Commentary: The Role of the Courts in Education: Just Arbiters and Unwarranted Intruders?
The Challenge of Leading When Governance is 'Diffused'
Arkansas Commission Favors New Funding Formula
National News Roundup
N.J. Plans More Rigorous Competency Testing; New Graduation Standards To Be Determined
Software Producers Seeking Ways To Curb Illegal Copying by School Systems, Others
Settlement Ends 20-Year-Old Desegregation Suit in San Fransisco
Detroit Ends Decentralized School Governance
State Finance Prospects Mixed As School Enrollments Increase
Commentary: Notes on the Saturnalia of Hallway Life
Letters To The Editor
Report Criticizes Creation of Programs for 'Marginal' Students
N.C.A.A. Votes On Standards For Athletes
Judge Bows Out of Boston Desegregation Case; State Board To Supervise Future Compliance
Mississippi Votes 'Monumental' Reforms in Education Programs
Teachers' Interest in Computers Is High, But Usage Is Low
98th Congress To Tackle Issues Unresolved by Its Predecessor
Presidential Panel Favors Vouchers,Tax-Credit Plan
Minnesota Governor Sworn In At High School He Attended
Michigan Court Rejects State Control Over Private Schools
For States: New Year, Same Old Issues
Violence Marks Pa.'s Longest Teachers' Strike
Final Arguments Set in Washington Finance Suit
Women's Colleges Promoted
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Six-Year-Old Chides State Ed. Official for Not Reading
Commentary: The Good Old, Bad Old School DaysIn Washington
Commentary: The Struggle To Fulfill a Judicial Mandate:How Not to 'Reconstruct' Education in
Ohio District Profits From Plan To Collect Unpaid Taxes
U.S. Economic Slump Causes Blacks To Cancel Plans for Attending College
Aid Forms in Mail, Board Says
News In Print
National News Roundup
Churches Council Advocates Involvement in Public Schools
Problems Identified in Chicago Schools As 5-Year Improvement Plan Is Sought
Computers Column
Education Committees Chosen for 98th Congress
Military Schools Are Again Popular With Students
Busing Will Not Help To Desegregate Chicago Schools, Federal Judge Rules
Mandate for Most Governors: A Struggle To Fund Education
Federal Role in Ed. Needs 'Structural' Changes
H.H.S. Asks Rule Requiring Notice of Birth-Control Use
New Director of N.I.E. Views Role as 'Image-Building'
Private Ed. Corporation Would Bolster D.C. Schools
N.J. 'Period of Silence' Halted by Federal Judge
Many States Allow Prayer, Silent Meditation
Special-Ed. Decision Reversed
Ruling Ends Detroit Teachers' Contract Dispute
High Court Hears Arguments Over Texas 'Residency' Law
Tests Exclude Blacks From Teaching Profession
States Draft Laws Against Sex Bias In Education
Law Permitting Congress's Veto Is Itself Vetoed
Video Game Rooms Zoned in Boston
More Education Budget Cuts Sought As States Face 'Bleak' Revenue Loss
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Financial Aid and the Reagan Administration:Questioning the Commitment to Equal Opportunity
Sorting Out the Library Shelf In the Wake of the Pico Decision
Censorship in the Name of Civil Rights:A View From the Left

Tighter Graduation Standards Set
Ala. School-Prayer Law Upheld
Auditioning for Fame and Fortune: 'You Have To Think You'll Be One of Those Who Make It'
Associations Commentary
Urban League Cites Schooling Gains, Economic Losses for Blacks in 1982
Federal News Roundup
President Weighs Tax-Deferral Plan For College Costs
California Joins States Screening Teachers With Skills Test
Colleges Column
Colo. 'Morality Code' Blasted
Panel Will Investigate Use Of Computers in Schools
Teacher Transfers On Racial BasisBarred by Court
Federal File
New Tax, Tenure, Budget Plans Seen Necessary
Wis. District Did Not 'Abuse' Indian Students, State Finds
High Court Declines To Hear N.Y. SuitOn School Financing
Supreme Court Refuses To Consider Appeal of Texas School-Prayer Case
Mich. To Appeal Ruling on Teacher Certification
Neb. Panel Issues Ed. Guidelines
Science Agency To Fund Teacher-Training Plan
Ill. Inquiry Finds District's Discipline Policy Unfair
Education Finance, Standards Rank High on Governors' Agenda
Wyoming Legislature Considers Revision of Ed. Aid Formula
Baby Boom Busts Utah
'Concentration' in Voc. Ed. Could Help Retain Potential Dropouts, Study Finds
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