'Misguided' Federal Policies on Children Said Harmful, Costly
Foundation Grants Bring the Challenge of Chinese Into High Schools
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E.D. Issues Study Ranking States On Education
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Scholars Call for More Effective Teaching of Foreign Languages
Federal Education Funds for States Stable, Study Finds
High Heating Bills To Force Layoffs in City Districts
Eaducation Highlighted in Governor's Messages to State Legislatures
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Trial Begins in Little Rock Desegregation Case
Judge Rules Maine May Not Shut Unapproved Christian Schools
Mass. Panelists Urge School Reforms, but Differ on Some Issues
School's Pioneer Bilingualism Gives Way to Changing Times
Education's Troubled Crusade: No Easy Victories, No Lasting Defeats
Tennessee Governor Calls Special Legislative Session on Education
N.Y. Orders Yonkers To Suspend Sports After State Probe
The Diner from Diner in a News Role
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For Both Students and Teachers,Year-Round Schooling Makes Educational and Economic Sense
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Bring Literature and History Back to Elementary Schools
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Reagan To Ask More E.D. Funds
Watching Canada's Emerging Struggle
Schools Joining National Fight Against Child Abuse
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Calif. Scholars Launch Project To Better Understanding of Education
Excerpts From the Chavez Memorandum to the Civil-Rights Commission
Rights-Panel Memo Said Not To Mark Shift in Policy
Urban Districts Found Lagging in Computerized Instruction
Congress Returns to Education Issues
Connecticut Board Rejects Longer School Year
Task Force Finds E.D. Could Cut $2.83 Billion
School Programs Teaching Children To Recognize, Avoid Abuse
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Bell Asks Librarians To Join Quest for Excellence
Q&A: Discipline Codes Must Foster Balance of Order, Autonomy
Florida Governor Seeks Swift Action On Rule To Implement Merit-Pay Plan
Michigan Board Approves Plan To Improve Education System
N.E.A. Convenes State Leaders for Training in 'Coalition Building'
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High Court Refuses To Review Detroit Reverse-Bias Lawsuit
Unusual Behavior, Bruises May Be Signs of Child Abuse
Governors Call School Improvement a Top Priority
Peanut Butter Corps Spreads the News
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Papering Over the Reality of Education
Administrators Share the Blame For 'Teachers v. School' Cases
Alabama Superintendent Proposes Plan To Improve State's Schools
Conference on Instructional Excellence Announced
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'Silent' Commissioner Sides With New Majority
Calif. Public, Private School Pupils' Scores Found Equal
Civil-Rights Panel To Review Education Policies
'For Every Action,An Unbelievable Reaction'
Student-Aid Value Found Eroded by Cuts, Cost Increases
Foundation To Aid Joint Efforts for 'At Risk' Youths
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Illinois Chief Asks Master-Teacher Funds
Educators Question J.T.P.A. Strategy
Languages, Law, and San Francisco
The Text of the Court's Decision in Lau v. Nichols
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President's Approach To School Discipline Draws Criticism
Rickover Foundation To Recruit Top Pupils for Science Program
School Guidelines Not Affected By High Court's Video Ruling
Texas Board's Darwin Vote Said Misreported