Legislative Report
Letters to the Editor
Study Finds Rise in Number of Free Lunches Served
States' Teacher-Incentive Plans Are Hitting Snags
Jobs, Nutrition Funds May Increase
Federal Judge Strikes Requirement For Draft-Registration Aid Form
PUSH-EXCEL Asked To Return Federal Funds
Youths Reading Less, Adults Read More, New Survey Finds
For The Record
Military Public School's First Class Marches Off to Careers, College
Education Groups Agree on Plan To Improve Instructional Materials
Ohio Panel Calls for Restructuring of Vocational System
Vocational Education
State Legislatures Pass Education Reforms as 1984 Sessions End
Any Resemblance to Living Principal Is Purely....
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Comnmentary: Oversimplifying the Discipline Problem
Commentary: Exit Tests and the Handicapped: An Unfair End to Years of Struggle
L.A. Abuse Investigation Continues As Scope of Case Appears To Widen
Alaska Approves Higher StandardsFor Graduation
Alvarado Is Charged by N.Y.C. Board
E.P.A. Will Provide Information on Asbestos
Plan To Shut Indian School Sparks Outcry
Federal News Roundup
Court Reaffirms Stand on Prayer, Will Rule on Moments of Silence
Judge Removes Suburbs From Kansas City Desegregation Suit
Letters To The Editor
Panel Opposes Florida Merit-Pay Plan
N.A.E.P. Ready To Report State Scores
Schools Said Failing To Tell Pupils of N.C.A.A. Rule
Corporations Considering Creation of For-Profit Schools
Provo, Utah, Citizens Approve A Career-Ladder for Teachers
Vermont State Board Sets New School-Approval Requirements
House Panel Urged To Boost Funding for Equity Program
Innovative Program Aids Chronically Ill Students in Baltimore
Philadelphia Moving To Promote Students on Basis of Performance
Kentucky, Idaho Legislators Enact School Reforms
No Pizza Deal, No Cafeteria Meal at Harrison High
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Broadcasters' Group Accused of Using 'Misleading' Data
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Honig Announces California 'Merit-School' Plan
200 High Schools Named Winners of Carnegie Improvement Grants
Judge in Landmark Handicapped Case Sees Urgent Need for Skilled Teachers
Colleges Column
Number of Computers in Schools Doubles
Higher Standards Linked to Dropout Increase
English Teachers' Panels Urge More Focus on 'True Literacy'
In-Grade Retention Called Inadequate
Federal File:
Bill Introduced in Congress To Restore Broad Scope to Title IX
Indian Groups Back New Legislation For Greater Tribal Control of Schools
Educating 'Architects of the Future'
Senate To Vote on $600-Million for Asbestos Control

Catholic Schools' Support Said Too Low
Hispanic Seniors Receive Scholarships
Eliminating Teacher-Training ProgramsIs Not the Way To Improve Them
Federal Judge Orders Consolidation Of Little Rock, Suburban Districts
Undercover in Schools: Educators Divided on Use of Agents
N.J. Teachers' Group Likely To Test Concept of Pay Equity in Court
Teacher Education in Germany: Scholarly Training, Higher Pay, And Greater Status in Society
Rise in Learning-Disabled Pupils Fuels Concern in States, Districts
Youth Unemployment Still Serious Problem
Louisiana Governor Proposes $300-Million Reform Plan for Schools
Legislative Report
Letters To The Editor
Maryland Reports Achievement Gains Follow Use of New Teaching Methods
Elementary Principals Oppose Prayer in Schools
Federal Funds for Schools Down To Lowest Level Since 1960's
High Court Asked To Restrict Medical Services for Students
Texas Board Votes To Change Rule on Texts'Treatment of Evolution
Philadelphia To Study Classification of Learning-Disabled Pupils
Wake County, N.C., Announces Career-Ladder Plan for Teachers
2-4-6-8 Not Time To Celebrate
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Commentary: 'Moral Communities' and Education
Private Schools, Chapter 2 Surveyed
Los Angeles Probe Links Pornography To Abuse Case Involving Preschoolers
Equal-Access Bill Supported, Opposed in House Panel Hearing
More States, Colleges Adopting Merit Aid To Attract Students
News In Print
New Additions to Education Budget May Not Survive Deficit- Cutting Plan
Girls, Boys, and Schooling: Sex Equity and Excellence
Move To Tie Extracurriculars to Academics Gains Momentum
Federal File: 'Dumb' Bell?; Forgotten Battle; Commission Clampdown?
Illinois State Board Issues Outline of 'What Students Should Know'
Letters To The Editor
Mass. Citizens Support Tax Hike, Better Schools
Researchers Contend Merit-Pay Plans Are Likely To Repeat Failures of Past
Students' Interest in Education, Careers Found To Be Increasing
N.I.E. Considers Adding Research Laboratories
New York Board To Bring Charges Against Alvarado
School Bank Reopens
In The Press
Parents Seek Prompt Action On E.D. Privacy Regulation
N.Y. Regents Pass Controversial Plan To Increase Graduation Requirements
Supreme Court Hears Arguments in N.J. Search Case
Proposed Voucher Plan Divides Colorado Politicians, Educators
More Job Opportunities Predicted
Legislators Vote Tax Increases in Louisiana, Teacher Raises in Virginia