Study Finds Few Minorities Reach The End of 'Educational Pipeline'
Candidates Vie for State Chief, Board Seats
Proud Peoria Tags Togs, Too
Californians Eyeing Funding 'Guarantee'
Some Reforms Counterproductive for Young, Group Says
Dominoes: Speculation Rife on Key Hill Posts
No Federal Funding for Standards Board
Congress Finishes Work on Drug and Tax Bills
Carnegie 'Units' Should Go, Says Study by Boards
Showing the Way: Selected Projects
States Moving Into the Spotlight With Varied Pilot Efforts
The ~'Restructuring' Puzzle
'You've Got To Demonstrate That There's Another Way'
District News Roundup
Dukakis Offers Plan for Federal-State Collaboration
They Also Serve: 'Experience' Sets Many Educators on Path to Politics
'Different' Tests Of Teaching Skill Planned by Firm
Capital Digest
Federal File: Of Politics and the Secretary
Books: Exerpts
In Shadow of National Races, Heated 'Education' Contests
3 States Bitterly Battle On Fiscal Ballot Items
Los Angeles Puts Standardized Testing on Hold, After Furor Over Cheating Incidents
Letters to the Editor
Mayors' Status Report Tallies Children's Issues
Principals Cite Job Satisfaction
National News Roundup
N.Y. Task Force Cites 'Racism' in Funds Allocation
U.S. English Controversey Said Eroding Support of Voters
People News
Private Schools and Reform: E.D. Conferees Urge a Collaboration
Research and Reports
Beer Drinking and Smoking Could Prove Healthy for College Sports in Oregon
Stafford: Republican Rebel During Reagan's Revolution
Student Lobbyists Awaiting Voters' Verdict on Suffrage
News Update
'Frustrations' of Youths in Job Programs Analyzed
Digital Data: More Managers Tapping Computer Power But Usage Limited by Costs, Fear of Change
Digital Data: More Managers Tapping Computer Power But Usage Limited by Costs, Fear of Change
State-Board Members Contemplate 'Activism'
After Delays, Boston's 'Controlled Choice' Plan Emerges
Businesses Refuse To Sign 'Boston Compact II'
A Bake-Sale Building: Sleeves Rolled Up, Dough Rolled Out
Tips for Purchasers: Study Aims, Then Gadgetry
News In Brief
Cavazos: 'I Want To Raise Awareness' About the Serious 'Education Deficit'
Proposed Rule for Chapter 1 Evaluations Issued
U.S. To Pay Court Costs in Ga. Desegregation Cases
District News Roundup
Early Years
Dukakis Unveils Drug-Education Proposal
U.S. Asks Court To Strike Florida 'English-Only' Petitions
Second Admissions Test For Private Schools Set
Capital Digest
A Taste of Big Apple After Minneapple:Green Bites Into Field's 'Impossible'Job
State Journal: Bluegrass brouhaha
Letters to the Editor
Florida, N.Y. Building State Records Systems
Louisiana Reform Plan Rejected; Districts Lose Tax-Raising Right
English Fluency, Attainment Linked in New NAEP Study
National News Roundup
People News
Cavazos Seeks Advice on Cutting Down College-Loan Defaults
Private Schools
Background of Secretary's Choice To Head Research Agency Draws Fire
Research And Reports
Judge Allows South Carolina Districts To Participate in Lease-Purchase Deals
Closing the Distance Between Home and School
Justices Seem Set To Back Child-Abuse Ruling
Attorney General Argues the Case For Drug Testing
State News Roundup
New Teacher Tests May Boost Field, Say Backers
Top-Level Feud Mars Texas School-Finance Suit
Books: Acting Against Poverty: Premises and Programs
Lessons for New Welfare-Law Plans Seen in Study of Urban Teen Mothers
Study Cites 'Exemplary' Programs Against AIDS
Asian Students Swell St. Paul Schools
Lyceum for Logophiles
Tests Found Barring Thousands Of Minority Teacher Candidates
California Unions Sign 'No-Raid' Pacts To Limit Turf Wars
Bilingual-Education Grant Process Questioned
Military Wins 'Doublespeak' Prize
School-Readiness Proposals Gain Acceptance in California
News in Brief
Chelsea Teachers Vow To Fight Boston University Pact
Chiefs Back Plan Calling for More Early-Years Aid
Chiefs Ponder State-Federal Program to Hike Number of Minority Teachers
Fate Sets Texas TownOn a Collision Course
New Standards for Principals Defended
District News Roundup
Capital Digest
Federal File: Transition time
Foundations Column
Citing Deficiencies, Georgia Board Votes To Cut Off Funds to District
Focus Must Turn to 'Forgotten Half,' Study Says
State Journal: Winners and losers; An Election Day postscript
Kentucky Governor and Lawmakers Urged To Settle Feud
'Bandits' say Red Tape Snarled Reform Project
N.A.E.Y.C. Working To Enhance Its Influence
Using Calculators in Math Courses Doesn't Add Up, Some Chiefs Say
N.Y. School-Based Reform Initiative Rapped
Report Outlines Options for States To Improve Portability of Pensions
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Books: Readings
Research and Reports
State News Roundup
News Updates
A 'Collaboration': Urban League Gains Quiet Reform Role
Veterans Aim To Boost Teaching About Vietnam
Learning or Market Share? Networks See Value in Promoting Big Series as Lessons
Contested Racial-Balance Plan in San Jose Is Found Acceptable by 9th Circuit Court
News In Brief
Bush To Keep Cavazos as Education Secretary
Suit by Chelsea Teachers Seeks To Thwart District Agreement With Boston University
Early-Childhood Debates Highlighted at E.D. Forum
Test Makers' 'Fairness' Standards
Teaching Social Skills to At-Risk Children
Washington State Educators At Odds Over Plans for Conduct Code
Texas Football Playoffs in Turmoil Over Charges of Grade Tampering
Broader Data on Private Schools Planned by E.D.
District News Roundup
Georgia 'Losers' Trade Self-Help Ideas on Dropouts
Winners in Competition for $24 Million in Federal Dropout-Prevention Grants This Fall
Federal File
'Transition' Paper Cites Flaws in E.D. Program Guidance
Letters to the Editor
Librarians Plug Into the 'Information Age'
California Researchers 'Accelerate' Activities To Replace Remediation
Media Column
Blanchard Unexpectedly Reshuffles School-Finance Deck
National News Roundup
'Explosion' in School Lawsuits Has Ended, 2 Unpublished Studies Find
Pilgrim Nuclear Plant Unaffected by Reagan Order
Principals Seek Links With Businesses To Provide Scholarships and Materials
Science-Course Mandates Blamed For Low Participation in Physics
Research and Reports
National Officials Say It Is Time To End Test-Score 'Ratings Game'
60 U.S., Soviet Schools To Be in Exchange
State News Roundup
30 Colleges Will Redesign Teacher Training
Texas Panel Ducks Aid Issue, But Suggests New Reforms
News Update
Vermont Chief Eyes A Teacher-Majority Licensure Board