Reagan Picks Hispanic College Chief To Succeed Bennett
Nominee Described as Consensus-Builder With a 'Hands-On' Style of Management
A Town and Gown Reform
Colleges Column
Survey of Teen Health and Safety Finds Crime Prevalent at Schools
Finn, Carnes To Join Exodus From Department
Property-Tax Hike in Kansas City For Desegregation Plan Is Upheld
Districts News Roundup
States Consider Denying Dropouts Right to Drive
Dukakis Versus Bennett--Sort of
State, Local School Chiefs Ranked Among Best-Paid Public Officials
Bennett Presents Model Plan For K-8 Curriculum
Punching Out the Time Clock
Athletes Deserve 'Informed Choice'
E.C.S. Seeking 'Genuine Input' From Business Executives
Books: Preparing Citizens For An Interdependent World
Administrators Fault Training
Capital Digest
Federal File: Mind Control; 'What Works' retired?; Applause for Stafford
Florida Imposes 'Learnfare' Rule
Ruling Threatens Legality Of Ga. School Regulations
School-Tax Hikes Backed, Poll Finds
Commentary: Meeting Concerns About Sex Abuse in Schools
Panel Passes Bill on School Radon
Texas Paper Denied Access to Administrators' Files
States Journal: An F for Dukakis; Wake-up call; Batman to the rescue
U.S. Must Bear Legal Burden in Drive To Close Integration Suits, Judge Says
Letters To the Editor:
Media Column
Model Schools Cited in Report
Fewer Than Half Of States Join NAEP 'Pre-Test'
8 Southern States Consider Pilot Project a Success
National News Roundup
Brand New Faces For Grand Old Party
Economic Matters High On Governors' Agenda
New Jersey Aid System Is Flawed, Judge Finds
Fond Farewells, a Miscue Righted, and Much Muffled Talk
New York City Agrees To Expand Its Bilingual Special-Ed. Faculty
From Child's Fare to National Rite
Study Says Government Must Lead In Advancing School Technologies
People News
Philadelphia Forced To Keep Day-Care Centers
The G.O.P. Platform on Education and Related Issues
Conflicts Over Pledge: A Long, Tense History
Principals Report Progress in Reform Drive
George Bush: 'Every One of Our Children Deserves a First-Rate School'
Research And Reports
'Unreasonable Delay' Cited In Chicago Spec.-Ed. Case
States News Roundup
Virginia Team Wins Supercomputer Prize
Youths' Grasp of Health IssuesSaid To Show 'Dismaying' Gaps Washington
A Model Curriculum for the First 8 Grades: Guidelines From 'James Madison Elementary School'
Thompson Will Sign Chicago Reform Bill
U.S. Judge Backs Virginia's Ban on Elected School Boards
E.D. Draws Statistical Portrait of U.S. Youth
Abortion Rider Holds E.D. Budget Hostage
Bush Completes N.E.A. Survey
News In Brief
2 Studies Indicate Youth May Face Bleaker Future Than Their Parents
California Panel Urges State Board To Pick Reading Textbooks With 'Real Literature'
Next President Urged To Stress Preschool Aid for Disadvantaged
Lobbyists Seeking Stay of Key Tax-Law Rules
New in Print
Lunch Bunch Ousts the Breakfast Club
California Bills Will Not Revive Bilingual Law
News in Brief
Improved Communication Can Block Censorship, Groups Say
Mint Set To Issue Space-Shuttle Coins Designed by Children
Computer Column
Curriculum Column
Districts News Roundup
Dukakis Unveils a Plan To Permit Lifetime Student-Loan Repayment
Capital Digest
Federal File: A fond farewell; A clouded departure
In Florida's Dade County, More New Ideas Percolating
E.D. Paid Too Much in Loan Subsidies, Report Says
State Journal: Election-year victim?; Sending smoke signals
U.S. Workers Better Educated, Labor Department Study Finds
Commentary: 'Seasick' on an Ocean of Rhetoric
Letters to the Editor
National News Roundup
Bias Charged in Denial of Aid to History Course
N.E.A. Votes To Back Dukakis
New Jersey Plan Widens Access To Principalship
Oregon Panel Urges School-Finance Overhaul
With Educators, Pledge Talk Elicits Both Smiles and Ire
Recommended Reading for 'James Madison Elementary'
Legalization of Home Schools Should Proceed
Koop Urges Coordinated Services for Ill Children
States News Roundup
'SWAT' Teams Will Aid School 'Takeover' Plan
E.D. Rejects Schroeder's Complaint Against Official
Schools Urged To Develop Wider Set of Assessments
Science Group To Aid Rural Areas
News Update
Bennett Names Members of NAEP Board
'Literacy' Urged For All Students On Agriculture
National News Roundup
Study Compares Teacher Salaries in 10 Nations
A.F.T. for Dukakis
'The Best': $2.4-Billion Budget for Alabama Schools Gets a Go-Ahead
Apple Raising Price of Computers
Cabinet Is Told To Press Family Issues
Bennett, Bloom Will Create Education Research Center
Maryland School Officials Seeking Reason for Collapse of Bleachers
The Long, Hot Weekend
Bush Said Weighing A New 'Family Act'
California Board
News In Brief
L.A.'s Autos-for-Administrators Policy Drawing Scrutiny
Senators Set To Confirm Cavazos as Secretary
Child-Care Bill's Odds for Passage Said Diminishing
States and the 'At Risk' Issues: Said Aware but Still 'Failing'
School Psychology: A Retreat From Excellence
E.D. Issues Loan-Default Regulations
The First Step: Some States' Working Definitions of Students 'At Risk'
Distrcit News Roundup
House Backs Ban on Aid to Drug Offenders
Report's Sampling of State Initiatives
Capital Digest
Federal File: Lies, damned lies, and statistics; Koop pulls strings; A snail
Schools Closed As Storm Nears
International Educators Eye Endowment Plan
Hispanic Students Require Income To Remain in School, Study Finds
Projects Seen Helping 'Disconnected' Young
House Panel Urged To Address Plight of Minorities
New Jersey Sets Up an Office for Homeless Pupils
Politics Pervades E.D. Research Arm, Study Alleges
Pension Portability: New Focus on Why 'You Can't Take It With You'
Blacks Are Hit Hardest by N.C.A.A. Academic-Eligibility Rule
Radon Tests for All Homes Urged
For the Record
Despite Years of Rhetoric, Most Still See Little Understanding, Inadequate Efforts
Research and Reports
In the Heart of the City, a Model Farm Program
Colleges See Promise in Dukakis's Aid Plan
State News Roundup
Star Schools Grants Delayed Slightly
Agency Cites Texas Competency Tests As Unfair for Minority, Older Teachers
News Updates
Housing-Bias Decision in Yonkers May Hold Lesson for Other Cities