolution Vote
Text of Proposed 'Core Propositions' About Teachers
Divisions on 'Set-Asides' Color Vocational Hearing
Retirees in Arizona File Lawsuit Challenging School Taxes
Private Schools' Compliance Low In Asbestos Tally
Data Processors Skunked
Capital Update
News in Brief
Milwaukee Diocese Considers Nonsectarian System
Troubled Civil-Rights Panel Faces Uncertain Future
Examining the Contradictions Of Licensure
School Resegregation Said Rising Slightly in South
Districts News Roundup
27 States Agree To Test New Dropout Definition
Hard-Pressed East St. Louis Rejects Plan for 600 Layoffs
Temporary Appointees Named to 6 Top E.D. Posts
'Fresh View' of English Calls for Active Learners
Federal File: Lawsuit protection; Gag order
Dwindling U.S. Dairy Surpluses Squeeze Menus and Boost Costs
House Backs More Aid for Head Start
Some Are Seeing Computer 'Magic' In a New, But Costly, Software Tool
State Journal: Bellmon's next move; Lobbyists's lobby prevails in Topeka
Legilsative Update
Letters to the Editor
Senate Bill Targets Loan Defaults
Goodling Raps Bush's Plan To VerifyNumber of Lunches Served by Schools
National News Roundup
Cavazos Says Action on Holocaust Curriculum Was Unfair
Rise in Average Teacher Salary Continues To Outpace Inflation
Drug-Aid Plan Unfair, New York Religious Schools Argue
People News
Future Cloudy for Louisiana's Leadership Academy
Civil-Rights Agency Reactivates Magazine
On the Schooling of Elementary Teachers
Bush: 'No' to Drugs; 'Yes' to Opening Up Teaching
High Court Says Drug-Test Rules Are Permissible
States News Roundup
Efforts To End Election of Superintendents Stymied
Teachers Column
Aiming at 'Consumer Information'
Texas Officials Modify State Assessment To Minimize Ways To 'Teach to the Test'
Higher Vocational Goals Eyed By Administration