Guidelines Urge Schooling of AIDS Victims, but Set Limits
'Boring' Social Studies: One Teacher's Remedy
Bennett's History Lesson Earns Passing Grade
Report Applauds Miami's Treatment of Cuban Boatlift Children
Day Care: Tightening Insurance Squeeze
Study Faults Catholic Schools' Approach to Finances
Text of Report's Executive Summary
Tax Reform, Budget To Dominate Congress's Agenda
Curriculum Column
Boston Judge Withdraws From Case, Returns Local Control After 11 Years
State News Roundup
Federal File: Down on Pornography; Legal Eagles
Regional Studies Document Educational Plight of Nation's Hispanics
Head Start's Benefits Are Short-Lived, A Three-Year Federal Study Concludes
Letters to the Editor
Commentary: Arkansas Test Typifies 'Quick-Fix' Theory of School Reform
A Place Where Teen-Agers in Trouble Learn 'To Deal With Themselves'
House Panel Questions Status of Handicapped Policy
Financial Aid Up
National News Roundup
Study Finds Computers' Popularity Overstated
New Satellite Network To Beam Instruction to Schools in Texas
New Hampshire Districts Drop Finance Lawsuit
New Jersey's Minimum-Salary Bill Advances
E.D. Rights Chief Considering End To Investigations
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Research and Reports
School Chiefs Select Director for New Center
Federal Guidelines for Schools on Children With AIDS
'I Had a Bad, Nasty Attitude. I've Calmed Down Now'
Special Education Column
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Chicago, Philadelphia Teachers Reach Pacts; Seattle Still Out
Ten Imperatives for the Schools
Public-, Private-School Test Scores Compared
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High Achievers: To Boost Academic Results, Evaluate Teachers
Court Rejects Washington State Pay-Equity Ruling
N.Y.C. Parents Boycott Schools To Protest City's AIDS Policy
Books: New In Print
Learners Some Knocking on Opportunitues Door
Connecticut Panel Recommends Against High-School Exit Tests
California Measures Promote Teaching of 'Standard English'
District News Roundup
Federal News Roundup
Federal File: Demon Porn (Cont.); Bauer's Successor; Nicholson Cleared
Bennett Advises States To Review Church-School Aid
States Not Enforcing Rights in J.T.P.A.,New Study Charges
Letters To The Editor
Lotteries: 'Mega-Bucks' Promise Is Disputed
'Ecstatic' District Officials Get Word on Magnet-Schools Aid
Study Finds Teachers Unhappy With Reform Process
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Researchers Propose New Federal Statistics Agenda
Lawmaker Threatens To Block New N.I.E. Plan
Kean Signs Law Setting Base Salary for N.J. Teachers
House Panel Grills E.D. Rights Chief On Enforcement
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Cuomo Attacks Plan
Senate Defeats School-Prayer Bill
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Michigan Teachers Return to Work
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Commentary: How We Arrived at Five-Year Teacher Education
Commentary: Child Abuse, From Social Concern To Media Hype
Reform Bill Eyed
Gridders Benched School Drops Football
A Mistress of the Universe? Not Likely.
California Rejects Science Texts as 'Watered-Down'
North Carolina Cracks Down on Out-of-State Colleges
District News Roundup
Controversial Game Retains Its Backers
Teachers' Panel Set
Federal News Roundup
Panel Clears Legal-Fees Bill for House Vote
'Most of What We Have Supported Is Not Useful or Only Putatively True'
Foundations Pondering New Proposals For Improving the Quality of Teaching
Report Finds D.C. Delinquents Are Denied Special Education
Foundation Heads Urged To Support Children's Issues
Grand Rapids Drops 'Shared-Time'
Home-Schooling Advocate John C. Holt Dies
In The Press
Stipend Use, Shifting Client Group in J.T.P.A. Studied
Letters to the Editor
Of Time, Reform, And the River
Reading Skills Up but Leveling Off, Report Finds
Group Launches Curriculum Project
38 Percent Hike for N.Y.C. Teachers
Overhaul of E.D. 'Database' Needed, Says Finn, Pledging To 'Fill the Gaps'
Shortages of '85 Vanish as Schools Hire Uncertified Teachers
A Sweet, Fertile Soil for the Growth of Writers
State News Roundup
Rhode Island Settlement Said Near
News Update
Alabama Lawmaker Near to Vote on School-Bond Issue