Appellate Court Rejects Students' Bid To Hold Religious Meetings at School
'We Became the Hopes and Dreams' of All
News in Brief
Senate Panel Kicks Off Deliberations On Revamped Child-Care Legislation
'Procedural' Denials Limit Welfare's Reach
Congressional Reshufflings Change Composition of Education Panels
Connecticut Board Rejects a Proposal For Separate Teacher- Standards Board
U.S. Call for Desegregation Ruling Backed
Detroit Cost-Cutting Includes 240 Early Retirements
District News Roundup
Education Is Key In War on Drugs, President Says
A Protest Begets a Protest
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
Academy Urges Nation To 'Wake Up' And Revamp Mathematics Education
National News Roundup
In North Carolina, Career-Ladder Plan Nears a Crossroads
N.H. Educators Battle Transfer Of Local School Aid to Housing
Financial-Aid Eligibility Linked to Service In Bill Put Forward by Leading Democrat
New York State Chief Seeks To Revamp Teacher Licensing
In Omaha, School Is a Way Out of Public Housing
People News
U.S. Seeks To End Racial Teacher-Assignment Practice
Research and Reports
Court Bars City 'Set-Aside' Policy Based on Race: Set Stringent Test for Discrimination Remedies
'Fireside Chat': President, Apple Chief Talk Schools
Court Bars City 'Set-Aside' Policy Based on Race: School Districts Advised to Review Similar Plans
Bayh Aims To Build Political Consensus on Reforms
State News Roundup
State Offers Grant for Technology-Based Courses
Excerpts From Ruling in Richmond v. J.A. Croson Company
News Updates
Wisconsin Governor Again Seeks Choice, Both for Milwaukee and Across the State
College Group Issues Minority-Recruitment Guide
States News Roundup
1 in 5 Schools Miss Asbestos Deadline; Could Face Fines
A Lesson, for a Song
Virginia Panels Kill Elected-Board Bill
News in Brief
More Funds for Health, Nutrition Are Urged Through 'Bill of Hope'
Colleges Column
Role of Schools For Handicapped Children at Issue
Education Called Key To Calming Racial Tensions in Dallas
Census Bureau Forecasts U.S. Population Decline
Districts News Roundup
Federal Judge Bars Drug-Testing Plan Affecting Employees of Indian Schools
1986 Federal Statute Authorizes Fines for 5 Types of Violations
Federal File: Undersecretary Sanders; Alexander debunks Summitt rumors; Carnes is back; Cavazos on the Hill; And on the Bush
Holmes Group Finds Mixed Results In Universities' First Reform Efforts
Senate Committee Launches Hearings To Examine Fraud, Mismanagement in Federal Indian Programs
State Journal: ALEC's agenda
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
Liberal-Arts Collaboration Seen 'Very Long Process'
Roemer Ponders Special Session To Ward Off Fiscal Crisis
Homeless Children Not Receiving Necessary Educational Services
Report Expected To Sharpen Policy Debate on Homeless
Michigan Districts Plan Suit, Create Lobby To Press Finance Changes
Milwaukee To Decentralize Management of Schools
National News Roundup
Futrell Backing Full Funding for A Merit-Pay Plan
People News
Large Aid Recipient's Courses Barred From Receiving Federal-Loan Funds
Newbery and Caldecott Winners Named
Examining Obstacles to Effective School Leadership
New Rule Says Grant Recipients Must Be Drug Free
Spate of School Shootings Continues in Weeks After California Slayings
Full Union Backing May Hinge On Upcoming Vote on Funding
Thompson Calls For Major Math-Science Overhaul
States News Roundup
U.S. Pupils Earn Familiar Low Scores On International Math, Science Tests
Alabama Pension Fund's Television Venture Sparks Political Feud
News Update
Washington State Petitioners Demand 'Children's Initiative'
West Virginia Lawmakers Hike Taxes, Cut School Funds To Eliminate Deficit
Indian Agency Ignored Sexual Abuse Claims, Parents Say
Hunt Shelves Idea To Divert School Tax Revenues
Bush's Revisions Add $441 Million To E.D. Budget
Capital Update
News In Brief
Child-Care Plans Could Fragment Aid, Experts Warn
Citing Low Enrollments, Washington Archdiocese To Close 3 High Schools
National Panel On Child Issues Begins Its Work
Commentary: Focus on Minority Teachers Is 'Misguided'
O'Neill Would Create Trust Fund for K-12 Education
Questions Raised on Efficacy of Stiffer Math, Science Graduation Requisites
Having Child Is 'Symptom of Alienation'
Diploma-Mill Operator Must Pay Fine Of $10,000, Serve 18 Months in Prison
Accreditor Was 'for the Birds,' State Found
District News Roundup
Federal File: The drug czar's status; Transitions
Books: The 'Human Faces' of Teenage Pregnancy
Dade County Seeks Federal Aid To Deal With Nicaraguan Influx
Escalating Health-Insurance Costs Eroding Education Pay and Funding
State Journal: Second movement; Wine and fish
L.A. Union Asks Teachers To Choose Offer or Strike
E.P.A. Urges Testing for Lead In School Water
Legislative Update
Letters To The Editor
Blanchard, G.O.P. Offer Competing State-Aid Plans
Montana's High Court Orders New Aid System
N.E.A. State Coordinators Launch Search for 'Learning Laboratories'
People News
Groups' Math-Science Attainment Studied
Cavazos Cautions Trade Schools Over Defaults
Ressearch And Reports
Judge Finds Bias In Scholarships Based on Scores
South Carolina Considering 'Flexibility' for High-Scoring Schools
Column: Special Education
State News Roundup
Air Time for High School Athletics
News Updates
Reauthorization Debate May Set Stage For Vocational Sector's Revitalization
Address K-12 Education 'Emergency,' West Virginia Told
Court Rulings Split Over Students' 'Equal Access'
Several Colleges, Army See Signals of 'Baby Bust'
Ruling Supports Limited Use of Bilingual Method
Clean-Lunchbox Club
Bush Budget Plan Has Congress Searching for 'the Bottom Line'
News In Brief
Despite Protests, E.D. Lets Contract For Research Center to Johns Hopkins
Hawkins Hits Choice at Minnesota Hearing
Books: Feeling 'in Cahoots': Of Students and Stories
Commentary: Blue-Ribbon Panels Lack 'Moral Authority'
District News Roundup
County's Decision To Provide Bonuses, Not Raises, Will Bring 'an End' to Merit-Pay Plan, Teachers Say
Capital Digest
Federal File: Budgetary confusion; Goodling talks taxes; Quayle goes to schoolPink slips
Former Federal Research Chief Backing 'National Curriculum'
Funds Sought To Cover G.S.L.'s Shortfall
Health Column
Tally of Homeless Should Be Viewed 'With Caution,' Department Concedes
Illinois Schools: State-Aid Boost In Budget Plan
Commentary: Pro-Family Tax Policy Advocated
State News Roundup
Letters To The Editor
State Briefs
Dispute Over Connecticut School's Mural Spurs New Interest in Depression-Era Art
NAEP Finds Basic Skills Up, Higher-Order Skills Lacking
Governors Say Investment in Children Can Curb 'Long-Term Costs' for States
'Spending Revolt' in New Hampshire: Governor Calls For 9% School- Aid Cut
Oklahoma Debate Begins On Need for Tax Reform
California's Child Services Badly Fragmented, Study Finds
People News
In This District, Expulsion To Beget Tuition
Finger-Counting Found Useful In Learning Arithmetic
National News Roundup
Youth Volunteer Service Taking Center Stage in Capital
Texas Board To Vote on Requiring Coverage of Evolution in Textbooks
Big-Time Sports=Big-Time Woe?
Virginia Assembly Approves Child-Services Agency
In Troubled W.Va., New Governor Sets Bold Renewal Plan