A.F.T. Panel To Study the Union's Structure, Goals, Policies
Application Guidelines Issued for Grants For AIDS Education
Bennett Advocates Mandatory Testing In Battle on AIDS
Sweet Land of 'Halls of Learning Fair'
Plan To Boost Pell Grant Aid Is Derailed
Catholic Schools Recruit Irish Teachers
State School Chiefs Focus on Needs of 'At Risk' Youths
Debate Over New School Underscores Class Conflict in Chicago
Senators Assess Qualifications Of Nominees for E.D. Posts
Detroit Student's Murder Provokes Angry Outcry
Districts News Roundup
Federal News Roundup
Education-Finance Formula Is Biased, Texas Court Rules
Favoritism Alleged in E.D. Peer-Review System
'Gentrification' Poses Dilemmas, Opportunities for Planners
National News Roundup
New N.S.F. Grant Rules May List Science Education
ERIC Merger Plan May Be Scrapped
Finding a 'Loony List' While Searching for Literacy
People News
Probe of Backdated Documents Asked
Consensus Is Sought on Instilling Moral Values
Research and Reports
Halt to Special-Ed. Plan Sought
States News Roundup
Eugene, Ore., Schools Reopen With Substitutes
Push Is On To Revive Federal Tax Breaks
Teaching Column
Testing Column
National News Roundup
Vt. Business Panel Urges Governance Overhaul
Who Will Define 'Science for All?'
Senate Panel Bill Would Expand Bilingual-Ed. Funding Options
Senate Gives Nod to More E.D. Funds
The High School's Newest Seniors
Honig Organizes Citizens in Fight Over Calif. School Funding
More Coordination in Job Training Seen
District News Roundup
Lawsuit Challenges New York City's Felton Remedies
Philanthropy Column
'Technology-Dependent' Youths' Needs Unmet
Economic Concerns Aiding Programs for Gifted
Letters to the Editor
Indiana Lawmakers Approve Reform Bill
The Cultural Context of Dropping Out
State Capitols
E.D. Selects 10 Colleges To Participate in Pilot Loan Program
New School System Born From Merger of Lutheran Congregations
Quest for Single Voice Spurs Teacher Unions To Discuss Merger
National News Roundup
Computer Use Grows In Chapter 1 Classes, New Report Finds
Research and Reports
Debates Show 'Impersonal' Businesses Playing a 'Human Role'
State News Roundup
Declining Tax Revenues Threaten Budgets in West and Midwest
Senate Panel Approves 'Competitiveness' Bill
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'Workfare' Applicants Said To Lack Skills
Students Submitting Record Numbers of College Applications
Writing Gaining Emphasis In Science, Math Classes
'Crisis' in Minority Enrollment Focus Of College Group
Federal Suit Challenges Bannings, Policy in Florida District
Wilson Unveils Proposals To Reform Boston Schools
In Denver, Students Mind Their Dollars
Carnegie Unveils Makeup of National Teacher Board
Grove City Bill Nears First Senate Hurdle
Credit Cards: New Revenue Source for Public-School District
Districts News Roundup
Recapturing the Kindergarten for 5-Year-Olds
Report Urges Schools To Think Globally In Changing World
Families With Children Constitute Third of the Homeless
Low-Profile Reviews Can Lead To High Honors for Schools
Lawmakers Adopt Income-Tax Credits For Tuition in Iowa
Teacher Raises Proposed in Louisiana
District Ordered To Reduce Teacher Transfers
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Law Barring Religious Garb Contested
One-Room School To Open in Calif.
University Presidents Agree On Precollegiate Education Reform
Private School Column
More 'Choice' Is Key to Public-School Reform
States Link Reading Tests to Research
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Lawmakers Advocate Suicide-Prevention Measure
School-Boards Group Offers Guide on Teacher Supply
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More Students Are Juggling Conflicting Demands of School, Work