Survey Notes Steady 16-Year Increase In Challenges to School Library Books
New In Print
House Approves $14 Billion for E.D.; Senate Cuts or Reagan Veto Possible
Schools Lose Out On Training Funds Under New Law
U.S. Judge Overturns Louisiana Creationism Law
Computers Column
Miami Union Cooperates on Tough Evaluations
Schools Join in Advisory Project
Career Goals a Factor In Improvement Efforts
Northwestern U. Creates Graduate Program For Prospective Teachers in Private Schools
Federal File: Weicker Ascends?; Tax Deductions Disputed; House Defers to Court
E.D. Defers to Congress on Rules
Q & A: A 'Revisionist' View of Teaching Writing: Donald Graves on Methods That Work
County To Hold Youths Liable For Racist Acts of Vandalism
Despite Adverse Ruling, Illinois Board Vows To Press for School Integration
Math-Science Bill Amended; May Harm Chance of Passage
Language Barrier Reinforced by Poverty, Study Finds
Competency Tests Linked to Decline In Analytic Skills
Black Educators Reassess Gains of Past Decade
Success Eludes 10-Year-Old Research Agency
N.Y.C. To Require Discipline Codes
A Threatened Pittsburgh School Becomes a Center for Renewal
Study of the 'New Immigrants' Urged
Social Studies Column
A Question of Balance: Education and Economic Development
Dick and Jane Grow Up: Single Parents and the Schools
Vermont To Restructure Vocational Education
Getting Better Teachers Into the Classroom:It's More Than a Matter of More Money
The Lessons of Japanese Productivity
Scholars Question Assumptions About Training for 'High Tech'
Arkansas Panel Recommends Changes in Finance Formula
Vocational Education Too Narrow, Experts Say
E.D. Finds Bilingual Resources Low But Recommends Cuts of 25 Percent
National News Roundup
Senate Panel Approves Hike In Next Year's E.D. Spending
California Board Proposes New 'Model' Curriculum
Civil-Rights Panel Attacks Reagan's Policy on Busing
Colleges Column
Unemployment's Youngest Victims
Education Commission of the States To Study Role of Schools in Economy
Illinois Governor May Cut $42 Million From School Funds
Letters to the Editor
Principals Advised To Be Selective About Links to Business
New School Code Fails Once More In Pennsylvania
N.C. Legislators Urge Changes in Governance And Consolidation Into Countywide Districts
N.I.E. During The Ford and Carter Years: The Struggle To Legitimize Educational Research
2 Studies of Minority Students In Private Schools Are Planned
8 Civil-Rights Groups Object To O.C.R.'s Operating Plan
State News Roundup
A District Learns To 'Debug' Its Curriculum
New Projects Suggest a Rise In Private-School Research
Cincinnati Remains An A.F.T. District; Others Face Ballots
City News Roundup
People News
News Update
Publisher Sues Over 'Cheesy' Use of Textbook
Less Rhetoric and More Structure Needed for Industry-School Ties
Letters To The Editor
Cued-Speech Not Practical As Communication Method for Deaf
The Morning 'Minute of Silence': The View From the Front of the Room
Associations Column
New In Print
National News Roundup
President Tangles With Congress Over Budget
Justice Outlines Voluntary Plan To End Busing in Baton Rouge
Community Education Surviving, but Seeking Broader Support
Computer Column
Federal File: Mrs. Reagan's Crusade; New Federalism's Demise; Federal Aide Value
Florida Panel Urges Statewide Graduation Standards
Trial Ends in Oklahoma's School-Prayer Case; Alabama, New Mexico Also Awaiting Rulings
Special-Ed. Report Cites Shortage of Teachers
Health Column
U. of Tennessee Starts Institute To Encourage Liberal-Arts Study
New Jersey Education Department To Be Trimmed and Reorganized
Youths May Lose On Jobs Training
The Reagan Administration and N.I.E.: Uncertain Future and New Priorities
Research Projects Funded Through 3 N.I.E. Divisions
Ohio Board Approves New Minimum Standards
Children's Interest in Machines Used To Teach Reading by Teaching Writing
Congressional Report Assesses Uses of Technology
Case Studies Suggest Best Ways To Use Technology
Special Education Column
National News Roundup
'Time on Task' in Vocational Classes Examined
West Virginia Establishes First Statewide Education Foundation
W. Va. Panel Recommends Reforms to State Board
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