Lawmakers Pass Bill To Revamp Chicago Schools
States News Roundup
Study Finds No Competition for Graduates Between the Military and Higher Education
A.C.T. Assessment To Be Substantially 'Enhanced'
Colleges' Affirmative-Action Policies Hurt Asian Students, Reynolds Claims in Speech
Bush's 'Flexible Freeze' Would Cut Education Funding, Panel Finds
News In Brief
Boston University-Chelsea Pact Clears First Two Hurdles
Schools Face 'Crisis in Caring'
Column: Computers
'Respectful Engagement' Vital to Moral Education
New Public-Awareness Project Aims To Focus on the 'High-Risk' Young
District News Roundup
Drug-Test Policy Targets Workers In Indian Schools
Column: Early Years
Capital Digest
Federal File: Budget season; Picks and pans
When Extracurricular Means Extra Costs Districts Resorting to 'Pay-To-Play' Option
Ford Grants $650,000 To Test Training Teachers in Schools
Law Allows Legal-Fee Awards, Legislators Tell Appeals Court
Drug Abuse and Corruption Charges Jar New York Schools
Electronic Spelling Aids Gaining Toehold in Schools
State Journal: Divided we stand; Sugar-coated lesson
Kansas Panel's Proposals Would Offset Urban-Rural Funds Shift
Letters To The Editor
Unsolicited Advice: Transition's Abundant Fare
Parental-Choice Bill Readied in Massachusetts
National News Roundup
Nevada Study Sees Financial Squeeze in Mid-1990's
New Jersey High Court Sets Deadlines For State Chief, Board in Aid Lawsuit
People News
Rising Enrollment and Costs Threaten Special-Education Gains, Study Finds
'Technologically Enhanced' Schools State Chiefs' Goal
University Awarded Grant To Study Possible Regulation of Tests
Key Beliefs About TV's Ill Effects Remain Unproven, Study Finds
News Update
250 Inner-City 1st Graders Get Pledge of College Aid
Washington State Panel Issues Blueprint for School Reform
Honig Decides Not To Toss His Hat Into the Gubernatorial Ring
Minn. Court Asked To Clarify Law on Reporting Molesters
New Audit Rules Seen Limiting for Educators
Standards on Career Guidance Sought For School, Job-Training Counselors
Minnesota To Mandate 'Multicultural and Gender-Fair' Curricula
Busing Costs for Nonpublic Pupils Under Scrutiny
News in Brief
Poll: Teacher Job Satisfaction Coexists With Deep Concerns
In Chicago, Implications of Reform Bill Please the Grassroots, Dismay Others
City's Populist Rebellion: A Chronology
Revised Chapter 1 Opens Options for Schoolwide Plans
Computers Column
Curriculum Column
Texas Judge Fans Flames of Sports-Eligibility Fracas
Data From Major Federal School Survey Due in 1989
District News Roundup
Planned Transfer Of Military-Base Schools Resisted
Rules Set for Suspensions Of Disabled Students
Federal File: 'Dismal' attainment; More free advice; 'Education' Veep?
Foundation Provides $20 Million To Boost Minority College- Going
Time Creates 'Report Card' for Bush
I.R.S. Lifts Tax Exemption From Church That Ran All-White School
Letters to the Editor
Books: New in Print
English Teachers Endorse Shift From Basal Readers
Michigan House Kills Blanchard's Tax- and Finance-Reform Proposal
The Littlest Lobbyists
Independents Assessing Their Cultural 'Climate'
Special-Ed. Group, E.D. Square Off Over Contract
National News Roundup
Academics Suffer in Big-Time Sports, Survey Finds
Disparities in Pupils' Treatment Persist, Rights Study Finds
Ohio Panel Says Tax Hike Key to School-Improvement Plan
Goldschmidt Proposes Budget Seeking 'Children's Agenda' and Tax Changes
Risky Business: State Pension Funds Spurring Wall Street's Biggest Deals
People News
Private Schools Column
State News Roundup
Analysts Envision a 'Creative Period' Ahead for College Financial-Aid Plans
Virginia School Finds 'Super' Prize's Uses Multiply
Virginia Institutions Lukewarm On Reforms in Teacher Training
Texas Schools Must Pay for Evaluations, E.D. Rules