Letters To The Editor
E.D. Draft on AIDS Subpoenaed
$21.2-Billion Education Department Bill Advances
U.S. Won't Contest Curb on E.D. Power In Audit Disputes
U.S. Honors Math, Science Teachers
A Breathtaking Report on Learning
News Briefs
Universities Vie For $30-Million Voc.-Ed. Center
Will Tells Panel She May Create Unit To Serve Needs of the Deaf
Appellate Ruling Lifts Integration Order in Boston
District News Roundup
New York District Plans To Test All Job Seekers for Drugs
Capital Digest
States Use International Math Test
Mich. Panel Backs Major Tax Shift
National News Roundup
N.E.H. Sets Center For History Studies
NCATE Amends Charter To Permit A.F.T., Others To Join
Wrangling Over Bork Casts Shadow On Start of High Court's 1987 Term
People News
Philadelphia May Create H.M.O. for Students
Studies Examine Disparities In Women's Birth Patterns
Senate Panel Adopts Reauthorization Measure
Research And Reports
Commentary: Rural Problems Jeopardize Reform
State News Roundup
U.S. To Monitor Aversive Therapy
Fines Mounting For Strikers In New Jersey
Future Teachers' Skills Gauged in Classroom Simulations
Commentary: A Voucher Plan For Workers
Parents Strongly Favor Guaranteed-Tuition Plan
Tax, Aid Changes Also Urged in Wisconsin
Bennett Handbook On AIDS Stresses Sexual Abstinence
Ala. Governor Sets School-Improvement Agenda
Attrition Rate for Teachers Hits 25-Year Low, Study Finds
115 Teachers Win McAuliffe Stipends
Day-Care Efforts Said Insufficient
Few States Coordinating Child Care and Preschools
Commentary: Cross-District Integration Needed
Senate Panel Rejects Bork Nomination
In 'Bold Stroke,' Chicago To Issue Calculators to All 4th-8th Graders
News In Brief
C.D.C. Sets 42 Grants for AIDS Education
Colleges Column
March of School Technologies Proceeding--but Slowly
Booklet Spurs Racism Charges In New York
Creation of 10 Centers To Serve Deaf Adults Urged
District News Roundup
Capital Digest
Bennett on AIDS: Excerpts From the Booklet
Shift Vocational Aid, Panel Urged
A Row in the Rose Garden
Commnetary: Colleges Fail in Training of Reading Teachers
In School's Gym, Some Senatorial Talk of Federal Support
Plan To Raise Standards Sparks Debate in Iowa
State Journal: "Out of step" in Washington State; Update on the Deukmejian-Honig summit
Letters To The Editor
National News Roundup
Full-Day Programs Backed
Staking a Claim
Cost of Repairing School Facilities Tops Legislators' Agendas
Congress Eyes More Aid for N.S.F. School Efforts
An Invitation for 6th Graders
People News
District Accused of Polluting
Author of The Other America Urges Push To Abolish Poverty
Will-Dart Dispute Surfaces in Congressional Hearing
E.D. Honors 59 Leading Principals
Period of Silence Ruling Unlikely, Justices Indicate
Update News
States News Roundup
Chicago Pact Could Force Layoffs
Tax Windfall No Boon for Schools
Rider to E.D. Spending Bill Would Place Restrictions on AIDS Education
Grants for Curriculum Centers Set
New Asbestos Regulations Seen Swamping District Officials' Time, Money, Efforts
New Publications Examine Education Law, Literacy
Certification-Panel Head Selected
News In Brief
Commentary: 'Genocide' Curriculum Is Unwise
Members of the National Board
Surprise: Freshman Enrollment Is Surging
Contractors See Lucrative Market for School Services
Capital Digest
Judge Reduces Control Over Denver's Schools
District News Roundup
Chicago Teen Shot in School
'English-Only' Push Opposed in Ariz.
Idaho Board's Policy Will'Result in a Brag Sheet'
No Action on Florida Service Tax
Study Faults 'Bland' Prose in History Texts
Commentary: Seeking Alternatives to Collective Bargaining
Senate Committee Rejects Humanities-Panel Nominee
Question & Answer: 'A Chance To Make a Difference'
Los Angeles Board Votes To Place District on Year-Round Schedule
Letters To the Editor:
Debate Grows on Classroom's 'Magic Pill'
Contract for Assessment Again Awarded to E.T.S.
National News Roundup
Nebraska Tax Revolt Targets School Boards
Pregnancy-Prevention Ads Are Directed at Teen-Age Boys
People News
Omnibus Education Bill Is Sent to Full Senate
Research And Reports
State News Roundup
Budget Woes Threaten New Showcase School
Editorial Rights Of Student Press Are Debated
Bus Drivers End Strike in Boston
House Panel Cuts Fuel Exemption
News Updates
Suit Seeks To Void Va. Law Barring Elected Boards
Vocational Education Column
A 'Grand Vision' For New Readers
Civil-Rights Panel Investigating I.Q. Test Ban in California
E.P.A. Issues Final Regulations on School Asbestos
Bell Recounts Tenure as Chief Of E.D. in Book
Bilingual Suit Tests Pupils' Rights
Unjust Desserts
Balanced-Budget Law May Force Huge Reduction in Aid to Schools
District News Roundup
New California Math Curriculum Close to Implementation
A New Collegiality Marks Catholic-School Labor Talks
Values Education Supported
Chicago's 'Unprecedented' Populist Revolt
E.D. Extends Crackdown On Scofflaws
N.C. District's Remedy for White 'Isolation' Draws Protest
Precollegiate-Education Issues Are Prominent In Gubernatorial Campaigns in 3 States
Districts Turn to Nonprofit Group for Help In 'Realigning' Curricula To Parallel Tests
Tuition Tax Credits Are Challenged in Iowa
Federal File
State Journal: A larger sphere of influence; Toughest of the tough; The power of positive students
Xerox Executive Exhorts Candidates To Focus on Schools
Year-Round School Plan Tabled
Commodities Measures Seek More Choice, Faster Service
Letters To the Editor:
Commentary: Expanded NAEP Holds Risks
133 English Programs Are Named 'Centers of Excellence'
People News
Studies Shed New Light on Teen-Age Suicides
State News Roundup
Pension Officers Insist Funds Sound Despite Market's Wild Roller Ride
Commentary: Restructuring the Teaching Profession
Teachers Column
News Update
Governors Ask Fast Action on Welfare Reform