Education Issues Rank High On 101st Congress's Agenda
AIDS Threat Rising Among the Young, Study Finds, But G.A.O. Reports Educational Efforts Thwarted
Minority Rates Rise in Advanced Placement Testing
Asbestos Insurance: E.P.A. Analysis Finds Little Worry but Little Coverage
Districts Bracing for Shutdown, Scaling Back of 91 Military Bases
Legal Settlement In Bilingual Case Hailed as Model
Boston Board Takes First Step Toward Total Restructuring
Arboreal Adoptions
Stop Involuntary Teacher Transfers, Justice Department Tells District
News in Brief
Education Groups Urge Bush To Back Increased School Funding
Proposed Chapter 1 Rules Spark Unusually Keen Interest
Feeding the Hunger'For Intellectual Growth'
West Virginia, Oregon Chiefs Announce Their Resignations
States Must Create Teaching Standards Boards
Kassebaum Is To Take Key Senate Education Post
Fiscal Manager for Detroit Schools Urged
Districts News Roundup
Committee Asks New York State To Offer High-Quality Preschool to All 4-Year-Olds
High-School Students 'Fail' Test of Basic Economics
Books: Jaime Escalante: Tapping the Urge To Succeed
Capital Digest
Funds Needed For Immigrants, Committee Told
Letters to the Editor
And a Look Back at Some of the Year's Top Newsmakers ...
Number of Math Courses Taken Said Linked to Future Earnings
Call for Free Postsecondary Education Questioned in Light of Federal Deficit
Minnesota's Education Leadership: Leitmotif for Policy Issues Looming
Cavazos Backs Holocaust-Study Rejection
Study Sets Stage for Debate On New Jersey 'Choice' Bill
Panel Is Set To Probe New York City Corruption Scandal
Tax Overhaul Is Awaiting Voters' Approval in Pennsylvania
People News
Remembering 1988: The Year in Education
Chicago Mayor To Lead Panel on Youths
Cost of Special Education Found Twice as High as That for Others
States News Roundup
Wright Assessing Need for a National Teacher Clearinghouse
Education Not a Fundamental Right, Appeals Court Says in Decision Upholding Texas State-Aid System
Freshman Group With Pell Grants At Record Low
Agreement Outlining Children's Rights Wins Approval of U.N. Subcommittee
News Update
Battle Lines Are Drawn in Wisconsin Over Proposed Property-Tax Change
West Virginia School-Finance Ruling Could Revive Land-Reappraisal Effort
High-School Bands in Inaugural Parade
Environmentalists Urge Bush To Resurrect Unit In Education Department
Radio Imbroglio
Budget Projects Little Growth but Many Funding Shifts
Deukmejian Plan for Reserve Fund Seen As Assault on Proposition 98
Missing Investment Funds Causing W.Va. Shake-Up
Schools in Parishes Slated for Closure To Remain, Says Detroit Archdiocese
Bush Pledges His Support For Choice, But Is Mum On Private-School Option
Family-Support Programs and the Schools
California Panel Cites Lack of Progress on Safe-School Guarantee
Districts News Roundup
Defense Officials Oppose Transfer Of Base Schools
Capital Update
Federal Update: Low numbers; Civil- rights expert?; Whither Madison?
Hawaii Advised To Decentralize Statewide School System
Reagan Appoints Hines To Head Office of Educational Research
Office Would Act as Technology Broker for Washington Schools
A Bicentennial Invitation: Teachers Will Witness Inaugural
Librarians, Educators Issue Plea for 'Information Literacy'
Bush Says Bennett Is His Choice As First 'Czar' of War on Drugs
2 Kentucky Districts Deemed 'Deficient,'Face State Takeover
Letters To The Editor
Media Column
Accountability, At-Risk Youth Rank High on 1989 Agenda
Budget Has Mixed Message For Other School Programs
Veteran Aides to Education Panels Bring Continuity to Changing Hill
Reagan: Schools Bear a Responsibility To Protect the 'New Patriotism'
Study Says Steroid Use Common Among High-School Students
Supreme Court Upholds Illinois Tax on Out-of-State Phone Calls
In Wake of Soviet Earthquake, Experts Call For 'Seismically Resistant' Schools in U.S.
Celeste Calls for Tax Hikes To Fund Reform Projects
Additional Funds Required To Sustain Reform Drives in 3 States, Groups Say
Department Decision Bars Proprietary-School Firm From Receiving Most Forms of Federal Assistance
Trip to Washington's Festivities Softens the 'Sting'For Iowa Students Whose School Is To Be Closed
News Update
Educators Preview 'Revolutionary' Plan For Science Reform
'Alarming' Drop Found in Black Males' College-Going Rate
Pay-Raise, Discipline-Policy Agreements End First Teacher Strike in Akron History
Educators Shine in Inaugural Week's Spotlight
California Policy Calls for Curb on Science 'Dogma'
Capital Update
News in Brief
The Escalating Toll of Violence at Schools: A Five-Year Chronology
Bipartisan Group Urges Bush To Revive Civil-Rights Enforcement
Questioning 'Cliches'of Education Reform
Computers Column
Federal Judges Dismiss Desegregation Suits Against Schools in Detroit and Los Angeles
District News Roundup
Driver's License Revocation: Students Are Said To Be 'Taking It Seriously'
Federal File: Hawkins vs. choice; Bennett's resolution; Farewell to Wright
Shelter From the Streets: In Houston, 2 Schools Opened to Homeless Students
Once-Reluctant I.B.M. Makes Inroads In the Precollegiate- Education Market
State Journal: Day care vs. education?; The politics of repoliticization
Books: Challenging Students to 'Creative Rebellion'
Labor Department Launches Day-Care Computer Clearinghouse
Consortia Split Federal Grant To Run Center
Legislative Update
Stephens Seeks Local Spending Limits To Reduce School-Funding Disparities
National News Roundup
Controversy Erupts Over New Limits On Aid to Collegiate Student-Athletes
Cuomo Belt-Tightening Plan Seen Pressuring Local Units
People News
Religious Groups Top List of Nation's Institutional Donors
Research And Reports
In Crisis, an Anguishing Unknown: 'How Can We Protect Our Pupils?'
Court Declines To Review Ruling on Church Day Care
Guidelines for Dealing With Threats to Security
Schoolyard Gun Spree Leaves 6 Dead, 30 Injured
Proportion of 'Scientifically Literate' U.S. Adults Is Less Than 6 Percent, According to New Survey
Studies Examine Gender Differences in Science Attainment
Carruthers Plan Would Pay Tuitions for Some Top-Ranking Graduates
State News Roundup
St. Paul To Create Native American Magnet School
Aftermath: 'I Would Panic, but I'd Stick to My Plan'
School-Insurance Group Sues Investor Over Losses
Commentary: Babbitt: 'Shared Culture' Is Vital
Classroom Advertiser To Send Its Message Over Television
News Update
West Virginia Teachers Press Lawsuit To Shore Up Troubled Pension System
Bush, Quayle Stress Education in Youths' Inaugural 'Civics Event'