Statewide Proficiency Levels Urged
Plan To Require Office Space for Teachers Stalled
People News Roundup
'Schools for 21st Century' Project Is Taking Off
Trained for 'Ideal' Students, New Teachers Encounter 'At Risk'
Private Schools
Schools, Police Spar Over Felons' Assets in North Carolina
Educating for The Factories Of The Future
Research and Reports
U.S. Judge Orders Voluntary Integration Plan for Savannah
Presidential Scholars Are Lauded
'Here I Was, A New Teacher'
Corporal-Punishment Foes Gain Victories, See Best Year Ever
State Special-Education Placement Patterns Vary, E.D. Finds
British Firm Buys Test Publisher
Few Shifts Seen in Education-School Curricula
State News Roundup
Summer Study Grows in Popularity: From Suzuki Violin to E.S.L.
Regional Education Official at the Mailbox--Again
In the Urban Crucible
Texas Group To Test Interactive-Video Curriculum
Court Declines To Hear Yonkers School, Housing Bias Suit
States Urged To Use Range of Indicators
Bennett Sends College-Savings Plan to Hill
House Sets $21.9 Billion for E.D., Boosting Spending
Aspen Seeks To Subsidize Staff's Housing
76 Sousaphones Led the Big Parade
Bush Proposes $500 Million in Rewards for Merit Schools
News In Brief
American Investment in Education Faulted
Curriculum Column
District News Roundup
Start Drug Education Early, Jackson Tells Senate Panel
NAEP's 'Anomaly' Blamed on Changes In Test's Design
Capital Digest
Federal File
Florida Incentive-Pay Experiment Dies Quietly
Audit Finds Abuses in Migrant-Education Program
'A Bold Step From the Ivory Tower'
Legislative Action
Letters to the Editor
National News Roundup
Schools Encouraged To Use 'Effective Schools' Research
Carter-Ford Panel Says Race Issues 'Moving Backward'
Bennett Says 'No' to Legal Drug Use
Brick-Toting Reminder Comes a-Tumbling Down
Conferees Agree on $37.2 Billion For Education, Training Programs
News In Brief
Low Pay, High Attrition Rates Plaguing Day Care, Study Finds
E.D. Rights Tally Still Bypassing Many Districts
Highlights of Tentative New York City
New School-Finance Formula Approved in Colorado
Computers Column
New York Board And Custodians Forge New Pact
Agency Seeks Quick Legalization For Illegal Children of Legal Aliens
Districts News Roundup
Capital Digest
Federal File: In Bennett's footsteps, Misery at E.D., Dukakis and the pledge
Clarifying the Role of School Counselors
Reversing Field in Houston: Return to K-6 Schools?
Mergers Urged for Military-Base Schools
State Journal: No excuses; Blurred vision; Pyrrhic victory?
Some 280 Districts Lose Ratings on Bonds
Court Rejects District Plan To Lay Off Only White Teachers
Letters to the Editor
The Ins and Outs of Spring on Capitol Hill
N.J. First To Attempt Complete Takeover
New Jersey Moves To Take Control of School District
The Portrait of an Urban District 'in Decay'
New York Board Sets Rules for the Homeless

Winnetka School's Staff Is Praised For Courage Amid Shooting Spree
People News Roundup
Key State Charges Against
Parents See Reading Ability of Children as A Major Factor in Their Success as Adults
Minnesota Districts Asked To Drop Indian Team Names
Special Education Column
'Four C's' Envisioned in Future High-Tech Schools
Tennessee Is Featuring Teacher of the Year
News Update
School Breakfasts Linked to Test-Score Gains
'Small Changes' Won't Do, Says California Panel
Reform Measure for Chicago Schools Unveiled
'Mood for Change': Impetus for Model School
States Cooperate To Improve Assessment
Diverse Groups Join In Effort To Promote Teaching on Religion
Teaching on Religion: Brochure's Advice
Strategies for Reforming Schools of Education
Phoenix-Florida Land Swap Threatens an Indian School
House Backs Juvenile-Justice Measure
Legislative Update
Letters to the Editor
4 Colo. Districts Join To Run Magnet School
Oklahomans To Vote on Tax Overhaul
New York City Plans a Crackdown on Violence in Schools
Pennsylvania District Will Test 'Shared Governance'
Philadelphia Facing Money Worries on Pact
People News Roundup
Jersey City Seeks To Block State's Attempted School Takeover
Drafting Planks: Parties Begin 'Battle of Ideas'
For Md. Reform Project, the World Becomes a Lab
Exercises Offer Different Approach to Teacher Tests
Can the Schoolhouse Handle Systemic Reform?
Assessing Affirmative-Action Policies
Capturing Teaching's Essence: Stanford Team Tests New Methods
Technology Column
Ending the Silence On Vietnam War
Youth Actions Seen Unchanged By AIDS Scare
Citing Undue Stress, Arizona Restricts Tests of 1st Graders
Flimsy Asbestos-Consultant Training Hit
Package in Baton Rouge: Choice and School-Based Management
The Making of High Schools
House Panel Approves E.D. Budget
Colleges Column
Past Impropriety Could Imperil Grant Eligibility
Republicans Unveil Tough Anti-Drug Plans
Early Years Column
Agency Downs University Appeal on Clearinghouse
Federal File
Youth-Training Modifications Are Outlined
Report Contains Proofreading Error
Houston Chief Pursues Tough Policy
The Schooling of Incarcerated Young People
Kentucky Judge Voids Deficient School-Finance System
Student Proficiency in Math Is Dismal, NAEP Indicates
Supreme Court Says It Will Hear Drug-Test Cases
Catholic Leaders See Wider Mission in Lower Enrollments
In Illinois, One Hopeful Applicant Waits Amid Long Odds
Head of Rights Commision Dies Unexpectedly
Plan To Build School for the Gifted Draws Fire
Survey: A Third of Students in 2 Sports Injured
Seattle Happy With Choice Plan
Schools Being Forced To Cope With Impact of Crime, Violence
Schools' Liability Said Likely To Grow
3 States Must Trim Budgets in Wake of Revenue Shortfalls
6th-Circuit Court Hears Arguments on Vocational Grant
Groups Vying for Piece of Star Schools Pie
Inquiry Is Set on Alleged Quashing of Official's Indictment